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The European Borders Were Crossed – Covid-19 Pandemic


The European borders they were arbitrarily crossed, by the settler-colonizers, at the Thrace region and at the Skorpios island, both in Greece.

The quasi soap-opera “Covid-19 Pandemic” is an instrumental means that, for the time being, postpones the outbreak of a nuclear war against the settler-colonizers.

For covering-up their hybrid-invasion to Thrace and Skorpios, the settler-colonisers, almost certainly, they are going to leverage an instrumental war at the Aegean sea, unless, the traitors which call themselves Greek military officers, immediately campaign to Thrace and Skorpios island, in order to free these parts of the Greece’s National Territory and then, they declare martial law, specifically, within the part of the Greece’s National Territory, northern of the Larisa city in order to displace or expel all those criminals which, on behalf of the colonizers, they either apply genocidal-policies against the indigenous population, or, they participate in domestic-resources’ extraction projects.

The human-life is sacred and invaluable, while the European citizens’ political negligence, unavoidably, it results the unjust loss of many innocent, indigenous European civilians.


Christos Boumpoulis



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