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A pair of Dictatorships

Sadistorship Versus Dictatorship PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Chris Hedges "American Sadism"









Sadistorship Versus Dictatorship


No sane parent gives money to his underage child and direct it to donate this money to a beggar; even less during an Covid-19 “epidemic”.

However, such a donation was unsuccessfully attempted against me around 70 times, during the past seven years. So, I should rise claims towards the editors of the “Guinness World Records”.

I am, a victim/witness of transnational, human-trafficking and organized-crime; an anti-colonialism and human-rights activist; an “psychiatry”/Big-Pharma critic; and a political-refuge. Consequently, the settler-colonizing U2RIT seemingly makes every effort to frame me by unsuccessfully attempting to fabricate circumstances within which, simultaneously, I and an unknown to me child, we might appear to hold the same banknote, after they had assaulted me with a directed-energy (microwave) weapon.

For example, recently (see the picture above), I was at the parking area of a supermarket and I left my baggages on the ground, beside me. After one minute, I heard behind my back a childish voice. Immediately, I run away at least 25 meters away from my baggages, and I looked back. I saw an unknown to me child around 7 years old attaching a 10 euros bank not at the top of my folded carry-mat, and around 10 meters further, an unknown to me woman with another small child. All the three of them had middle-eastern physiognomy. After one minute they went away and I return where my baggages were.

The above mentioned around 70 such incidents, they where perpetrated by people, 95% Asiatic or Middle-eastern, and 5% Europeans.

Why, the U2RIT perpetrates this criminality?

The U2RIT is lacking of moral-capital due to having, serially, professionally, and remorselessly, committed in the past, and continuous at the present, many genocides. Also, it ages-long practise of “drugging and maddening with opiates beforehand” its colonizing-troops, it has, in a sense, backfired and caused the U2RIT’s population to become widely addicted to illegal and prescribed narcotics.

The side effects of this addiction includes, sadistic tendencies; hating one’s own self more than hating all the others; partial or total inabilities, to work and to be creative.

Consequently, the U2RIT, seemingly, they have no other way to earn their living and to cooperate, with each-others and with the citizens of the civilized part of our world, than by perpetrating the crimes, of framing and then, extorting, either, their own people, or, innocent civilians of the civilized part of our world.

It is mostly inevitable that, anyone who establishes relationships with the U2RIT, s/he shall become sick (due to entryism) and enslaved by the U2RIT through extortions.

It is mostly inevitable that, from the indigenous members of the targeted by the U2RIT Nations, anyone who is clever, s/he shall become sick (due to entryism) and enslaved by the U2RIT through extortions.

Because of all the above, the positions of authority they shall, mostly, be occupied, by people which they exhibit sadism to any degree.

Such people experience no remorse,


- when they, illegally, violate innocent civilians’ human-rights

- when they, criminally attack innocent civilians with directed-energy (microwave), or biological/chemical, lethal weapons

- when they, criminally, manipulate the involuntarily implanted brain-implants, of innocent civilians

- when they, criminally, withhold sensitive and vital, personal information of innocent civilians

- when they, criminally, apply against innocent civilians, genocidal policies


All the above they constitute a definition of what, the “Sadistorship” is. Consequently, its perpetrators can be easily identified by what, they avoid to publicly pronounce.

Bhagawat Ghita

"whichever and however a great personality conducts himself, common men do also; whatever he accepts as authority that and that alone certainly all the world will follow" [ Bhagavad Gita, c. 3, p. 21].


And according to the ancient wisdom, the rest of the citizens, inevitably, they shall follow these, hierarchically superior, perpetrators’ catastrophic example.

May the Nations that they still enjoy their freedom, somehow; sometime, to be able to help all the others to regain their own freedom from the Sadistorship.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Can, anyone, after writting his or hers will and after digging his or hers own grave, explain to the colonizers that, the children they should go to the school in order for them to become educated, instead of being criminally exploited by the U2RIT’s intelligence services for framing political-dissidents?




Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad spy, says investigative journalist Dylan Howard

International spy

In his book, Howard speculates that Epstein may have also been an international spy.

"As part of our investigation, we spoke to Ari Ben-Menashe, who is a former Israeli spy," Howard said.

"He said, on the record, unequivocally, that Jeffrey Epstein was working for Israeli intelligence operations, the Mossad, and running a classic honey trap operation: that is, lure people inside, record their activities, and use it to blackmail them.

"This person was also the handler of Jeffrey Epstein's best friend and ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

"Ghislaine Maxwell is a central figure in this story, and her whereabouts at the moment is unknown. She was said to have been one of the women who helped to procure the underage girls for Epstein, but she has denied that.

"But her father was Robert Maxwell, a media and press baron. He was a former Mossad agent, and according to Ari Ben-Menashe, the business that Robert Maxwell had was turned over to Jeffrey Epstein almost in a switch before Maxwell died in mysterious circumstances in 1991."



Kay griggs interviews: the u.s. military is a mind control operation run by sexual deviants (homo & bi-sexuals/pedophiles)

There was a group of sexual psychologists and psychiatrists from Vienna. I was their expert. There’s a whole range that study sexual perversion; Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, and this Colorado group. A lot of these guys got their experience in Vietnam. They took these little boys, that’s what their doing in Bosnia right now. They are training future leaders in perversion. The British has a school that George was working with in Indonesia. There was already a program in East Timor that had been set up by the Australians during WWII.

T. Parker Host now controls my husband along with Bob Edwards. T. Parker Host was the Finnish Council (at one time he was Norwegian and Icelandic Council). He brags about being with the mobs.

The ports are run by a homosexual hierarchy. Albert Einstein was in that little ring that the Saudis were in. George and Einstein partied together. Parker was in the Burma Special Operations Command. And he bragged about this. Parker plotted and did me in.

My husband is so close to Bush, MacFarlane, and Scrowcroft and all these guys.

My home and car were broken into while I was in court. Very strategically, I was called by a Marine Colonel named Jack who involved with this maritime shipping business. I had been invited as a guest to a banquet with George Bush and John Warner. Guess who introduced George Bush? T. Parker Host. He made it to the big time.

The Skull and Bones induction methods are now used in the Army. This goes back to the German thing, it’s what the German High Command did. They say it goes back to Greece. They do the bowling ball trick. Now the Chiefs (of Staff) have to do this. They get everybody really drunk. Sometimes they call it “dining in.” Not everybody does it. But the ones who do it, they get right up to the top. They do anal sex. They put someone in the coffin and he’s the recipient of all the oral and anal sex acts.

Source: https://911nwo.com/?p=5876


CIA Agent Says Agency Could Legally Supply Pedophiles With Children

In what has to be one of the most damning revelations of misconduct by the CIA, a veteran CIA agent has implied that the Central Intelligence Agency would be capable of providing children to elite pedophiles around the world in exchange for information from sources.

John Kiriakou had been an agent for the CIA for 14 years and left the Agency in 2004. He is also associated with Hollywood, having worked as an advisor in the movie industry.

Speaking at a World Beyond War event, the former CIA agent blew the whistle on how the Intelligence Agency might be willing to provide child sex slaves to “sources” in exchange for information.

Does the CIA Use Child Prostitutes?

The CIA veteran described a “hypothetical situation” where a CIA agent might meet up with an elite source in a hotel. In return for information, the source might demand a child.

Kiriakou explained how even if CIA agents might consider elite source to be a “scumbag”, they would be force by CIA headquarters to “give them what they wanted”.

In this clip of Kiriakou’s revelations about the American intelligence agency on YouTube, the CIA agent asks the audience if they would meet a “sources” demands for a prostitute? When few people raise their hands, Kiriakou then asks:

“But what if he asks for a child prostitute?”

The CIA agent then proceeds to tell the audience:

“Your job as a CIA agent is to break the laws of the country you are serving. That’s your job: Your job is to commit espionage, which in most countries is a death penalty crime.”

He continued:

“Your job is to convince people to commit treason for you because they like you so much or they like the money that you’re giving them so much. So, because it’s the nature of your job to break the law they’re the rules that are written for you to carry out that job.”

Now the problem there is that most CIA officers would procure the child prostitute even if they felt funny about it they would be told by headquarters you have a job to do this is a bona fide source here, go and do your job.”

And it is this which is, according to Kiriakou, the problem, or the nature of the problem, of ethics inside of intelligence operations.



Child Sex Trafficking – The CIA, Deep State and Satanism

by Jamie Busby, David Icke:

Right now, there is a worldwide network operating a vast human trafficking ring with far-reaching implications. Certain people within the CIA are involved, in their tradition of being the great facilitators of anything and everything. This leads all the way to the top, the most elite and powerful of global society.

It is estimated that there are up to 30 million people living in slavery worldwide today. Up to 800,000 people are trafficked each year; 80% of them are female with 50% of the total being children. These are shocking figures, this depraved underworld must be exposed and destroyed.


In this way, the CIA can easily manipulate both domestic and foreign perpetrators to their own agenda. The agenda is of course that of the Deep State; the CIA is it’s slave and does as it’s told.

We can’t lose sight of the fact that those of the Deep State itself consist of paedophiles and Satanists who have diabolical needs that are met by these “services” also.




According to testimony given to a US government committee, the CIA and its friends make use of child sex slaves - to blackmail and control top people.

The testimony of Claudia Mullen about an event that took place, when she was aged 9:

"I was sent to a place in Maryland called Deep Creek Cabins to learn how 'to sexually please men.'

"Also, I was taught how to coerce them into talking about themselves.

"It was Richard Helms, who was Deputy Director of the CIA, Dr. Gottlieb, Captain George White and Morse Allen, who all planned on filming as many high government and agency officials and heads of academic institutions and foundations as possible...

"I was used to entrap many unwitting men, including themselves, all with the use of a hidden camera.

"I was only 9 years old when this kind of sexual humiliation began."

"The pimps also had another tactic.

"They invited a person who could be useful to them. They went to dine with him, and took him - after he had been liquored up - to a 'party'. Men from the top layer of society are used to visiting or getting offered prostitutes.

"They usually knew that something like this would follow, and the prostitutes they would see upon entering would be slightly older girls, between 16 and 18 years old.

"More booze and cocaine would be supplied, for ambience. And only then the 'prey' would be taken to a room where a younger girl was waiting, like me, then."



The Disturbing Reality Of Human Trafficking And Children, In Today’s World....

A human trafficker can receive up to 2000 percent profit from a young girl trafficked for sex. The pimp will often turn around and sell the victim after a period of time for an even greater price because he has then trained her and broken her spirit, which makes it easier and her less of a hassle for her future buyers. In 2003 a study was conducted in the Netherlands that found, “on average, a single sex slave earned her pimp at least $250,000 in a year” (Skinner, 2008). Skinner continues to say that we need to understand the value of each of these lives in the way that the trafficker understands his profit margin, in order to stop this situation and turn it around.



Russia uses dirty tricks despite U.S. 'reset'

Intelligence agents tell of intimidation, smears of American officials, diplomats

False rape charge

One example of such intimidation occurred in 2009 against a senior U.S. official in the Moscow office of the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the congressionally funded nongovernmental organization that promotes democracy throughout the world. The Times has withheld the name of the official at the request of NDI.

According to a Jan. 30, 2009, cable from U.S. Ambassador John Beyrle disclosed by WikiLeaks, USAID employees received an email with a doctored photo of the NDI official reclining with an underage girl.

The email from someone purporting to be a Russian citizen accused the official of raping her 9-year-old daughter.

In the cable, Mr. Beyrle said the embassy thought the Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) was behind the smear attack, which also appeared in Russian newspapers. The FSB is the successor agency of the Soviet-era KGB.

Kathy Gest, the NDI director of public affairs, said, “The allegations recounted in the WikiLeaks memo are all false and were protested at the time. We consider the matter closed and NDI, which is legally registered in Russia, continues its programs.”

Former Sen. Christopher S. Bond, who served as the vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence between 2007 and 2010, said he had raised the issue of Russian intimidation of U.S. diplomats with the Obama administration.

“We are concerned about the acts of intimidation as well as their record on previous agreements and other activities,” Mr. Bond said. “It’s a real concern, I’ve raised it. It’s not the intelligence committee that fails to understand the problem. It’s the Obama administration.”

Yevgeny Khorishko, a spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Washington, said accusations that Russian diplomats have stepped up intimidation of U.S. officials were false.

“Those are absolutely false insinuations that are not worth any comments. Such kind of ‘information’ is disseminated by those who are not pleased with the new state of the Russian-American relations,” he said.




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