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This Covert Electromagnetic Era - Domestic Use of Directed Energy Weapons for Political Control


- European-Union’s member-States exist which, they have been settler-colonized by the U2RIT.

- European-Union’s member-States exist which, they refrain from publicly condemning, the Turkish children-harvesting of 18,000 Syrian children.

- European-Union’s member-States exist which, they refrain from publicly condemning, the involuntary brain implanting; the illegal usage of the directed-energy (microwave) weapons; the criminal gang-stalking, etc.

- European-Union’s member-States exist which, they refrain from publicly condemning, the dictatorship in Greece, and the Russian hybrid-invasion at Thrace, northern Greece.


In the above mentioned E.U.’s member-States, here are two of the methods that they are being used against legitimate and sane, European political-dissidents in order for them to be slandered as alleged “crazy” and thus, to become institutionalized in a supposed “mental-institution”.


1st method

The U2RIT’s armed-forces attack the legitimate European political-dissidents with directed-energy (microwave) weapons which, they are powerful-enough to completely and irreversibly destroy the victim’s brain-cells; they are small enough to be contained in a back-bag or a woman’s purse; their presence can’t be detected by the unrelated bystanders; with a time-lag of around 30 seconds, only the victim of the assault can feel, through the side-effects these weapons cause, that it is being attacked by such weapons.

These weapons destroy irreversibly, the victims’ nervous system which is a devastating loss for the victims. Consequently, the rationality and the common-sense, they dictate that, according to the notion of “mathematical-hope” (Statistics), no matter how small is the possibility that, such a weapon to be contained in the back-bag one carries close to the victim, the mathematical-hope of the negative-effect upon the victim’s health is, always, devastating.

Therefore, after the first actual attack with a microwave weapon that is hidden in a criminal’s back-bag, the victim, if it is homeless and has no option to resort to a private place, it has no other option than, to relocate so that, a diamagnetic solid object to be between, the probable armed back-bag (purse, etc.) and the political-dissident. And afterwords, to relocate to a place that is visible by remote pedestrians, therefore relatively secure, but that it is highly unlike for a pedestrian to approach.

The colonizing armed-forces they keep videotaping the victim while, in order to preventively avoid becoming exposed to lethal microwave radiation, it urges to manoeuvrer in public-space whenever a suspicious individual approximates it. According to verified information, during such illegal Black-Operations, the colonizing armed-forces sent more than 60 different criminals to approximate and intimidate a targeted political-dissident, while videotaping its struggle to survive from more than 50% actual microwave attacks. Then, the videotape is used in order for corrupted Judges and “Psychiatrists” to further victimized the targeted political-dissident.


2nd method

As a rule, the legitimate, European political-dissidents they have been illegally and involuntarily, as myself, brain-implanted with brain-locking and remote-neural-monitoring electronics technology. Consequently, within a range of, at least, 11 meters, a criminal having a smart-phone equipped with a suitable software-application, with the press of a button, it can, seamlessly, switch-off and after a while, switch-on the victim’s brain in order, in between, to harm it in any possible way. Consequently, for preventive reasons, the informed political-dissidents, like myself, we always avoid being approximated by strangers at isolated or not densely populated, public places.

The colonizing armed-forces they arrange for an able number of, strangers to the victims, “psychiatrists”/social-workers/etc. to attempt an unsolicited social-contact with the targeted political-dissidents in order to record their systematic-avoidance towards these attempts and then, to abuse them as false-evidence of their alleged “anti-social behaviour”.


The European-citizens they know very well how much, their natural-leadership is being torture, slandered and criminally victimized, but they do nothing to rescue them. Consequently, millions of mentally-healthy European-citizens are being, needlessly institutionalized in “mental-institutions”; millions cancer-patients they needlessly die; and in some cases, European-soldiers they may be assassinated, exclusively, in order for the U2RIT to promote themselves as the dominating pimp of the entire international-community.


Christos Boumpoulis





This Covert Electromagnetic Era - Domestic Use of Directed Energy Weapons for Political Control

My primary interest has been the EM weapons that have not been made

public because they are being covertly used for political control in a quiet war

against populations, dissidents, and individuals displeasing to G8 powers.

Examples include laser systems (free-electron, x-ray, neutral particle beam,

chemical-oxygen-iodine, mid-infrared advanced chemical laser, etc.) that deliver

blurred vision and holographs; ion-beam plasma augmented reality mind control

delivered by satellites that first track targets via their bioenergetic signatures and


then couple plasma with their EM fields; and of course nonaural carriers that

directly induce silent subliminal messages into the brain.

The CIA’s notorious Cold War MK-ULTRA programs have seamlessly

morphed into remote electromagnetic mind control that can deliver hypnotism,

diseases, and drugs via modulated electromagnetic energy. Back as early as the

Fifties, pulsed frequencies were used for confusion beam weaponry, initially

studied in depth by CIA-funded W. Ross Adey, MD at the Brain Research

Institute of University of California. The pulses changed the brain’s calcium flow

and interfered with concentration, disrupted sleep, and changed brain function.

Author Evelyn Waugh refers to such a device in his 1957 novel The Ordeal of

Gilbert Pinford – an experience Waugh himself underwent. The device was the

LIDA machine, a Soviet brain-entrainment machine emitting waves at 10 Hertz.

Russia’s chess champion Boris Spassky claimed he lost the 1972 world

championship to Bobby Fischer due to being bombarded with confusion rays.

In 1958, when he was 14 years old, Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented the

Neurophone in Bellaire, Texas. Once the military weaponized his invention,

neurophones were delivering aural harassment via microwaves or lasers by

converting sound to electrical impulses transmitted in radio waves to the skin to

convince the brain that they were audible.

In 1961, neuroscientist Allan Frey sliced microwave carriers, inserted

audio modulation, and remotely sent “microwave hearing” to targets’ auditory

cortex, sensed in the temporal region above and in front of the ears. Sometimes

targets can tell when they’re being zapped by low-power microwaves

9 (microwatts/c2) pulsed at 300-3,000 megahertz because the beam will boom,

hiss, click, or buzz just behind the head. Frey pulsed microwave beams to

increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier in order to enhance the

effects of drugs, bacteria, and poisons for the CIA. He discovered how to speed

up, slow down, or stop hearts by synchronizing heartbeat to a pulsating

microwave beam – in other words, induce a remote-controlled heart attack.

In 1969, Yale professor José M.R. Delgado, a Spanish advocate of

“psycho-civilized” society, perfected remote electrical stimulation of the brain

(ESB) to control behaviors, actions, instincts, and emotions from a distance.

Today, focused EMR beams can manage the brain like an electrical toy.

In 1973, Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

modeled the pulsed microwave audiogram – an analog of words’ sound

vibrations – on Flanagan’s neurophone and beamed words into the brain. Today,

synthetic telepathy connects subvocalized signals in the brain to a computer via

MASER beam. Software then associates specific brain-exciting potentials with

particular words and “reads” subvocalized 15Hz, 5mW thoughts from the auditory

cortex. CCTV of the mind. By using ELF audiograms carried by a single pulse modulated MASER, subvocalized thoughts of synthetic telepathy operators can

be beamed into the target’s brain for forced “conversation.” As Dr. Becker says,

“Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a

target crazy with ‘voices’ or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed



In the 1970s and 1980s, Igor Smirnov, the father of "psycho-correction" –

a term he used to denote the use of subliminal messages to alter the will or

modify the personality without the subject’s knowledge – perfected using

electroencephalographs (EEGs) to measure brain waves, then created a

computerized map of the individual subconscious and impulses such as anger

and sex drive. The mapping of primary frequency allocation and distribution of

biotelemetrically responsive frequencies is known in the intel biz as prima

freaking. With taped subliminal messages, Smirnov could then alter the mental


Brain wave monitors have graduated from EEGs to

magnetoencephalographs (MEGs) that correlate brain wave patterns via a

remote crystalline computer whose software reads and translates spoken words

and silent thought. “EEG cloning” can monitor the target’s electromagnetic field,

decode it through computer software, then feed emotional patterns back to the

target’s brain or to another brain. A 5-micromillimeter microchip placed in the

optical nerve can draw neuroimpulses from the brain so as to “eavesdrop” on the

implanted person and transfer his or her thoughts to a computer where they will

be stored until they’re projected back into the brain to be re-experienced as

hallucinations, voices from past conversations, etc. National Security Agency

(NSA) SIGINT monitors brain waves via satellite, decodes evoked 5-milliwatt

potentials of the brain at 3.50Hz, and transmits them to a VHSIC (very high

speed integrated circuit) computer monitor to set up forced “conversations.”




by Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, MD. ©Copyright owned by Author

September 25, 1999 Finland, HELSINGIN SANOMAT, the largest newspaper in Scandinavia, wrote in the September 25, 1999 issue that Scientific American magazine estimates that after the Millenium perhaps ALL people will be implanted with a "DNA microchip" Covert Harassment Conference 2014

On Google Search for Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics you can read our remarks regarding inaccurate if not abusive comments posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:01 am Subject: Rauni Kilde

This post does not comment the content: its aim is - in accord with RAUNI KILDE OWN WORDS - to distrust whom quotes her scripts from surely and documented unfair sources, which misinform on copying texts not from original but from whichever distort copy-on-copy mess if not malicious sites. This subject is too much important at risk also to worse than misinterpretations: if the Author herself claims to have her writings respected it is mandatory to value at least her dangerous willingly undertaken task.

Look also:



How many people realize what it actually means? Total loss of privacy and total outside control of the person's physical body functions, mental, emotional and thought processes, including the implanted person's subconscious and dreams! For the rest of his life!

It sounds like science fiction but it is secret military and intelligence agencies' mind control technology, which has been experimented with for almost half a century.

Totally without the knowledge of the general public and even the general academic population.

Supercomputers in Maryland, Israel and elsewhere with a speed of over 20 BILLION bits/sec can monitor millions of people simultaneously. In fact, the whole world population can be totally controlled by these secret brain-computer interactions, however unbelievable it sounds for the uninformed.

Human thought has a speed of 5,000 bits/sec and everyone understands that our brain cannot compete with supercomputers acting via satellites, implants, local facilities, scalar or other forms of biotelemetry.

Each brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment characteristics. Remote neural monitoring systems with supercomputers can send messages through an implanted person's nervous system and affect their performance in any way desired. They can of course be tracked and identified anywhere.

Neuro-electromagnetic involuntary human experimentation has been going on with the so-called "vulnerable population" for about 50 years, in the name of "science" or "national security" in the worst Nazi-type testing, contrary to all human rights. Physical and psychological torture of mind control victims today is like the worst horror movies. Only, unlike the horror movies, it is true.

It happens today in the USA, Japan, and Europe. With few exceptions, the mass media suppresses all information about the entire topic.

Mind control technology in the USA is classified under "non-lethal" weaponry. The name is totally misleading because the technology used IS lethal, but death comes slowly in the form of "normal" illnesses, like cancer, leukemia, heart attacks, Alzheimer's disease with loss of short term memory first. No wonder these illnesses have increased all over the world.

When the use of electromagnetic fields, extra-low (ELF) and ultra-low (ULF) frequencies and microwaves aimed deliberately at certain individuals, groups, and even the general population to cause diseases, disorientation, chaos and physical and emotional pain breaks into the awareness of the general population, a public outcry is inevitable.

Who is behind a sinister plan to microchip and control and torture the general population?

The Patent Office of the U.S.A. has granted patents for purposes of mental monitoring and mind alteration.

Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brainwaves, methods for inducing mental, emotional and physical states of consciousness in human beings, method of and apparatus for desired states of consciousness are among some of them.

People who have been implanted, involuntarily or through deception voluntarily have become biological robots and guinea pigs for this activity under the guise of national security.

The real consequences of microchip implantation (or with today's advanced hidden technology, using only microwave radiation for mind control) are totally hidden from the public. How many know the real dangers of microwaves through mobile phones?

How many believe the disinformation that microwave radiation is not causing health problems? The economic issues in the mobile phone industry are enormous. Therefore health issues are deliberately brushed aside.

However, the same thing is inevitable in the future as with the tobacco industry. When economic compensation for health damages becomes big enough, as in the tobacco industry, health hazards will be admitted and users are then responsible for their tobacco-related illnesses.

Today, already about 50% of Finns, Swedes and Norwegians use mobile phones, especially the young population.

Mobile phones used in mind control was a brilliant idea. Military and police agencies can follow every user, influence their thoughts through microwaves, cause healthy people to hear voices in their heads and if needed burn their brains in a second by increasing the current 20,000 times.

That probably happened to Chechenyan leader General Dudayev who died talking to a mobile phone.

Heating effect of tissues with the speed of light is a known effect of high power microwave and electromagnetic pulse weapons.

According to Navy studies they also cause fatigue states, depression, insomnia, aggressiveness, long and especially short term memory loss, short catatonic states, cataracts, leukemia, cancer, heart attacks, brain tumors and so forth.

Alteration of behavior and attitudes hs been demonstrated as well.

Dr. Ross Adey has found out that by using 0.75 milliwatts per square centimeter intensity of pulse modulated microwave at a frequency of 450 MHz it is possible to control ALL aspects of human behaviour!

Microwave radiation excites the hydrogen bond in the cells and can interfere with meiosis, which leads to tumors.

All our emotions, moods, and thoughts have a specific brain frequency which has been catalogued. If these records fall into the wrong hands, our behaviour and attitudes can be manipulated by persons whose ethics and morals are not in our best interest.

Both military and intelligence agencies have been infiltrated with such persons. The Director of the Swiss Secret Service had to resign in September 1999 because of his agency's involvement in illegal arms deals and a plan to create an ORGANIZATION within the legal Secret Service.

This globally infiltrated organization has octopus type activities in all major intelligence services in the world, working together with the Mafia and terrorists. It has recruited people from all important government institutions, state and local administrations.

It owns Star Wars technology which is used against military and civilian populations, claiming it is "non-lethal" weaponry.

"Down and out" people, jobless, freed prisoners, mental outpatients, students and orphans are trained by this organization to harass, follow, and torture innocent people, who for whatever reason have been put on the organization's hit list. They are ALREADY in every apartment block!

Deception is the name of the game, so recruits are told untrue sinister stories of their victims to keep them motivated. They have a military order and get rewarded for their evil actions, which include Satanism, and symbols and yellow-orange-black colors. However, fresh recruits must wear pink - and the highest elite wears yellow ties with dark suits.

Even dashes of yellow or orange in their ties may signal their recruitment as well as yellow shirts or other objects with that color for signaling.

Too many world leaders fit into this signaling. However, it is quite possible they are only used as fronts for this global organization without any knowledge of it's criminal activity in the field against innocent people. Mass media and big industry are also infiltrated.

Who are the targets? Experimentation with soldiers and prisoners may continue, as well as handicapped children, mental patients, homosexuals and single women. They are still experimental guinea pigs for electronic and chemical warfare. But today ANYONE can become a target, even those who invented the system. Researchers who find out about this secret radiation of the population become targets themselves.

The U.S. Senate discussed the issue on January 22, 1997. The U.S. Air Force's Commando Solo aircraft have been used to send subliminal radio frequency messages to manipulate even the minds of foreign nations in their elections. Haiti and Bosnia are a couple of recent examples.

In July 1994 the U.S. Department of Defense proposed the use of "non- lethal" weapons against anyone engaged in activities the DoD opposes. Thus opposing political views, economic competitors, counterculture individuals and so forth can be beamed to sickness or death.

The Psychiatric Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) for mental disorders has been a brilliant cover up operation in 18 languages to hide the atrocities of military and intelligence agencies' actions towards their targets.

Highlights of Changes from DSM-IV-TR to DSM-5

PTSD: National Center for PTSD

If a target is under surveillance with modern technology via TV, radio, telephone, loudspeakers, lasers, microwaves, poisoned with mind altering drugs via airducts, giving familiar smells which cause headache, nausea and so forth, if he claims his clothes are poisoned, his food or tap water as well --- all medical schools teach their students that the person is paranoid, ESPECIALLY if he believes intelligence agencies are behind it all.

Never is the medical profession told that these are routine actions all over the world by intelligence agencies against their targets. Thus, victims of mind control are falsely considered mentally ill and get no help since they are not believed and their suffering is doubled by ignorant health professionals.

The unethical abuses of power by individuals in charge of biomedical telemetry are incomprehensible to normal people.

The goal of mind control is to program an individual to carry out any mission of espionage or assassination even against their will and self-preservation instinct and to control the absolute behavior and thought patterns of the individual. The purpose of mind control is to disrupt memory, discredit people through aberrant behavior, to make them insane or to commit suicide or murder.

How is it possible that this technology is not stopped by political top authorities? They themselves will also be targets someday, a fact they have not always realized. How much are they involved?

This year the 1999 European Parliament in Resolution on Environment, Security, and Foreign Policy, in paragraphs 23, 24, and 27 calls for "non-lethal" weapons technology and development of new arms strategies to be covered and regulated by international conventions.

Also, it calls for an international convention introducing a GLOBAL BAN on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable ANY FORM OF MANIPULATION OF HUMAN BEINGS.

Project HAARP in Alaska is a global concern, and calls for it's legal, ecological, and ethical implications to be examined by an international independent body before any further research and testing.

It is possible that the USA will ignore those resolutions. The dangers of non-lethal mind control weapons were already revealed in an expert meeting of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, in July 1994.

Only increased public awareness of the microchip implants, their frightful consequences to privacy by influencing of individuals' thoughts and actions, causing people to become biological robots with physical and emotional pain whenever the supercomputer technician so wishes, is enough reason to refuse to take the chip into your body for whatever reason.

It is the biggest threat to humanity and the most sinister plan to enslave the human race forever.

If you have a choice and want to remain a normal human being with privacy, do not have your children nor yourself implanted with a DNA microchip. Otherwise your vision, hearing, sensing, thoughts, dreams and subconscious will be influenced by an outsider, who does not have your best interests in mind.

Rauni Kilde MD (general practice/public health,tropical medicine and health administration)



Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain

By Helen Thomson

ONE moment you’re conscious, the next you’re not. For the first time, researchers have switched off consciousness by electrically stimulating a single brain area.

Scientists have been probing individual regions of the brain for over a century, exploring their function by zapping them with electricity and temporarily putting them out of action. Despite this, they have never been able to turn off consciousness – until now.

Although only tested in one person, the discovery suggests that a single area – the claustrum – might be integral to combining disparate brain activity into a seamless package of thoughts, sensations and emotions. It takes us a step closer to answering a problem that has confounded scientists and philosophers for millennia – namely how our conscious awareness arises.

Many theories abound but most agree that consciousness has to involve the integration of activity from several brain networks, allowing us to perceive our surroundings as one single unifying experience rather than isolated sensory perceptions.

One proponent of this idea was Francis Crick, a pioneering neuroscientist who earlier in his career had identified the structure of DNA. Just days before he died in July 2004, Crick was working on a paper that suggested our consciousness needs something akin to an orchestra conductor to bind all of our different external and internal perceptions together.

With his colleague Christof Koch, at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, he hypothesised that this conductor would need to rapidly integrate information across distinct regions of the brain and bind together information arriving at different times. For example, information about the smell and colour of a rose, its name, and a memory of its relevance, can be bound into one conscious experience of being handed a rose on Valentine’s day.

The pair suggested that the claustrum – a thin, sheet-like structure that lies hidden deep inside the brain – is perfectly suited to this job (Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B, doi.org/djjw5m).

It now looks as if Crick and Koch were on to something. In a study published last week, Mohamad Koubeissiat the George Washington University in Washington DC and his colleagues describe how they managed to switch a woman’s consciousness off and on by stimulating her claustrum. The woman has epilepsy so the team were using deep brain electrodes to record signals from different brain regions to work out where her seizures originate. One electrode was positioned next to the claustrum, an area that had never been stimulated before.

When the team zapped the area with high frequency electrical impulses, the woman lost consciousness. She stopped reading and stared blankly into space, she didn’t respond to auditory or visual commands and her breathing slowed. As soon as the stimulation stopped, she immediately regained consciousness with no memory of the event. The same thing happened every time the area was stimulated during two days of experiments (Epilepsy and Behavior, doi.org/tgn).

To confirm that they were affecting the woman’s consciousness rather than just her ability to speak or move, the team asked her to repeat the word “house” or snap her fingers before the stimulation began. If the stimulation was disrupting a brain region responsible for movement or language she would have stopped moving or talking almost immediately. Instead, she gradually spoke more quietly or moved less and less until she drifted into unconsciousness. Since there was no sign of epileptic brain activity during or after the stimulation, the team is sure that it wasn’t a side effect of a seizure.

Koubeissi thinks that the results do indeed suggest that the claustrum plays a vital role in triggering conscious experience. “I would liken it to a car,” he says. “A car on the road has many parts that facilitate its movement – the gas, the transmission, the engine – but there’s only one spot where you turn the key and it all switches on and works together. So while consciousness is a complicated process created via many structures and networks – we may have found the key.”

“Consciousness is created via many structures and networks but we may have found the ignition key”

Awake but unconscious

Counter-intuitively, Koubeissi’s team found that the woman’s loss of consciousness was associated with increased synchrony of electrical activity, or brainwaves, in the frontal and parietal regions of the brain that participate in conscious awareness. Although different areas of the brain are thought to synchronise activity to bind different aspects of an experience together, too much synchronisation seems to be bad. The brain can’t distinguish one aspect from another, stopping a cohesive experience emerging.

Since similar brainwaves occur during an epileptic seizure, Koubeissi’s team now plans to investigate whether lower frequency stimulation of the claustrum could jolt them back to normal. It may even be worth trying for people in a minimally conscious state, he says. “Perhaps we could try to stimulate this region in an attempt to push them out of this state.”

“We could try to stimulate the region in a minimally conscious person to try to jolt them out of this state”

Anil Seth, who studies consciousness at the University of Sussex, UK, warns that we have to be cautious when interpreting behaviour from a single case study. The woman was missing part of her hippocampus, which was removed to treat her epilepsy, so she doesn’t represent a “normal” brain, he says.

However, he points out that the interesting thing about this study is that the person was still awake. “Normally when we look at conscious states we are looking at awake versus sleep, or coma versus vegetative state, or anaesthesia.” Most of these involve changes of wakefulness as well as consciousness but not this time, says Seth. “So even though it’s a single case study, it’s potentially quite informative about what’s happening when you selectively modulate consciousness alone.”

“Francis would have been pleased as punch,” says Koch, who was told by Crick’s wife that on his deathbed, Crick was hallucinating an argument with Koch about the claustrum and its connection to consciousness.

“Ultimately, if we know how consciousness is created and which parts of the brain are involved then we can understand who has it and who doesn’t,” says Koch. “Do robots have it? Do fetuses? Does a cat or dog or worm? This study is incredibly intriguing but it is one brick in a large edifice of consciousness that we’re trying to build.”

Source: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22329762-700-consciousness-on-off-switch-discovered-deep-in-brain/



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