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The Kay Griggs Interview



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Whistle-blower Kay Griggs: Anyone who is Jewish is automatically a member of the Israeli military. https://911nwo.com/?p=5876)


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Dr. Raymond Rife: Cured Cancer in 1934, Then He was Killed



Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens

Identity cards controversy

In 2000, a major clash between church and state erupted when the then Greek socialist government sought to follow a decision of the Greek Data Protection Authority, by removing the "Religion" field from the national ID cards carried by Greek citizens. Christodoulos opposed the decision, complaining that socialist prime minister Costas Simitis did not consult with the Greek Church on the matter and saying that it was part of a wider plan to marginalise the Church from Greek public life; he also stated that the decision was "put forward by neo-intellectuals who want to attack us like rabid dogs and tear at our flesh". The archbishop organised two demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki, alongside a majority of bishops of the Church of Greece, supporting the inclusion of religious data on a voluntary basis, and asked for a referendum on the matter. For this purpose, he was greatly supported as more than three million Greek citizens signed and asked for a referendum.

In 2001, Christodoulos prompted international criticism after saying that the ID decision had been instigated by Jews. The Central Board of the Jewish Community in Greece subsequently sent him a letter on 20 March 2001, asking him to clarify the matter and expressing their opposition to the mandatory writing of religious status in identity cards. The Archbishop replied in a letter that his source was the official web site of the USA Jewish Community where it was stated that the US Jewish Community had asked the Greek Government to remove religious status from Greek identity cards. He also said that in Israel, the writing of religious status in identity cards is mandatory. The official position of the Greek Church became that the writing of religious status on identity cards should be optional. However, the Greek Government proceeded to remove the writing of religious status completely from new identity cards.


In June 2007, Archbishop Christodoulos was hospitalised in Aretaeion Hospital of Athens and diagnosed with colonic adenocarcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma in the right lobe of the liver. Following colonic tumor resection, transplantation specialist Professor Andreas Tzakis, of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, announced that the Archbishop would be transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida in order to undergo liver transplant. On 8 October 2007 the transplant was cancelled because of metastases. Following suggestions by his attending doctors, Christodoulos returned to Athens on October 26 for medical treatment.



Main Subject


The settler-colonizing U2RIT, at around the year 2000, aimed towards, also, criminally dismembering the Greece’s National Territory and to arbitrarily give, the prefecture Evros to the Russians, the rest of the above the city of Larissa to the Israel, and a part of the Aegean Sea, with its islands to the Turkish.

For this looting, against the most part of the international-law, to succeed, holders of the Greek citizenship, Israelis soldiers they should occupy Greece’s governmental and top State’s positions of authority. But this, according to the Greek law it is strictly forbidden.

Both whistle-blowers, the Kay Griggs along with the Eran Efrati, they revealed that, by one’s just being a Jew and/or by one’s just being an Israeli, it means that, obligatorily, s/he belongs to the Israeli military.

Before the year 2000, as it happening also at the Israel, the citizens identity-cards they indicated the citizens’ religion, and thus, the Greece’s Jews, by law, they were forbidden to occupy governmental and/or top State’s (e.g. the President of Hellenic Democracy, etc.) positions of authority.

The U2RIT, in order to criminally bypass this legal obstacle, they chosen to exclude the indication of religion from the Greek identity-cards; the heroic archbishop Christodoulos resisted; and the U2RIT assassinates him by using the, otherwise, completely curable by the Royal Rife’s (and also some others also de facto forbidden) cure, cancer disease.

Consequently, Greek citizens which they are also Israeli-soldiers, they occupied, and continue doing so, the forbidden for them, positions of authority and, up to now, they have murdered innumerable innocent, indigenous civilians, and they have almost destroyed the Greek Nation by having deeply promoted the intended by the U2RIT, the above mentioned, international crimes against the Greece.

Currently, the U2RIT, by using plausibly deniable methods (e.g. gang-stalking, slow-killing, etc.) they persecute to kill, all the remaining, legitimate and indigenous political-dissidents, myself including.

Concluding, the Greek and the rest European, citizens, by not getting immediately mobilized towards, disassociating their countries from the U2RIT, and by this way, protecting their Countries, their Families, and their own Lives, they may passively become complicit to the potential genocide of the human-kinds’ most part, including the European population.


Christos Boumpoulis




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