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U2RIT - Conquistadores Versus Consumable-Aboriginals PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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How to make Bench Power Supply (using XL4016)



U2RIT - Conquistadores Versus Consumable-Aboriginals




I started making electronics applications on 1974, while I was 10 years old.

During the next year, I made an electronic power-supply device with variable, voltage and current, output. For this device, I made also a wooden enclosure for the making of which, I used those first Black & Decker electric-drills (the orange ones).

After completing the device and for sharing my joy with others, I demonstrated the device to a person belonging to my family’s social-circle and while, I was unsuspected of the fact that, this person was a “front” of the Russians and that he was involved also to the human-trafficking.

At that time, the U2RIT needed, clever human-experimentees in order to develop the brain-implants technology, and children’s organs/tissues for doing repairs/transplantations to their “drugged and maddened with opiates beforehand” hybrid-worriers. Consequently, the Russian “front” sold me immediately to the colonizers.

Recently and within a discussion that I had, through the Internet, with the Russians, they accused me that, for all this criminal mistreatment that, my parents and myself, we are being suffering for more than 44 years, responsible, according to the Russians, is myself because of the alleged “risk” that I, as an 11 years old child, undertaken by demonstrating my achievement to that, supposedly “honourable” person of my social-circle. This accusation is the cause of the current article.


David Ben-Gurion - We were a company of conquistadors



Hunting for Land - Congo Independence Crisis 1960



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Gang Stalking - Why Are They Doing It to People



Empire Files - How Palestine Became Colonized



Main Subject


After having being sold to the U2RIT, the British sent from the United-Kingdom to Greece, for a few months, a specially trained criminal in order to join a group of Greek natives and all together, to destroy my life through perpetrating against me a severe slandering. The method that they used is, certainly, unbelievable to any decent human-being so that, their criminal slandering me to remain “plausibly-deniable”.

Then, another organized and severe slandering was perpetrated against me in a children’s “summer-camp”.

On around 1980 and while I was totally unsuspected about having been victimized, the colonizers lured me in order for me to visit the United-Kingdom where, severe violations of my human-rights they were perpetrated.

Despite experiencing severe external hardships, I managed to study “software-engineering” and started working in a company which was, unsuspectedly, a U.S. “front-organization” designated to perpetrate criminal frauds related to the State’s supply-contracts.

My professional performance which was outstanding, caused my superintendent to tell me that, “Christos, you are only 19 years old and you are extremely clever; therefore, if I do not do, now, something about it, then, in the near future, I may find myself to the dire position of one of yours professional competitors”.

This declaration was not a joke, as I wrongfully thought that it was. Consequently, during the next year, the Americans organized an expensive black-operation against me aiming to extremely slander me for once more.

It is worst than unbelievable what they did against me. In case that, it had been perpetrated against someone else and then I might had find-out about it, then, I would had chosen to never again having had any interaction with the U2RIT, for the rest of my life.

Innumerable other criminal assaults against me followed until, in one occasion, a reliable expert in settler-colonialism clearly informed me that, the U2RIT murders, from its human-trafficked victims, each and every one that s/he might attempt to free itself.

The structure of the contemporary settler-colonialism is such that, the Americans, the Russians, the Israeli, and the Turkish, they know that, they better deliver to the British, land; wealth-resources; children; and genocide-services, otherwise, literary or not, a “Trotsky’s-hammer” is going to hunt them down.

For my personal-security’s reason I refrain from publicly disclosing all the information that I accumulated as being a victim of the settler-colonialism.

However, I realized that, the perpetrators of the settler-colonialism, they have no other option than, to remain shameless and, in all cases, to persistently and totally unjustly, blame their victims for all the hardships that, the criminal colonizers imposed on these victims.


Christos Boumpoulis