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Christos Boumpoulis – YouTube Live-Streaming – On 18:00 Germany Sunday June 28th 2020 (UPD2)


Youtube: Christos Boumpoulis – Live-Streaming – On 18:00 in Germany Sunday June 28th 2020



Update 27/06/2020-13:30: The YouTube Live-Streaming can be accessed through the Internet address: (this is my YouTube channel corrected).


Update 25/06/2020-23:10: Since my anouncement about my forthcoming YouTube live video-streaming and then, I am receiving indirect and/or implied threats in order to cancel this event. Every legitimate and immediate political support towards me is more than welcomed. Christos Boumpoulis


On 18:00 (time in Germany) Sunday June 28th 2020, I invite the Irish, German and Greek citizens on the Youtube where I shall be live-streaming in order to answer their questions.

The address will be:

This is going to be my first YouTube live-streaming.

The political circumstances in Europe, according to my sources, they have become extremely tensed, due to various reasons including my recent, public revelations.

Consequently, I am facing real and present threats against my personal security while, there has been no European security authority that responded to my repetitive requests for political-asylum and legitimate protection.

The reader’s potential prayer for my security, I am certain, it may help me to reach, being alive, healthy and free, the above designated appointment for the live-streaming.


Christos Boumpoulis





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