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Experimental Bare/Rife Machine - 2


July 20th, 2021

Currently I am using my experimental Bare/Rife Machine in order to conduct various, legitimate experiments and make useful conclusions. For legal reasons and for the time being, I refrain from publicizing my observations during this study. In any case, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone, to make his own research about the existing public information regarding the following keywords, “Dr Royal Rife cancer cure”, “Rife-Machine”, “the forbidden cancer cures”, “George Lakhovski”, “multi-wave-oscilator”, “Rife/Bare machine”.

Additionally, I would wholeheartedly recommend to the reader to study, 1. The quote made by the great Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis, “Ο άνθρωπος είναι χτήνος! (…..) Τούκαμες κακό; Σε σέβεται και σε τρέμει. Τούκαμες καλό; Σου βγάζει τα μάτια”, and 2. The quote made by the great ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, "…ουδείς ασφαλέστερος εχθρός απ’ τον ευεργετηθέντα αχάριστο…".

According to the Wikipedi: Morality (from Latin: moralitas, lit. 'manner, character, proper behavior') is the differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those that are distinguished as proper (right) and those that are improper (wrong). Morality can be a body of standards or principles derived from a code of conduct from a particular philosophy, religion or culture, or it can derive from a standard that a person believes should be universal. Morality may also be specifically synonymous with "goodness" or "rightness".

Moral philosophy includes meta-ethics, which studies abstract issues such as moral ontology and moral epistemology, and normative ethics, which studies more concrete systems of moral decision-making such as deontological ethics and consequentialism. An example of normative ethical philosophy is the Golden Rule, which states: "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself."

Immorality is the active opposition to morality (i.e. opposition to that which is good or right), while amorality is variously defined as an unawareness of, indifference toward, or disbelief in any particular set of moral standards or principles. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morality]

According to my opinion, the Wikipedia’s definition of Morality is partial because it neglects to designate that, Morality constitutes a kind of quasi “User-Manual” regarding specifically the human-beings that are living within a “World” that is absolutely dominated by the natural-law of the “Unity”, and intending to provide to these human-beings an effective and unique set of algorithms that secure these human-beings’ survival, as such.

I kindly request from the reader, to suggest to me even just one person who posses deep knowledge of the human History and simultaneously, who claims that, allegedly, the Morality is not an absolute prerequisite of the human-survival; or alternatively, to suggest to me even just one, allegedly, moral, “organic-portal”.

Christos Boumpoulis



April 5th, 2021

Upgrading of my bare/rife machine

The initial version included a Velleman 1MHz pocket function generator. Consequently, only one curing frequency at a time could be employed; the frequency sweep mode could last only for 100 seconds; and the accuracy of the output frequency is 1 Hz (this accuracy is adequate mostly for the original Rife’s curing frequencies). Now I have just finished upgrading my bare/rife machine by substituting the function generator with the free software applications “Audacity” and “Lingot”. The Audacity offers, accuracy of 1/100 Hz, three (or more) curing frequencies can be, simultaneously, broadcast by the Citizen Band transceiver, while the frequency sweep mode can last as long as the machine’s operator chooses (in the commands listing of the plug-in at the appendix you may substitute the shown value ‘300’ for the variable "Duration (secs)" in order to set the maximum duration in seconds of the frequency sweep). For the frequency sweep mode, the Audacity application has to be extended by adding the plug-in (it can be easily found in the internet) which is presented at the appendix. By using the Audacity, installed in an Linux/Windows computer, you may generate an .wav file and put it in your mobile smart-phone. Then, by using the signal-adaptor cable, you connect the smart-phone to the CB transceiver, and by playing the .wav (by using the VLC free software application) file at the smart-phone, the carrier 27 MHz frequency is being transmitted by the transceiver's antenna. This upgrading made my experimental bare/rife machine cheaper (around 120 euros). This advancement has risen more intensively the legal issue of, why, so many European cancer-patients’ lives, during the past 80 years, have been sacrificed after these patients they had been extremely tortured by administering to them needless and harmful chemotherapy drugs? And whether or not, all those, directly and/or indirectly, involved (oncologists, ministers of public health, pharmaceutical industry, human-rights organizations, governments, etc.) in this crime against humanity, they bare legal liability for their actions and/or negligence.


February 25th, 2021

Since few months ago, I am struggling to make an experimental, cheap and easy to make “Bare/Rife machine” in order to produce evidence that, this technology can actually completely cure, non-invasively, cancer, Covid-19, and many other diseases.

I needed, a carrier-frequency (27 MHz) producer and Amplitude-modulator (Citizen-Band transceiver Midland Alan-42 Multi), and a curing-frequency (according to Dr Royal Rife’s medical-protocols) and sweep-frequency producer (Velleman HPG1MK2, 1MHz Pocket Function Generator), and a self-made electronic-circuit as an electronic-signal adapter.

Now, all materials have been bought and the adapter needs to be assembled and its design should be tested.

In case of successful testing, then, this experimental Bare/Rife machine shall be ready for experimentations.


Christos Boumpoulis





;nyquist plug-in

;version 1

;type generate

;name "Frequency Sweep..."

;action "Producing frequency sweep..."

;info "by Adam Pope and Paul Schimmel"

;control startf "Start Frequency (Hz)" real "" 20 20 20000

;control endf "End Frequency (Hz)" real "" 20000 20 20000

;control duration "Duration (secs)" real "" 30 1 300

;control level "Level (dBFS)" real " " 0 -40 0

;control type "Sweep scale [1=Linear, 2=Exponential]" int "" 2 1 2

(if (= type 2)

(scale-db level (fmosc 0 (pwev startf duration endf))) (scale-db level (fmosc 0 (pwlv startf duration endf))) )

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