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Recovering From The Settler-Colonialism’s Genocidal-Policies PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Δευτέρα, 05 Ιούλιος 2021 20:36




Recovering From The Settler-Colonialism’s Genocidal-Policies


Disclaimer: I do not make any medical claims because I am not a medical doctor. I do not prescribe, neither directly, nor, indirectly, any medical procedure to any individual. I have a University education in Economics and as an educated citizen I am able and entitled to analyse the existing and public evidence/information about the existing scientific and tested cures of various illnesses and make personal and subjective opinions about these cures and publicize these opinions as such. The same applies with regard, to the perceived legitimacy, of the medical domain, the pharmaceutical domain, the political foundations, and the international rule of law. In cases of emergency and/or in cases of force majoure, I am entitled to resort to the actions and/or inaction according to the corresponding legislation. And I am, morally and legally, obliged to contribute, by using legitimate means, in terminating any perpetration of a crime against humanity, in case such a monstrous crime, is actually being perpetrated and falls under my knowledge.


Some time ago a citizen of Tuvalu came to me with her troubled son and told me: “In your articles you are strictly criticizing the ‘psychiatric’ domain while presenting related evidence. However, in the real life, citizens exist which, here and now, they are facing personal circumstances where practical solutions are urgently needed in order for extreme internal suffering of these citizens or of these citizens’ relatives, to be relieved. For example, see my son how much is suffering here and now. What alternative, to the “psychiatric” domain, choices do I have?”.


In Greece, according to the prominent professor emeritus of the constitutional law George Kassimatis, there is a dictatorship and this country has fallen under foreign occupation.

In Greece, the settler-colonizing Nations they control the food-chain, the medical/”psychiatric”, the pharmaceutical, the political, the mass media, the academic, the judicial, domains and the security-authorities.

Various bodily and neurological diseases are being criminaly imposed, by the food-chain (mercury, fluoride, pesticides, insecticides, MKUltra chemicals, narcotics, etc.), upon unsuspected Greek citizens. These citizens resort to the medical/”psychiatric” domain for finding a cure. The medical/”psychiatric” domain, instead of curing them, it provides sole treatments in order to perpetuate their illnesses and thus, to maximize its financial revenue from selling medicines, surgical-operations, medical-radiations, and medical-institutionalization.

However and luckily, a great Vietnamese doctor, Dr Bak Fong, came to Greece and started to massively cure, instead of just treating, the victims of the Greece’s settler-colonization. And even more, he cured the Greeks by using non-invasive medical protocols that they were using herbs and other natural remedies and acupuncture.

If, Dr Bak Fong hadn’t offered his medical services in Greece, then, too many settler-colonialism’s Greek victims, including myself, they would had been, long before, dead.

Consequently, the colonizing Nations they turned against him and in the end, the Russians, which now they demand from the European Union having a share of its material wealth, they assassinated him by using, as a standard procedure, a plausibly deniable way; and they managed to make the many thousands Internet’s references to the great Doctor Bak Fong to somehow, vanish.

Today, anyone who might promote effective medical-methods that cure victims of the settler-colonialism’s genocidal-policies, as a rule, he ends-up dead; like the heroic John Bedini.

And any such victim which might, somehow, manages to become cured, because by this way s/he exposes the settler-colonialism’s genocidal-policies, the colonizers shall, somehow, manage to sabotage its having been cured and they shall impose an illness again, on him or her.

The citizen’s from Tuvalu, issue shall remains undecidable, meaning without any solution; unless, the following notions become fully understood:

- settler-colonialism

- cause and effect

- criminal act – criminal negligence

- instant crime – continues crime

- illness – injury

- language’s undecidability (Gödel’s incompleteness theorem)

- Entryism


The Tuvalu citizen’s problem, according to my opinion, it has, one long-term solution and one short-term solution.

The long-term solution

The citizens and the members of the Armed Forces, they become good-followers of their Nations’ natural-leaderships and thus, they offer to them all the required and sufficient political authority they need in order to terminate the settler-colonization of their country and all the related genocidal-policies.

The short-term solution

The citizens and the members of the Armed Forces, they actively participate to the educational procedure that, their natural-leaderships indirectly apply so that, the long-term solution to become eligible for application, as soon as possible. Also, the citizens and the members of the Armed Forces, they should gather and correctly reassemble the scattered knowledge, that their natural-leaderships they are disseminating, about how to cure the genocidal-policies’ injuries, and apply this knowledge, on their own risk/accountability, to where they should.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: The Nation, the citizens of which, they let their own natural leaderships deserted, homeless and totally exposed to the colonizers’ criminality, they do not have a future.