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Δευτέρα, 21 Ιούνιος 2021 16:19

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Anti-Colonialism Activists And The Bee-Gees


Disclaimer: In this article, I neither claim, nor, imply that the above mentioned supermarket was involved to any illegal activity. The same applies to the Municipal Security Services.


In Europe, the Municipal Security Services they are entitled by law, under perceived or supposed circumstances which they allegedly threaten to harm the public health, to intervene, even, by suspending the citizens’ human rights. Consequently, could, the Municipal Security Services become illegally weaponized against the anti-colonialism activists?

If, the anti-colonialism activists have been given the legitimate protection which, the international laws provide, then, the short answer to the above question is, No.

However, since the European Governments seem to prefer, literary, to become exiled to the Planet Mars, then offering protection to the European anti-colonialism activists, the followings might prove to be useful to these activists.


Recently, I visited the public toilet of a large supermarket and I found out that, the lighting of this toilet, unlike all of my previous visits to public toilets, it was coloured blue.

The view of the coloured lighting made me to recall my past experiences, during the decade of the 1970’s, in the disco-clubs of that time. And consequently, instead of proceeding to the ordinary toilet routines, a strong tendency risen in me to deliver a disco-dance performance.

However, in the end, my adulthood prevailed and I refrained from (trying to) imitating one more time the John Travolta’s dancing performance.

In any case, the usage of blue lighting in a public toilet, theoretically, it could be illegally exploited in order, through the “blue-screen” video-editing technique, innocent civilians, like myself, to become slandered as allegedly being “mental-cases”, by fabricating forged video-recordings that show the view of the targeted-activist to, allegedly, doing its toilet in public view.

Therefore, I strongly recommend to the European, political-dissidents and human-rights activists, in case they visit a blue-lighted public-toilet to run-away, literary, as fast as a rocket.

Also recently and while I was standing near to a supermarket’s entrance, an unknown to me citizen, both the hands of which they were occupied by holding many products from the supermarket, he managed to have his protective face-mask to slip of his face and fall on the ground. So, e asked from me to pick his fallen mask from the ground and attach it back on his face. If, I hadn’t refused, as I actually did, then, I would had violated two Covid-19 laws: 1. the at least 1.5 meters social-distancing, and 2. Banning of touching the other citizens’ hygienic-materials (i.e. the protective face-mask).

And also recently and while I was waiting at the cashier’s waiting-line for checking-out few products that I had picked for buying, an unknown to me old-aged citizen which was standing next to me, in the waiting-line, she asked me to take a heavy product from her transportation-vagon and put it on the cashier’s conveyor. If, I hadn’t refused, as I actually did, then, I would had violated two Covid-19 laws: 1. the at least 1.5 meters social-distancing, and 2. Banning of touching the other citizens’ hygienic-materials (i.e. the food/beverages products). Instead, now I might be accused for an alleged impolite behaviour, if not, for an alleged antisocial behaviour.

Besides all the above theoretical analysis, it seems that, the Municipal Security Service they may do more, than what, probably, they already are doing in order to protect the citizens, of some countries, from the well documented crimes of the oncology, and the well documented crimes of the so-called “psychiatry”; as the prevention of both of these crimes they belong to the core of their formal duties.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: For as long as, the European citizens they pretend that, the settler-colonialism it doesn’t exists, for that long, the contemporary settler-colonizing Nations shall pretend that, they do not apply, against some of the European Nations, atrocious genocidal-policies.

Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Δευτέρα, 21 Ιούνιος 2021 17:21