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Τρίτη, 09 Ιούνιος 2020 17:06

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The plundering of European National Sovereignty


According to the former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, all Chinese businesses are de jure agents of the communists Chinese government.

Greece’s mineral fossil fuel that are eligible for extraction by using unconventional methods, like fracking, worth around 35 trillion euros while the conventional mineral reserves worth around 25 trillion euros. Also, Greece’s mineral wealth includes vast reserves of, Gold, Uranium, Silver, Copper, Lead, Osmium, Rare Earths and many others which worth a huge amount of money.

Simultaneously, the Europe’s biggest passenger port, which is located in Greece, namely the Piraeus port, was sold-out to a fraction of its actual monetary value, to the Chinese company Cosco, as a part of Greek National economy’s alleged privatization.

Obviously, this was not an actual privatization but instead, it was an indirect transfer of a part of Greece’s National sovereignty towards the Chinese government.

This overt plundering of Greece’s material wealth along with the publicly known extermination of the most part of the Greece’s natural leadership’s members and the political persecution of the rest of these members, they demonstrate the fact that, the European Union has totally surrendered its defences in every aspect and that, the European Union’s territory remains exposed for plundering by all the piratical Nations of our era.


Christos Boumpoulis



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