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Fluoride And National Security


The consumption of fluoride by human beings it severely degrades the intelligence of these human beings in such a way that, they remain totally unsuspected about this degradation.

The severe degradation of the peoples’ intelligence causes the following tendencies:


- inability to comprehend one’s own degradation of intelligence

- reversal of opposite notions, e.g. useful-useless, friend-enemy, important-unimportant, now-then, legal-illegal, moral-immoral, reversible-non_reversible, symbolic-actual, violence-non_violence, organic_portal-human_being, etc.

- inability to comprehend the vital/crucial notions, e.g. positive-identification, producing no-metadata communication-channels, honesty, loyalty, remote-neural-monitoring, human-knowledge-sharing-cloud, etc.


For the above reasons, the consumption of fluoride by a Nation’s member posses real and present threats against this Nation’s National security.

Nations which they haven’t been early warned about how dangerous is the consumption of fluoride they are threatened to suffer unforeseen by them, great losses without having someone to blame for these losses.

The rest of the Nations, probably and irreparably, they shall, burden their entire future with the negative, or very negative consequences of their insufficient and weak wisdom and/or will to do the right thing; at the right time; by the right way; for the right reason.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Under the present political circumstances, the existing human-rights activists they are facing real and present threats, against their own personal security, of unprecedented, variety and complexity.



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