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Homelessness as Battlefield in Gang Stalking (English)



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Homelessness – Gang-Stalking – Identity-Highjacking


The settler-colonialism advances, also, through its indigenous victims’ consensual deprivation of their human rights.

The consensual deprivation of the indigenous victims’ human rights can be methodized, also, through inciting lacking of self-defence.

Lacking of self-defence can be methodized, also, through inciting guilt.

Guilt can be methodized, also, through inciting criminal negligence.

Criminal negligence can be methodized, also, through minorities human-rights’ overt violations while, simultaneously offering to the rest of the society, false, face-saving excuses that incite its criminal non-intervention.


For example, approximately 12 years ago, the Greek public opinion had been informed, also by myself, that the domestic, so-called “psychiatric-domain” was used for criminally destroy mentally-healthy, innocent Greek civilians, in order for the Greek society to intervene and rescue the “cornered” victims.

However, the Greek citizens did nothing to forbid the Greek-“psychiatry” to continue committing monstrosities, for political reasons, against innocent Greeks.

Consequently, the recent Greek law 4682/03.04.2020 exposed the entire Greek population to involuntary, medical-examinations; medical-treatment; and medical-instititionalization (incarceration), allegedly as preventive measures against supposed epidemics; while a dictatorial political regime (see George Kasimatis, etc.) is ruling Greece.

This legislation practically means that, the Greek political regime, by using adulterated medical-test kits, could perpetrate a “plausibly-deniable” assassination against any innocent Greek political-dissident and/or Greek targeted-individual.

The same line or thoughts apply also, to the human beings which they have chosen to live virtuously and thus they remain monstrously persecuted for that and also, to the human being which they have chosen to be patriots and thus they remain monstrously persecuted for that and they suffer, among other hardships, also homelessness with simultaneous and non-consented, alleged “medical-treatment” (meaning, neuroleptics, microwave-storming, etc.).

By, systematically, not doing the right-thing, it seems to me that, it becomes severely reduced the possibility of one’s living a, long, healthy, peaceful, free, prosperous, sociable and happy, life.


Christos Boumpoulis



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