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Human-Rights Innocence Patriotism Honesty and Human-Life Sold-Out For Getting Money PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Τρίτη, 14 Δεκέμβριος 2021 14:17

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi - A World Of Darkness And Horror Is Being Formed



Human-Rights Innocence Patriotism Honesty and Human-Life Sold-Out For Getting Money


On , Sunday December 12th, at 23:48 I was preparing the uploading to my website www.agorapoliton.gr of my article titled “Settler-Colonialism – Homosexual-Behaviour – Brain-Implants – Leukaemia – Aids/HIV (corr.)” [ http://agorapoliton.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3175:settler-colonialism-homosexual-behaviour-brain-implants-leukaemia-aids-hiv&catid=27:apopseis&Itemid=62 ].

At that time, I was at a northen Europe’s country, under temperature below 5 degrees Celsius, lying on a pavement and inside my sleeping bag, totally covered with a blanket, and using a small flash-light for seeing my miniature (14 cm X 8 cm) keyboard. The front glass of my miniature (14 cm X 8 cm) computer screen was fractured and dirty while my dirty eyesight glasses they were of incorrect kind (bought from a supermarket – 0.65 euro). Also, my fingers they were severely frozen and thus, typing the content of the article was difficult.

At the appendix of my article I wrote “Stasi Museum in Hohenschoenhausen On May 2914, I visited, besides the guided tour, the Exhibition where...”. The year 2914 was a mistyping. The digits 0 and 9 lay side by side I my keyboard. With my fingers having been frozen, mistyping the text was inevitable. And even worst, avoiding neglecting to correct all the mistypings, specifically under such poor lighting conditions was near impossible.

My experience, as its victim, regarding the political-repression last for more than 44 years. Consequently, I have developed the ability to recognize, with a significant certainty, both a fraudulent security-authorities’ control as well as, a fraudulent approach by a, non-declaring his or hers professional identity, “psychiatrist” (the demeanour of which I have deeply studied at their conventions).

My mistyping error, according to sufficient indications, triggered a multiple, illegal black-operation aiming to slander my as, allegedly, having lost my sense of time, and consequently for them to employ against me, illegally “justified” restrain measures.

Security-authorities’ members and supposed “psychiatrists”, approached me in separate incidents and by appropriate questioning, they tried to challenge, in terms of an illegal and unwitting diagnostic test, my ability to sense the time.

While I was trying to figure-out what have I done to deserve such a malice, I red in the Facebook a comment that was made by my Microeconomics professor, at the University of Athens, Prof. Nikos Charitakis:


“In economics there is the following issue: is there greater exploitation of the consumer than the ‘monopoly exploitation’? The correct answer is, yes, when we have two coexisting monopolies, of the producer and of the exclusive-dealer. That is why the German car-industry prevented the abolition of the exclusive-dealership; that is why they characterized as PIGS the bonds of the southern European countries until its own "safe assets" they were exchanged at zero interest rates; that is why Greece pays 130 euros for natural gas bought from the Gazprom’s monopoly exclusive-dealer, Germany, when Germany for supplying gas to the North it pays, as the exclusive-dealer 29. I think we all learned the same economics in universities.”


Undoubtedly, reasons exist for the followings:


- Why no E.U.’s member-State obeyed the international law by offering to me, as being a Greek-refuge, a political asylum?

- Why many E.U.’s member-States committed illegal black-operations against me?

- Why no E.U.’s member-State has publicly denounced the current dictatorship in Greece?

- Why no E.U.’s member-State has publicly denounced the Europe’s excessive dependency upon Russia for buying highly expensive fossil fuel while the Greece’s mineral reserves of fossil fuel could easily cover the corresponding European demand?

- Why many E.U.’s member-States overtly, promoted and then rewarded the illegal “Prespes Agreement”, all against the Greece’s legitimate interests?


Due to the May 21th 1949 secret treaty, the whole spectrum of German political parties is supervised by a special Washington-based controlling body, while local US-licensed media serve as a more sophisticated means of brainwashing than the Nazi propagandist machine. Meanwhile, Germany’s territory is still occupied by US troops.

However, as in everything else in the material world, there are limits and boundaries.

For example, if, the Washington orders the German police to shoot to kill every legitimate, Greek human-rights activist that enters Germany, then, what, the German police shall start shooting innocent civilians?

If, the Washington orders the German Armed-Forces to start bombing Greece, then, what, the bombing shall start?

If, the Washington orders the dismemberment of the Greek National territory in order for the American’s brother in arms, Russia (see Kay Griggs) to get all the money from Europe’s expenses for buying fuel, then, what, Germany shall start selling to Turkey nuclear bombs?

Where is the limit, beyond which, the German citizens they start bearing personal and collective responsibility towards innocent victims which they were destroyed, on the U2RIT’s orders, though on European citizens and/or soldiers, actions/negligence?

Could, the May 21th, 1949 (illegal) treaty (and/or the U2RIT’s covert political oppression against Europe) be abused, by anyone, as a means of acquiring unjust immunity from any moral obligations towards his or hers fellow human-beings?


Christos Boumpoulis





Facebook: Nikos Haritakis

Στα οικονομικά υπάρχει η εξής ερώτηση : υπάρχει μεγαλύτερη εκμετάλλευση του καταναλωτή από την μονοπωλιακή εκμετάλλευση ; Η σωστή απάντηση είναι ναί όταν έχουμε δύο μονοπώλια του παραγωγού και του αποκλεστικού εμπόρου αντιπροσώπου. Γιαυτό η Γερμανική αυτοκινητοβιομηχανία εμπόδιζε την κατάργηση των αποκλειστικών αντιπροσώπων, γιαυτό χαρακτήριζε PIGS τα ομόλογα των χωρών του Νότου μέχρι τα δικά της "safe assets" ανταλλαγούν με μηδενικά επιτόκια, γιαυτό η Ελλάδα πληρώνει 130 ευρώ το φυσικό αέρο από τον μονοπωλητή Gazprom όταν η Γερμανία για να προμηθεύει τον Βορρά πληρώνει ως αποκλειστικός αντιπρόσωπος 29. Θεωρώ ότι όλοι τα ιδια οικονομικά μάθαμε στα πανεπιστήμια.




60 Plus Trillion Euros Is Worth The Generalized Rage Against Greece (P.S.)



US – German secret treaty means Berlin is Washington’s vassal until 2099

By Anna Voronova

Top intelligence officers rarely reveal secret strings, pulling the nation’s political mechanism. Publication of a book like The German card. The obscure game of secret services, authored by Gerd-Helmut Komossa (Gerd-Helmut Komossa. Das verdeckte Spiel der geheimen Dienste. Ares-Verlag, Graz 2007. – 230 S.), is an exceptional occurrence. Raising very sensitive issues, the author appeals to the core of German identity that had been deliberately suppressed for decades by the United States and its allies. The book is focused on contradictions between the United States and Germany, sometimes very strong but not supposed to be discussed in public. It was published in Austria, and its distribution in Germany may encounter certain difficulties today. Still, the very fact of its appearance indicates that the German intelligence community is increasingly dissatisfied with the role of a vassal of the United States (the definition applied to Europe by Zbigniew Brzezinski), imposed on Western Germany after World War II.

The whole spectrum of German political parties is supervised by a special Washington-based controlling body, while local US-licensed media serve as a more sophisticated means of brainwashing than the Nazi propagandist machine. Meanwhile, Germany’s territory is still occupied by US troops.



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