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Τρίτη, 26 Δεκέμβριος 2017 20:44
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Equality exists at the starting line

When the human beings are born there is equality between them.

Afterwards, their relative worth depends upon each one's pair of, his voluntary deeds and the corresponding circumstances.

The honest, legitimate and moral person, even if s/he is poor, neglected and insignificant, worth more than, a voluntary and remorseless, thug; murderer; "Monarch" controller/master/god; dictator; megalomaniac leader; military traitor; prominent charlatan, etc.

The fate of each and every society remain, unavoidably, bound to the specific degree of justice by which, each society treats its members.

It is impossible for any society, which honors, respects and awards, its murderers, controllers and megalomaniacs while, waisting its moral members, to ever enjoy, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.

Metaphorically speaking, a whole village of willing and able, to transform our entire international community to an, hashish disciplined, empire, operatives worth far less than, the most insignificant; the most humble; and the most neglected, honest human being.

The citizens, everywhere, know very well that, in our world there is no such thing as a free "meal".

The citizens, everywhere, know very well that, investment with "black" monetary capital; water/salt fluoridation; retail commerce chains; international trade; bilateral relationships; employment, etc., they all have an, inevitable and known, either, positive, or, negative, impact, upon the citizens' human rights.

The citizens, everywhere, know very well, since many thousands years ago, that, "whichever and however a great personality conducts himself, common men do also; whatever he accepts as authority that and that alone certainly all the world will follow" [ Bhagavad Gita, c. 3, p. 21].

From what it seems, the citizens, willingly and voluntarily, mostly value, their refrigerators remaining full with delicatessen and enjoying irresponsibility, through employment and political representation; while sacrificing, carelessly, everything else.

From what it seems, the citizens collect the just consequences of their, willing and voluntary, collective choices.


Christos Boumpoulis


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