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Persecuted Official Trailer 1 (2014) - James Remar, Dean Stockwell Movie HD


Safety-Protocols And Science-Fiction


It seems contrary to a lot of people’s conceptions that the military is a major proponent of safe operations. From the military’s stand point, safe operations are one of the most important steps a leader can take to prepare their unit to accomplish their wartime mission. My first leadership position in the US Army was as a Heavy Mortar Platoon Leader in the Republic of Korea. My platoon’s purpose was to fire our six mortars accurately, quickly, and under any weather conditions. To do this safely, though, was a daunting task. We had to be able to operate from -30F to +100F, in rain, snow, mud, and maintain and operate wheeled and tracked vehicles when most of the platoon had less than three years in the US Army. Yet, we achieved our mission with a majority of very junior soldiers.

A focus on safety made us better at our military jobs. In my opinion, the same principles of safety the military uses can, and should, be used in the civilian world to make workplaces safer and more productive.

How military safety matters to workplace safety:

It starts with training & leadership to a high standard. Training, education, and rehearsals (practice) are the best way to maintain and create a safe workplace. Safe operations come from having to train, to practice, and to anticipate how to perform tasks safely even under a great amount of stress, little sleep, and minimal time in key p

no excuses for not being safe & effective. Every military leader knows the quote, “I am responsible for everything my unit does and fails to do.” During my time in the ROK, I had the most up-to-date radios and military vehicles that were rebuilt from the 1970’s. The point was that no matter how we were equipped and supplied, we were expected to accomplish our missions safely and effectively – no excuses. On a field training exercise in January, the snow and ice made driving armored vehicles very slippery. We had to move 15 miles that took over three to four hours in -15F winter weather in a pitch dark night to make our position for the next exercise. We did it safely and on time. Not one of leaders commented on it, which was good – we were expected to be safe and effective and we were.

Safety in the military is viewed as an integral part of all activities from garrison to combat. Safety of military personnel is

critical. In the military, if you lose a soldier to an accident or to an enemy action, the safety injury is the worse event because that could have been prevented. Leaders enforcing safe activity every step of the way, in person, is also essential. In the winter, when a round became stuck in the mortar tube, a mixture of anti-freeze and water had to be poured in the tube and then the round removed. Standing in support around cold steel, freezing water, and a 25 lbs. mortar round slick with anti-freeze being slowly lifted so a soldier could catch it as it slid down the tube is a critical leadership activity to support safety.

Aggressively look at ways to become even safer. The US Army uses the Risk Management Process, a step-by-step process to analyze critical activities, identify solutions & hazards, and then put in risk mitigation and injury mitigation steps to create a safer work environment. This process works very well for the US Army but it is another procedure, the After Action Review (AAR) that makes the Risk Management Process work well. The AAR is when the entire unit, highest rank to lowest rank, gathers as peers in a circle, reviews what happened, identifies sustainment and improvement items, and then creates a plan to fix the improvement items. Safety items are highlighted in AAR’s. It is the team effort of an AAR to seek improvement and more safety combined with the discipline of the Risk Management Process that creates greater safety.

Safety in the military is viewed as an integral part of all activities from garrison to combat. Safety of military personnel is a critical leader task that is of vital importance. A focus on safety made us better at our military jobs. In my opinion, the same principles of safety that the military uses can, and should, be used in the civilian world to make workplaces safer and more productive.


Science fiction

Science fiction (sometimes shortened to sci-fi or SF) is a genre of speculative fiction that typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life. It has been called the "literature of ideas", and often explores the potential consequences of scientific, social, and technological innovations.

Science fiction, whose roots go back to ancient times, is related to fantasy, horror, and superhero fiction, and contains many subgenres. Its exact definition has long been disputed among authors, critics, scholars, and readers.

Science fiction literature, film, television, and other media have become popular and influential over much of the world. Besides providing entertainment, it can also criticize present-day society, and is often said to inspire a "sense of wonder".


Currently, the calamity of the settler-colonialism prevails with most of the countries, the populations of which, they suffer from the application against them, of horrible, though plausibly-deniable, genocidal-policies.

Only very few anti-colonialism activists exist, that we struggle to defend the human-rights.

The contemporary colonizers they employ every criminal means they can think of, against us, in order to eliminate the possibility of the victimized populations to rise collective resistance against the settler-colonialism, due to the activists having successfully mobilized these populations.

The precise and persistent employment of strict personal-safety protocols is what keeps us, the anti-colonialism activists, alive.

As I have already informed, I have survived more than one assassination against me, attempts. And I have lost the account of how many times, the colonizers’ various institutions they have framed and attempted to frame me. I have also lost the account of how many times I have, in vain, requested interested parties, for legitimate support.

It must become comprehended that, under circumstances of a domineering settler-colonialism, the intended negligence to offer support to any, requesting for help, legitimate political-dissident, it is equivalent to indirectly issuing an extrajudicial death-penalty against this dissident.

Also, due to being gang-stalked for a long-time, I have suffered severe hardships.

For the above reasons, the possibility of my making any exception in applying my personal-safety protocols, literary, it lies within the boundaries of the science-fiction.

However, in my website www.agorapoliton.gr I have publicized procedures by which, citizens could arrange for contacting or meeting me, always under safe circumstances. These procedures are being constantly ignored.

After more than one decade’s political struggling for the benefit, of the human-rights; of the peace; of the freedom; of the cooperation; and of the frugal prosperity, I got the impression that my political interventions, despite how negligible they may be, they may, to a certain degree, have a beneficial impact to many civilians; and thus, I feel as having become proportionally obliged to them to remain alive and to refuse jeopardizing my personal-safety in every case.

The human History teaches us that, rarely, even miracles happen; and thus, who knows, my personal-safety protocols, some time in the far future they may become respected.

Christos Boumpoulis


Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Τρίτη, 15 Ιούνιος 2021 21:38