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Psychosurgical Coercion And Settler-Colonialism


I am not a medical doctor.

At the North Vietnam and North Korean brain-washing camps, the prisoners could suffer even catastrophic psychosurgical operations in order for their minds to become reformed in ways that suits their monstrous torturers’ desires.

Could these criminal practices having been covertly employed, today, in order for the contemporary settler-colonizers endeavours to be progressed?

The settler-colonizers struggle for the human-kind, themselves excluded:


- to be consisted by people with no unique identity

- to be consisted by people with no human-rights

- to be consisted by people with no moral-principles

- to be consisted by people not devoted to legitimacy

- to be consisted by people not resisting unconditional obedience to the colonizers


For achieving the above goals they abuse the domains of “psychiatry” and medicine, which they remain beyond any legal and/or otherwise, social-control, in order to destroy their main obstacle which is, the moral-personality in all its embodiments.

Certainly, the non-tangible entity of “Psyche” exists; though, in order to manifest in our world, it “reverberates” with specific material entities.

The human-brain is, also, a complex Algedonic organization the operation of which, it is the outcome of a multi-decades education and training. Such a long-term education and training of the brain is needed in order for,


- a strong ability of mental concentration,

- a strong spontaneous-memory,

- a strong ability to discriminate what is rights from what is wrong, and

- a strong will to apply one’s choices,


to be developed.

All of the above they are prerequisites to a moral personality.

Specific parts, e.g. glands, etc., of the brain contribute in offering, to the barer of a moral-personality, a pleasant sensation when he is actively choosing to do the right thing, even despite severe hardships that they may be linked to this choice.

And conversely, the brain offers emotional-pain to even just thinking to do the wrong-thing.

And by having had, painfully and willingly trained his own brain in order to positively reinforce the good-choices, and negatively reinforce the wrong-choices, the barer of a moral-personality leads a legitimate, creative, and pleasant life, while contributing with the most effective way towards his society’s prosperity and security.

The suppression of the Dr. Royal Rife’s complete and non-invasive cure, resulted the genocide, by the contemporary settler-colonizers of, roughly, more than 800 millions cancer-patients.

And even worst, now that the contemporary settler-colonialism’s unilateral and undeclared hybrid war against the rest of the international community, has, de facto, dissolved the human-rights, the colonizers being willing and able to commit even inconceivable, to the ordinary mind, atrocities, they should be considered a certain fact.

As the “psychiatric” “diagnosis” it is totally subjective/non-scientific, and the entire “psychiatric” domain remains above the law and beyond any social/legal control, ordinary facts of life combined with, asymmetric-information, fabricated false evidence, forged-testimonies, and assaults with directed-energy (microwave) weapons, they may be abused in order to faultily declare as being a “mental-case”, and thus allegedly “eligible” for a psychosurgical operation, any barer of a mental-personality who, e.g. resists against the dissolution of his human-rights and/or the genocide of his fellow human-beings.

The present scientific knowledge includes information regarding, which parts of the human-brain they should be harmed and how they should be harmed (in order to eliminate his moral-personality), and also the fluency for criminal psychosurgery to be committed without its victim to find out.

For example, a victim could be anaesthetized while he is sleeping in a hotel room; abducted; a psychosurgery could be performed through his nose; restored to his room; and just suffer a mild headache for the next three day while remaining totally unsuspected for the cause of this headache.

For the subject matter I posses a lot more sensitive information while, for my personal security’s reasons, I refrain, for the time being, to disclose publicly.

However, and according to my present knowledge, I wouldn’t hesitate to claim that,


- the settler-colonizers they have been degraded to the lowest possible level of the morality’s scale.

- the settler-colonizers they have designated the moral-personalities as targeted for, covert and/or overt, extinction.

- the settler-colonizers they have already imposed upon the most part of the rest of our human-kind the worst kind ever, of, probably reversible, slavery, while disseminating dishonest propaganda that faultily postpones this slavery to the near future and faultily claims that it is going to be irreversible.

- the settler-colonizers they perpetrate an on-going degradation of our human-kind to a sub-animal level of existence, meaning the existence of an “organic-portal”.

- the level of threat that, our human-kind’s survival is, currently, facing has become of the absolutely highest level.

- since the entire human-kind has been turned murderously against its natural leadership, then, each one shall have to guide his own efforts towards liberation and survival.

- anyone’s, active or passive, negligence towards resisting against settler-colonialism it should be considered as being a crime against humanity and a complicity to a genocide.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: When the settler-colonialism downfalls, those, among them, which they committed psychosurgery against innocent civilians for political reasons, they shall be found and held accountable for their heinous crimes.


Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi - A World Of Darkness And Horror Is Being Formed



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