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Παρασκευή, 21 Μάιος 2021 12:41

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Europe Degraded To A Dystopia


I am an innocent and lawful, indigenous European citizen. And as such, I am destined to live, within my home, Europe, potentially, any of the followings:


- as a prosperous citizent

- as a political refuge

- as a human-rights activist

- as a victim of States’ criminal negligence

- as a victim of States’ entrapment

- as a political leader

- as a political resistance member

- as a beggar

- as whatever life’s circumstances demand


However, I am not destined at all to suffer anything from the non-European immigrants who came in my home, Europe, and they formed Mafias and/or non-uniformed, colonizing armies in order to unprovoked, harass and/or terrorize and/or threaten and/or harm and/or murder, innocent and defenceless European citizens.

Who brought these criminals to Europe?

Who rewords their criminal activities?

Why they don’t fear the security authorities?

Do they enjoy immunity against the law?

Who should be held accountable for their criminality?

How, the innocent and lawful, indigenous European citizens, like myself, could we, legitimately and while the European security authorities they ignore us, protect ourselves against the non-European immigrants' criminality?

Concluding, I wish to urge the European citizens to consider confronting the contemporary settler-colonialism’s calamity by the way that Spain did, a long time ago.


Christos Boumpoulis



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