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Open Letter to the U.S. Ambassador 11/7/2017


Your Excellency, Mr. Geoffrey Pyatt,


Did, or, did not, the State's services, of your country the United States of America, through people enlisted and controlled, by those services, created and maintained the illegal website, (approximately at the end of 2011) in order to, exclusively and illegitimately frame and then, to discredit and illegaly persecute, legally and otherwise, a specific, innocent, legitimate, honest and decent, Greek political dissident?

I would recognize as a sign of, at least minimum, decency your, alternative, public answering of my above question, or, your departure from the sacred soil of my country, Greece, not later than at 10:00, on July, 12th, 2017.

Otherwise, I might, sadly, conclude that, the presence, upon the Greek soil, of any members of your Nation is less constructive than it would be appropriate.




Christos Boumpoulis

Greek (and quasi German) political dissident


Note: the photo was found here

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