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Moral-Authority And Tipping-Point - Chris Hudges




Homeless At Colmar


Evidence Directed-Enegry (microwave) Assault



Legal Notice 193 - Moral-Authority And Tipping-Point


On the night between September 23th and 24th, 2021 I slept in my sleeping-bag, as a homeless political-refuge, besides the antiques-shop “Arcana”, at 13 Pl. de l’Ancienne, at Colmar, France.

When I walk-up in the morning, I noticed that, the security-belt along with a combination-lock by which I had secured my luggages they were compromised; my shoes they were not at the same place that I put them the previous night; my simple indicator of assault with directed-energy (microwave) weapon, meaning a cylinder with aluminium foil rap around it, it indicated, through oxidation of the aluminium, that I was stormed with microwave radiation.

I am involuntarily brain implanted with, brain-locking, remote-neural-monitoring, and GPS technology. And since I didn’t notice anything, during the night, this proofs that, I was either brain-locked, or, got unconscious through some kind of gas, by unknown to me perpetrators.

Consequently, it is possible that, any kind of criminal activity against me, may have been perpetrated including, harm to my health; slow assassination; manipulation of my personal belongings; and fabrication of forged incrimination “evidence”.

I am a victim/witness of transnational, human-trafficking and organized-crime a legitimate and indigenous, Greek political-dissident; witness of crimes which they were committed by, “A.O.”, “A.A.”, “G.B.”, “L.F.”, “M.D.”, “G.M”, and many other members of the U2RIT armed-forces and or intelligence-services.

Also, I am an innocent and lawful citizens and a Greek indigenous patriot.

As the Czechoslovakia’s regime did against the Václav Havel, the European Union, while being influenced by the U2RIT, is politically persecuting me, though by using modernized methods, meaning the gang-stalking (organized-murder), including having, de facto, designated me as a non-person.

Most of the E.U. member-States deny to me the protection that, at leas three international treaties they dictate, and they are letting me as a homeless, to remain exposed in the streets, to multiple assassination attempts against me, and too much torture against me that is being perpetrated by the colonizing-underworld.

Dr Rauni-Leena Luukanen-kide, Chris Hudges, Stephen Kinzer and many other, they have publicly documented that the U2RIT has fallen the the lowest possible level of immorality and monstrosity. Consequently, their empire of death and slavery is being threatened to downfall in case that, one of its enslaved Nations, e.g. Greece, might free itself through the promotion of one of its members that happened to exhibit morality to a high degree.

The colonizers they do not allow this to happen and they persecute by all means any such case of moral personality.

The evidence which I have publicized designate that, one case of moral-personality, most probably, is myself.

This is the one reason for which, the colonizers systematically attempt to put me down.. The other is, for not denouncing publicly the complete identities of their human-trafficking operators.

The reader, almost certainly, s/he can not even imagine their extreme attempts to frame me; and I would severely and unjustly jeopardize my credibility, in case that I might attempted to publicly disclose them.

In short, the colonizers they are deeply dirty and in order for moral-people not to destroy their inhumane Empire, they employ any criminal method in order to slander, the moral-personalities as if they were, also, “dirty”.

I let the E.U.’s member-States which politically persecute me, to be justly treated by History.

In the memory of my good father Takis Bompolas, who the colonizers assassinated, I retain my morality and continue legitimately pursuing noble causes.


Christos Boumpoulis






Václav Havel

Václav Havel (Czech pronunciation: [ˈvaːtslav ˈɦavɛl] (About this soundlisten); 5 October 1936 – 18 December 2011) was a Czech statesman, playwright, and former dissident, who served as the last President of Czechoslovakia from 1989 until the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1992 and then as the first President of the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2003. He was the first democratically elected president of either country after the Fall of Communism. As a writer of Czech literature, he is known for his plays, essays, and memoirs.

His educational opportunities having been limited by his bourgeois background, when freedoms were limited by the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, Havel first rose to prominence as a playwright. In works such as The Garden Party and The Memorandum, Havel used an absurdist style to criticize the Communist system. After participating in the Prague Spring and being blacklisted after the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, he became more politically active and helped found several dissident initiatives, including Charter 77 and the Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Prosecuted. His political activities brought him under the surveillance of the StB secret police, and he spent multiple periods as a political prisoner, the longest of his imprisoned terms being nearly four years, between 1979 and 1983.

Havel's Civic Forum party played a major role in the Velvet Revolution that toppled the Communist system in Czechoslovakia in 1989. He assumed the presidency shortly thereafter, and was re-elected in a landslide the following year and after Slovak independence in 1993. Havel was instrumental in dismantling the Warsaw Pact and enlargement of NATO membership eastward. Many of his stances and policies, such as his opposition to Slovak independence, condemnation of the treatment of Sudeten Germans, such as the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia after World War II, and granting of general amnesty to all those imprisoned under the Communist era, were very controversial domestically. By the end of his presidency, he enjoyed greater popularity abroad than at home. Havel continued his life as a public intellectual after his presidency, launching several initiatives including the Prague Declaration on European Conscience and Communism, the VIZE 97 Foundation, and the Forum 2000 annual conference.

Havel's political philosophy was one of anti-consumerism, humanitarianism, environmentalism, civil activism, and direct democracy. He supported the Czech Green Party from 2004 until his death. He received numerous accolades during his lifetime, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Gandhi Peace Prize, the Philadelphia Liberty Medal, the Order of Canada, the Four Freedoms Award, the Ambassador of Conscience Award, and the Hanno R. Ellenbogen Citizenship Award. The 2012–2013 academic year at the College of Europe was named in his honour. He is considered by some to be one of the most important intellectuals of the 20th century. The international airport in Prague was renamed to Václav Havel Airport Prague in 2012.

Political dissident

During the first week of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968, Havel assisted the resistance by providing an on-air narrative via Radio Free Czechoslovakia station (at Liberec). Following the suppression of the Prague Spring in 1968, he was banned from the theatre and became more politically active. He took a job at Krakonoš brewery in Trutnov, an experience he wrote about in his play Audience. This play, along with two other "Vaněk" plays (so-called because of the recurring character Ferdinand Vaněk, a stand in for Havel), became distributed in samizdat form across Czechoslovakia, and greatly added to Havel's reputation of being a leading dissident (several other Czech writers later wrote their own plays featuring Vaněk). This reputation was cemented with the publication of the Charter 77 manifesto, written partially in response to the imprisonment of members of the Czech psychedelic rock band The Plastic People of the Universe; Havel had attended their trial, which centered on the group's non-conformity in having long hair, using obscenities in their music, and their overall involvement in the Prague underground movement. Havel co-founded the Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Prosecuted in 1979. His political activities resulted in multiple imprisonments by the authorities, and constant government surveillance and questioning by the secret police (Státní bezpečnost). His longest period in prison, from May 1979 to February 1983, is documented in letters to his wife that were later published as Letters to Olga.

He was known for his essays, most particularly The Power of the Powerless (1978), in which he described a societal paradigm in which citizens were forced to "live within a lie" under the Communist regime. In describing his role as a dissident, Havel wrote in 1979: "we never decided to become dissidents. We have been transformed into them, without quite knowing how, sometimes we have ended up in prison without precisely knowing how. We simply went ahead and did certain things that we felt we ought to do, and that seemed to us decent to do, nothing more nor less."

Samuel Beckett's 1982 short play, Catastrophe, was dedicated to Havel while he was held as a political prisoner in Czechoslovakia.



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