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The Collapse of the American Empire - Lecture Featuring Chris Hedges-3946-4046



Chris Hedges _ The HORRIFIC State of the American Empire-0830-1014



The U.S. Has Overthrown Governments for 100 Years - A Compelling and Provocative History (2006)-2508-2608



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Legal Notice 199


The current Legal Notice publicizes my information about an covert, though extreme, international political crisis which, according to my present knowledge, it was triggered by my publicizing, on October 18th, 2021, at 15:41 my article titled, “Incident – University of Dublin – January 2015”.


Here are the certain facts:


- Its secret Mind-Control experiments they are, the CIA’s (and thus, the U2RIT’s) darkest secrets.

- The U2RIT, traditionally, assassinates everyone who whistle-blows or who seems as being prone to whistle-blow, the U2RIT’s criminal secrets (e.g. Frank Olson, Dr Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, Bernd Seiffert, Takis Bompolas, and many others).

- I am a victim and eyewitness, since around 1977, of involuntary, mind-control human-experimentation.

- The publicized incident, on December 2014 - January 2015, at the Dublin’s University, may had been heavily linked with the CIA’s darkest secret, namely, the Mind-Control Illegal human-experimentation.

- Existing electronic databases, e.g. mobile-telephony’s meta-data, flight-tickets, hotel-invoices, etc. they register, and thus they may easily validate and/or reveal, who, was, where, and when.

- According to the honest and brave Marlon Brando, the U2RIT is consisted by the most rapacious aggressive destructive torturing monstrous and causing mayhems murderous people.

- According to the honest, heroic and great American patriot Chris Hedges, the U2RIT is violent and founded on genocide and slavery.

- Pimping is a subset of slavery. The securing of the impunity of their slaves remains one, of the pimps’ first priorities. Failing in this domain causes the pimp’s unavoidable downfall.

- The U2RIT, since many decades and because of my being victim/witness of its human-trafficking criminality, it is subjecting me to the death-program of gang-stalking.

- I am innocent, legitimate and lawful political-refuge and anti-colonialism and human-rights, activist while, the European Union’s judiciary and security-authorities they, illegally, conform to the illegal punishment of outlawry that, the U2RIT has, illegally and de facto, enforced against me.


Before October 18th, 2021 the U2RIT committed against me a sequence of serious and illegal attempts to incriminate me, obviously intending to either imprison me or to confine me to a “mental institution”, and by this way to obstruct me from further disclosing publicly their horrendous criminality.

Consequently, I had no other legitimate means of self-defence than, to whistle-blow against them.

I never harmed anyone of those which they were involved at the Dublin’s incident; and I have never been unjust to anyone of them.

The CIA’s dirty trick by which they attempted, at Dublin, to unjustly and illegally destroy me, combined with the large powers of various kinds which they commanded, and with my being a cornered, marginalized, defenceless, and heavily politically-persecuted innocent civilian, it constitutes an intended, on their behalf, manifestation of Hubris. And Nemesis is what follows Hubris, according to the ancient Greek mythology.

The alleged political crisis, according to my opinion, it is so extreme that, I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that, the contemporary settler-colonialism’s downfall to has been initiated by the publicizing of the Dublin’s incident.

In any case, after the October 18th and profoundly because of my public disclosures, a sequence of events within my social environment and relative to the information I receive through the Internet, they refer to an estimated and/or interpreted barrage of intense attempts, on the U2RIT’s behalf, to seemingly confine me to such an environment that, my publicly disclosing the identities of the Dublin’s incident perpetrators, to become absolutely obstructed. Also, I may have been threatened through the Internet that, any attempt on my behalf, to legitimately, seek for a moral and legal vindication and/or to free myself, it would be arbitrarily interpreted by them as an alleged attempt of “revenge” against them and as such (for them) it shall cause lethal consequences against me.

Concluding, I would appreciate a prayer, on the readers behalf, for my survival, my good-health, and my freedom.


Christos Boumpoulis





From mind control to murder? How a deadly fall revealed the CIA’s darkest secrets

Frank Olson died in 1953, but, because of clandestine US government experiments, it took decades for his family to get closer to the truth. By Stephen Kinzer

Frank Olson died in 1953, but, because of clandestine US government experiments, it took decades for his family to get closer to the truth. By Stephen Kinzer

by Stephen Kinzer



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