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The lesser of two evils – Medical-Entryism- Biological-Extortion


Disclaimer: In this article I express my personal opinion about the reliability of the medical-infrastracture, in some countries. Consequently, I neither urge nor recomend, to anyone, to follow or adopt my personal opinion, for any reason.

The heroic whistle-blower, Robert Naeslund and many others, revealed that, in some countries, most of the medical-doctors and the corresponding medical-domain as a whole, they systematically and massively violate the human-rights of the citizens which they resort, for medical reasons, to them by, also, involuntarily, brain-implanting (or otherwise, eye, etc.) them; performing human-experimentation; human-harvesting them; imposing on them extrajudicial punishments; performing unneeded brain- surgeries, issuing false “diagnoses”; applying illegal verdicts of illegal secret judicial-trials, etc.

These medical-doctors and the countries the medical-domains of which, they are such corrupted and inhumane, they can be easily designated as being unreliable and probably unlawful and immoral because:


- they do not publicly condemn the cancer-patients’ genocide, and

- they do not publicly condemn the “psychiatry”’s genocide, and

- they do not publicly condemn the involuntary brain-implanting’s genocide, and

- they do not publicly condemn the organised-harassment (gang-stalking, organized-murder) genocide, and

- they do not publicly condemn the settler-colonialism


Consequently, a rational citizen who might need medical-care and, for any reason, s/he is bound to resort only to the above mentioned, corrupted, medical-doctors and medical-domains, he or she, evidently faces a dilemma between “the lesser of two evils”: to almost certainly waist his or hers life by resorting to a corrupted and criminally-negligent medical-infrastructure, or, to resort, from all the alternative-medicine, to its specific part that it is eligible to be applied by the patient himself.

For me, the second choice is the “lesser evil” one, and also the one and only rational choice.

Consequently, I believe that, a citizen who, hypothetically, faces the above dire dilemma and anyone else, while abusing existing laws or while exercising arbitrary authority, attempts to impose upon this citizen the resorting to a corrupted medical-infrastructure, then, the citizen becomes entitled to legally use, exhaustively, all the provision of the laws, of self defence and of force-majeure, and if necessary, to even use legitimate violence against those which they actively threaten his/or hers physical-existence.

The contemporary settler-colonizing Nations, namely, the U2RIT, they, traditionally, perpetrate medical-entryism and biological-extortion, against innocent and lawful, targeted by them, civilians.

However, despite the current, vast dissemination through the Internet of information regarding the criminality and “in the end of the day” complete worthlessness of the entire medical infrastructures, of many countries, the colonizing Nations they still perpetrate medical-entryism and biological-extortion, against innocent and lawful, targeted by them, and quite informed civilians; which it turns to be, because of the above line of thoughts, nothing less than a premeditated, though plausibly deniable, murder of these targeted-civilians.

Concluding, the only words I can find is that, the U2RIT manifests, mostly, Barbarity, Barbarity, and Barbarity.


Christos Boumpoulis


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