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The Slavery Is De Facto Never Terminated PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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The Slavery Is De Facto Never Terminated


The reasons for writing this article are, two recent incidents of my being attacked with directed-energy (microwave) weapons, while I was writing political articles on my portable computer and simultaneously, recharging my computer’s batteries from electricity outlets, in a train station and in a supermarket.

Based on observations during many years, I verify what is repeatedly is being testified by named victims, in the Internet, that the criminal gang-stalking aims also, to discredit the targeted individual. In the above two cases, the microwave attack resulted that, in one of the articles that I prepared, few non-negligible errors they were made. These errors could had been, to some degree, discredit me and probably get me in troubles with the Law, in case that I hadn’t promptly undertaken corrective measures.


The issue, here, is slavery.

For the time being, I can say only few things, despite the fact that I possess a lot more information, in order for what I say not to be legally used against me; and because, the contemporary, covert slavery is being perpetrated in such a “diabolic” way that, anyone who might, imprudently, disclose its details, then, he shall unjustly be considered as being allegedly “crazy”; and, the very few which they might recognize that the supposed disclosures they are true, then, they might wrongfully do violent and irreversible acts that they might, latter, regret.

The settler-colonizers they control, the food-chain, the telecommunications, many service professions, the “psychiatry”/”psychology” professions, the production and distribution of medicines, the mass-media, the schools, the private economy, and many of the public-facilities. Also, remote-neural-monitoring GPS and brain-locking brain-implant they are being criminally implanted to unwitting and unsuspected civilians and children.

The ways by which, the control of the above is being criminally abused in order for the civilians to become, essentially, enslaved and even worst, to be treated, more or less, if they worth equally to cockroaches, they are many.

The resulting, unjust pain and human-catastrophes, they are unimaginable to me; and they approximate a Biblical catastrophe.

A lot of diplomacy was employed during the past few years in order for the colonizers to terminate their illegal violence and cooperate for making their economies self-sufficient..

However, the colonizers:

- they didn’t freed the kept by them hostages

- they didn’t stopped their human-experiments against unwitting-victims

- they didn’t stopped their biological-extortions

- they didn’t retracted their non-uniformed colonizing-soldiers

- they didn’t stopped criminally gang-stalking political-dissidents

- they didn’t revealed the judicial files of illegal secret-trials

- they didn’t give to their victims the false evidence that the colonizers fabricated against their victims

- they didn’t provided adequate, information and technical means to injured by them, innocent civilians in order for them to cure themselves

- they didn’t send to the Justice those which committed heinous crimes against innocent, civilians and children

- they didn’t reinstated and compensated their victims


And simultaneously, all the international organizations for mediation, they have all become, either corrupted, or, in many ways derailed, by the colonizers, themselves.

Accordingly and due to the fact that, the invaluable human life is sacred, the measures of a last-resort, they should be undertaken in order, for the civilians’ lives, and the civilians’ health, to be promptly rescued.


Christos Boumpoulis



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