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Πέμπτη, 27 Ιούλιος 2017 23:33
Policy change 27/7/2017
Harming any other human being, by any way, during peace time and not under circumstances of legitimate self-defense, it is something incomprehensible for my mentality.
I do not harm, willingly, other people, for any reason.
Simultaneously, I do anything, which is, legitimate and moral, in order to avoid harming other people, by negligence.
For the last few years, I have publisized many articles by which,
1. I offered conditional support to the colonialists,
2. I suggested to the European citizens, specific kind of ways for facing the colonial chalenges, and
3. I offered my political support to certain European political personalities.
During those few years the political situation allowed me to intervine, as an ordinary Greek (and quasi German) citizen, with such a way.
Now, unfortunately, the situation has changed us follows:
1. The "israelization" of the European politics, according to my opinion, has exceeded all boundaries of safety. Consequently, it seems like having become impossible to discriminate which European politicians may have become colonialists' quasi "hostages".
2. The colonialists have defied all European gestures of good will and continue, remorslesly, to violate the human rights of innocent civilians.
3. The human lives of many Europen citizens have become severely jeopartized due to the colonialist' interventions to European National economies. The colonialists haven't expressed any willingness to retruct, from the Continental Europe's soil, their colonial "forces".
Under the new circumstances I feel obliged to withdraw from the above three interventions in order to prevent, with my specific, supports and advices, unintentionally, missleading, innocent civilians, towards, potentially, wrong course of, either, actions, or, omissions.
As far as, those circumstances persist, I thing, it is better for, each and every civilian to undertake his own responsibilities and act accordingly.
Also, the present political circumstances do not allow, ordinary citizens like me, neither, to undertake any kind of leadership roles, nor, to participate to any kind of collective negotiations.
The colonial violence, probably, constitute a kind of pastime, for certain interested parties; though, just like any other kind of violence, it produces consequences, not necessarily beneficial, for the colonialists, themselves.
Christos Boumpoulis
P.S.: By this disclamer, I bare absolutely no, direct or indirect, responsibility for any losses caused by the colonial violence. The colonialists, from what it seems, have chosen to defy all promotions of peace and prudence and to defende their colonial influence upon the Nations. Therefore, let everyone undertake his own responsibilities.

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