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Political Assassinations In Europe Covered-Up As Alleged Preventive-Policing PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Congo Independence Crisis 1960 (Lumumba's Assassination)



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Targeted Individual Homeless Living in Van due to Extreme Gang Stalking Harassment DEWs






Political Assassinations In Europe Covered-Up As Alleged Preventive-Policing


From a certain perspective, there are two kinds of perceived-criminals:

- The criminals which they committed actual crimes or they committed criminal-negligence..

- The innocent individuals which they were effectively slandered as alleged “criminals” by the contemporary settler-colonizers (U2RIT) and their criminal front-organizations, namely the Mafia, the transnational organized-crime, etc.


The real criminals are, e.g. the U2RIT and the members of their colonizing, non-uniformed, “drugged and maddened from opiates beforehand” hybrid-armies. And actual crimes which they have committed and/or they are committing, are, e.g. the Greece’s settler-colonization, the cancer-patients’ genocide, the European citizens’ genocide through fluoride-poisoning, the Patrice Lumumba assassination, all the CIA-orchestrated Latin America’s dictatorships, the involuntary brain-implanting with brain-locking (push-button people) and remote-neural-monitoring technology, the death-program of organized-harassment (also called gang-stalking), the illegal looting of Nations’ material-wealth (e.g. Greece, according to Sotiris Sofianopoulos, 1 Kg of rosinen sold to Holland, by Greek traitors, for less than 1 cent of a euro, = for 3 drachmas), the human-harvesting of children (e.g. 18000 Syrian children in Turkey), in some countries the genocide of the so-called “psychiatry”), the assault of innocent civilians with military-grade directed-energy (microwave) weapons, etc.


As to what constitutes a crime and what is not a crime, two mutually excluding perspectives exist:

- the perspective of the “Law Order” (the domestic and the international law, the moral principles, the principles of the humanitarian civilization, etc.);

- the contemporary settler-colonialism’s (the U2RIT’s) perspective (the members of the colonizing, hybrid-armies, they are criminalized by the colonizers through ‘drugging and maddening from opiates beforehand, and then, the colonizers offer them pimp-protection against any legal-persecution in return for the hybrid-soldiers to commit, perpetually, more crimes).


The innocent victims of settler-colonialism, like my fellow Greek citizens, certain members of my family, myself, and many others, simultaneously, we are facing real and present threats against our own lives and against our own health and simultaneously we are facing a total lacking of, legitimate and effective, domestic and international, justice authorities and of security authorities, in order to legitimately resort to, for rescuing our lives and our health. Consequently and according the “law of the self-defence” (and the Greeks also according to the article 120 of the Greek Constitution), we are totally entitled to use legitimate violence against these criminals which they committed crimes against us and they threaten to harm our health and take or lives.


The colonizers’, meaning the U2RIT, existence as international-pimps depends upon their criminal hybrid-soldiers’ remaining protected from any kind of persecution, including their victims’ exercising legitimate self-defence against them. Consequently, they arbitrarily designate/slander the victimized and innocent, civilians, potential and legitimate, self-defence as being, allegedly, “criminal”; and in order to prevent acts of legitimate self-defence against their criminal hybrid-troops to manifest, they employ all the (illegal/criminal) means they command in order to exclude them from manifesting, such acts, including the abuse of the “preventing-policing”.


The crucial issue is, whom, from the above two categories, perspective of “what constitutes a crime or criminal-negligence”, depends on who is, in essence, ruling the European Continent.

Currently, most of the European citizens, because of their mass-consumption of, fluoride, “psychotropic”-medication, narcotics, mercury, and etc. they have been, more or less, mentally-wrecked, and as such, they remain totally unwilling and unable,

- to resist against the Europe’s settler-colonization, and

- to resist against the Europe’s governance being illegally undertaken by the NATOic Gladio’s criminals, and

- to resist against the settler-colonialism’s genocidal-policies being applied against them


For the above reasons, the U2RIT’s arbitrary and illegal persecution, by all means, against the victimized and legitimate, civilians is currently being manifesting, almost, all over the European continent.


As my family and myself, and since the early ‘60s, we are British-colonialism’s very long-term victims, I know the identities of many such criminal hybrid-soldiers coupled with many, even heinous, crimes which they perpetrated, in Greece and elsewhere, against innocent Greek civilians, including myself. Among these crimes, there are, assassinations, involuntary human-harvesting, involuntary human-experimentation, on purpose causing, even potentially lethal, illnesses, looting of private properties, espionage, judicial-frauds, secret-trials, crimes of “psychiatry”, slander, involuntary human-sterilization, etc.

The colonizers, in order to offer criminal, pimp-protection to the criminals/hybrid-soldiers which they committed these crimes, since March 1999 and until today, they continuously and systematically perpetrate intense gang-stalking against me.

More specifically, by named colonizing-criminals my real-estate, in Greece is being criminally confiscated and the Greek security authorities they do nothing against these criminals. Consequently, I became homeless and I sleep in the streets of E.U.’s member-States, at the northern Europe.

When I wake-up in the morning, I manifest the ordinary symptoms of having been assaulted with military-grade directed-energy (microwave) weapons; and then, unknown to me individuals, systematically, attempt to criminally exploit these symptoms in order to combine them with my, induced by the colonizers, homelessness and then, to use this fraudulent combination for slandering my as an alleged “mental-case”, intending to illegally institutionalize me.

Most of the times I manage to avoid becoming manipulated by these criminals, but this is not enough.

Since May 1st, 2014 until today, I noticed that, wherever I go and at least one time each day, a medium size track, similar to the one in the photo above, shall come and park at a parking-spot from which, the view towards the spot where I am standing, it should be unobstructed. And, in most of the cases, a minute or two, after the vehicle had parked, the ordinary symptoms of a directed-energy weapon’s assault, manifest; and thus, I urge to relocate myself to a safer location.

Most of the European Nations, they refuse to offer me legitimate protection because they have previously been criminalized, in many ways, by the U2RIT; including, complicity in, looting other Nations, human-harvesting, human-experimentation, involuntary brain-implanting, human-rights violations, etc.

The colonizers they exercise that much illegal violence against me because of the severity of the, incriminating their hybrid-troops, information that I possess.

For example, a high-ranked retired Greek military officer (initials A.S.) is linked to covert financing a social foundation in Greece by the British government. Together with another low-ranked retired Greek military officer, that works for the Greek intelligence-services Κ.Υ.Π. (initials P.P.) they form a criminal team which abuses highly radioactive materials in order to, either, cause pseudo-symptoms of prostate-cancer (and enforce upon their victims a needless prostate-ectomy surgical-operation), or, to deliberately cause a prostate-cancer to their victims.

Also, the colonizers and in order to secure legal immunity for a period of 15 years (after 15 years felonies become obsolete and thus, legally non-punishable), they manipulate, from the European governments, those which they control, and they promote as members of the European Parliament, also, (attempted-) murderers when, the identities, as such, of which, it has become, for any reason, known to (the victims and/or) legitimate civilians (identities of such cases are known to me).

In short, I possess so much information about the British’ colonialism’s crimes that, in case that reliable and legitimate protection had been offered to me, then, from the innocent and legitimate European citizens, those many of them which they are, even unsuspectedly, victimized by the colonizing and criminal, hybrid-soldiers and in case they would had gain access to my information, they also would had, almost certainly and legitimately (due to the existing self-defence legislation), urge to neutralize these criminals; and thus, the British colonialism’s downfall would had become an actual fact. Otherwise, the British-colonialism shall prevail and thus, the European population’s fate does not seem very bright.

Concluding, I wish the members of the European Nations to be assured that, these Nations, the governments of which, they may complicit to the legitimate, European anti-colonialism activists’ political-persecution and/or plausibly-deniable assassination and despite whether or not, the activists die or survive, they shall end-up, on the foreseeable-future integrated in all aspects to the U2RIT’s world-view/”civilization”; the civilized part, meaning Germany, etc., of the international community it wants to live meaning, it shall never trust Nations which, fundamentally, they value, the human-life less than the material benefits. The Europeans while they seem to believe that, the walls of their own houses they are able to protect them from the British colonialism’s barbarity; they better verify their belief by asking, if they could ever could, the indigenous Tasmanians.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: In order for dictators like, Kostas Simitis, Alexis Tsipras, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, etc. to form the dictatorial regime that destroys Greece, remarkable personalities were assassinated or otherwise destroyed (e.g. through “psychiatric” repression/crimes, etc.), like archibishop Christodoulos, Giannos Kranidiotis, Neoklis Sarris, Sarantos Kargakos, Malvina Karali, and many others. And despite this atrocity, the European-Union member-States they offer legitimacy and financial-resources to the Greece’s dictatorial regime and simultaneously, they commit any criminal-negligence, against the indigenous Greek anti-colonialism activists, that is necessary and adequate, in order for them to keep, these activists, against the existing provisions of the international law, totally exposed to the lethal threat of becoming the victims of, even deadly, plausibly-deniable crimes that, the colonizers, almost certainly, they shall commit against the Greek-activists; this inhumane exposing designates the European-Unions’, as a whole, degree of supposed “legitimacy”. For what might worth, I declare that, in the highly unlike case that I might gain the political power in Greece, then, in short, I would applied the anti-colonialism political-measures that, Patrice Lumumba and Salvador Alliente they would had applied at Congo and Chile, respectively, in case that, the colonizers they wouldn’t had assassinated them.




Preventive Policing Law and Legal Definition

Preventive police refers to that aspect of law enforcement proposed to act as a deterrent to the commission of crime. It includes all actions carried out by police with the intention of identifying and preventing a specific crime or a type of crime. It may also include special investigation techniques of secret surveillance.



Cancer the secret weapon? - The heart of the matter

by Charles Kong Soo - Sun Feb 26 2012




By François Soudan

Wednesday, 13 January 2021 10:11

On 17 January 1961, just sixty years ago, the first legally elected prime minister of the DRC was assassinated after being overthrown with help from Washington. A sinister episode that Larry Devlin, the 'Mr. Congo' of the CIA from 1960 to 1967, would reveal half a century later in his fascinating book, 'Chief of Station, Congo: Fighting the Cold War in a Hot Zone.'

Leopoldville, on 30 June 1960. With the declaration of its independence, the DRC finally emerges from its long colonial history. A new bilateral system is established with a head of state as cunning as he is impenetrable, Joseph Kasavubu, and a Prime Minister as charismatic as he is unpredictable, Patrice Lumumba. In bars, people dance to the rhythm of the Independence Cha Cha, but the euphoria will be short-lived.

On 5 July, a mutiny broke out in the Thysville camp (Mbanza-Ngungu), then spread to the capital. Over a matter of pay, no doubt, but also a revolt against the continued Belgian presence in the DRC by virtue of bilateral agreements. “For the army and General Janssens, who commands it, has the impudence to say that independence means nothing.”

On 11 July, the rich province of Katanga, where the Belgian “Mining Union” reigns, secedes under the leadership of Moïse Tshombe. South Kasai threatens to do the same. This new state-continent is on the verge of imploding.

A tough guy

It is in this context that the new CIA station chief landed at Leopoldville Beach on 10 July 1960. A CIA agent since 1949, Lawrence (Larry) Devlin is an experienced man and a tough guy. His “cover” is that of an ordinary consul, and his local boss is US Ambassador Clare Timberlake.

Very quickly, the two men believed in the same thing, shared in Washington by their superiors: Prime Minister Lumumba, the Kasai nationalist and co-founder of the powerful Congolese National Movement, is a dangerous man. A communist? No. A USSR agent? Probably not. A man who could be easily manipulated by the Soviets and the KGB? Certainly. It is therefore necessary to do everything possible to isolate him.

With the utmost discretion, Devlin then begins to sound out, with a view to possible recruitment, some of the most prominent Congolese political leaders, reputed for their animosity towards Lumumba. They include Albert Kalonji, leader of the Balubas of South Kasai, Paul Bolya, a Mongo leader from Ecuador, Pierre Soumialot, Lumumba’s own private secretary, the trade unionist Cyrille Adoula and, above all, the man who would become one of his most loyal contacts, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Justin Bomboko.

During the month of July 1960, the situation deteriorated a little more each day. In Matadi, on the Atlantic coast, Belgian parachutists were deployed to protect their compatriots from the Congolese army who were fighting with heavy weapons.

On the 13th, Lumumba announces the rupture of diplomatic relations with Belgium and threatens to call for Soviet intervention if the Westerners do not move. On the 17th, a first contingent of UN peacekeepers landed at N’Djili airport, led by British General Alexander, who said: “Congolese politicians have not yet come down from their trees.”

A maelstrom of violence and looting

At the heart of this maelstrom of violence and looting, the Americans are more obsessed than ever with the Prime Minister. Not only do the socialist chancelleries – the USSR, Czechoslovakia, China, East Germany, Ghana, Guinea – support Lumumba, but his own entourage is, according to the CIA, full of “KGB agents.”

We are in the middle of the Cold War, and the Americans will stop at nothing to counter their target. Learning that the prestigious Time magazine is planning to publish a cover story about Lumumba, Ambassador Timberlake warns his counterpart in Belgium, who calls up his friend Henry Luce, the magazine’s owner. The result: Lumumba disappears from the cover in the name of America’s supreme interests.

In a wired message to CIA headquarters, Devlin wrote: “Patrice Lumumba was born to be a revolutionary, but he doesn’t have the qualities to exercise power once he’s seized it. Sooner or later, Moscow will take the reins. He believes he can manipulate the Soviets, but they are the ones pulling the strings.”

On 26 August 1960, Allen Dulles, the director of the CIA, replied: “If Lumumba continues to be in power, the result will be at best chaos and at worst an eventual seizure of power by the communists, with disastrous consequences for the prestige of the UN and the interests of the free world. His dismissal must therefore be an urgent and priority objective for you.”

While Ambassador Timberlake is working to convince President Kasavubu to dismiss Lumumba (this requires a parliamentary vote), Devlin is working to undermine the Prime Minister’s authority. With the help of agitators hired for the occasion – he had a budget of $100,000, a considerable sum at the time – the CIA station chief organised anti-Lumumba demonstrations that often degenerated into violence.

On 5 September, Kasavubu dismissed Lumumba and replaced him with Joseph Ileo. However, the nationalist leader fights back, refuses to leave his post and wins parliamentary backing. The constitutional path seems blocked. The CIA believes the time has come to get down to business: the coup d’état.

The enigmatic Joseph-Désiré Mobutu

It was then that a certain Joseph-Désiré Mobutu appeared. Admittedly, the man is not a stranger to the Americans, but they misunderstand his motivation. On the one hand, they consider him temperate, competent and pro-Western; on the other, they are unaware that he was one of Lumumba’s closest collaborators, who made him Secretary of State and then Chief of Staff of the army. In short, this colonel, barely 30 years old, is still an enigma – one that will soon become clearer.

One evening in early September 1960, Devlin had a meeting with Kasavubu at the president’s house. While he is waiting in the living room, Mobutu appears. “I wanted to talk to you very much,” he said. “I’m tired of these political games, this is not how we are going to build a strong, independent and democratic Congo. The Soviets have invaded the country. Do you know that they sent a delegation to Camp Kokolo to teach Marxism to the soldiers and distribute their propaganda? They claim that you Westerners are plundering the Congo whereas they are our real friends. I spoke to Lumumba about this. He told me to mind my own business. I gathered together my zone commanders: they all agreed with me. So let me be clear. The army is ready to overthrow Lumumba and set up a transitional government made up of my supporters. Will the US help us?”

At this point in the conversation, Foreign Minister Bomboko, whom Devlin considers practically one of his agents, enters through a back door. Before sitting down next to Colonel Mobutu, he slips Devlin a little note folded in half on which he has written : “Help him.”

Convinced, the CIA station chief replied: “I can assure you that the US is willing to recognise a transitional government made up of civilians.” Mobutu has a final request: “I need $5,000 for my officers: if the coup fails, their families will be left penniless.” The request is granted.

On 14 September 1960, Mobutu seized power for the first time. Lumumba was arrested, a civilian government in which Bomboko remained foreign minister was appointed, and diplomatic relations with the USSR, China and Czechoslovakia ended. But there is a snag. Mobutu, who has placed Kasavubu under house arrest, is the de facto head of state. Devlin immediately went to see him: “You have a big problem of legitimacy,” he told him, “especially since you dismissed the National Assembly. Restore Kasavubu to power.”

“Legitimacy? You should say hypocrisy!” says an angry Mobutu. However, he will do it as he doesn’t have much of a choice. On at least three occasions in the weeks following the coup d’état, the CIA, filled in by one of its informants who is a part of the very Lumumbist Pierre Mulele’s entourage, allowed Mobutu to thwart assassination attempts.

Devlin personally gets involved by accidentally neutralising a killer while he was visiting his friend at the Kokolo camp. This creates a bond. The CIA’s Chief of Station no longer hides his admiration for this young colonel who not only possesses astonishing physical courage, but who is also capable of mastering a horde of rampaging and threatening mutineers by the mere magic of his words and charisma.

Mobutu is, after all, well surrounded. He is a member of the “Binza group”, who also advises him. This group is composed of people who are either “friends” of the CIA, or recruited by them: Bomboko of course, Adoula and the new director of Security, Victor Nendaka, a former right-hand man of Lumumba, originally from the Oriental Province and considered particularly brilliant.

An operation authorised by Eisenhower

That leaves, of course, the issue of Lumumba. Although placed under arrest, the former Prime Minister has still not left his official residence. Worse, in the eyes of the CIA, he is now protected by UN peacekeepers. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld’s representative in Leopoldville, Rajeshwar Dayal, whom the US considers highly suspicious, has learned that the Congolese soldiers will be replaced by those of the UN. Lumumba’s multiple statements are as courageous as they are inflammatory. In short, he must be stopped.

On 19 September 1960, Devlin received a secret message from Langley: “A certain ‘Joe from Paris’ will arrive in Leopoldville on 27 September; he will contact you, and you will need to work together.” On the designated day, he and “Joe” will meet in a bar and then in a safe house. “Joe” is a chemist who works for the CIA, and he has brought a whole collection of poisons to liquidate Lumumba.

“Who authorised this operation?” asks Devlin. “President Eisenhower himself,” replied “Joe,” adding: “It will be up to you and you alone to carry it out.” He then handed him a package containing the poisons: various powders and liquids for food, drink and even a special toothpaste. “If our man brushes his teeth with it, he will catch a staggering polio. He will be here today, gone tomorrow.”

Devlin, who is not convinced of the need to suppress Lumumba – “he’s no Hitler,” he thinks – nevertheless contacts his only agent within Lumumba’s entourage. But the agent withdrew: he did not, he assured him, have access to the kitchens and private flats of an increasingly distrustful Lumumba. Over the next few weeks, Devlin continued to drag his feet as Langley became more and more impatient: “Where are you at, Larry?” Larry would be saved by the bell.

On 27 November 1960, on a stormy night, Lumumba secretly left the capital to travel to Stanleyville (now Kisangani), his stronghold. He was arrested a few days later in Kasai, severely beaten and flown back to Leopoldville, before being incarcerated in the Thysville military camp.

Dayal begged Hammarskjöld to allow the Ghanaian UN contingent to attempt a rescue mission. But the secretary-general, under direct pressure from the Americans, does not grant this request. At the very least, the poisoning operation is abandoned.

“Let the Congolese take care of the Congolese”

As Antoine Gizenga, Mulele, Anicet Kashamura and most of Lumumba’s companions from Province Orientale to North Katanga, via South Kivu, launch the uprising, another American plan emerges: let the Congolese take care of the Congolese. In other words: let the army do the dirty work itself.

On 13 January 1961, the Thysville camp, where Lumumba was being held, erupted into mutiny. Very soon, the CIA learns that disgruntled soldiers have freed the former prime minister and are considering placing themselves under his orders. In Leopoldville, the whole government is in panic, except Mobutu and Nendaka, who, after seizing Kasavubu and Bomboko, fly to Thysville.

Once more, the chief of staff confronts his troops, brings them under his control and orders that Lumumba be arrested again. This hero of Congolese independence is thrown into a plane heading for Elisabethville (now Lubumbashi), the capital of the secessionist province of Katanga, where his sworn enemy Tshombe is waiting for him.

Lumumba, with his swollen face, was seen arriving on the airport tarmac on 17 January. He would be shot later that very same day. On 20 January, in Washington, President John Kennedy took office. In Langley, everyone welcomes the fact that the new administration will not have to deal with the Lumumba case.



My story

Λόγω της μόρφωσής του, αλλά και ευφράδειας λόγου που τον διέκριναν, πολύ γρήγορα οι συνεργάτες του στο πολιτικό κίνημα αναγνώρισαν στο πρόσωπο του έναν εκκολαπτόμενο νέο ηγέτη. Η πολιτική παρουσία και τα ιδιαίτερα προσόντα του δεν πέρασαν απαρατήρητα από τις αποικιοκρατικές αρχές της χώρας του οι οποίες αποφάσισαν τον οριστικό παραμερισμό, την αχρήστευση και τον στιγματισμό του με τον εξής τρόπο: ενώ έβαλαν κάποιους ανθρώπους του καθεστώτος να προσπαθούν, μάταια (γιατί ήταν πολύ προσεκτικός στις συνομιλίες του), δια τηλεφώνου, να του πάρουν λόγια ανοίγοντας συζητήσεις μαζί του για το ζήτημα της εγχείρησης προστάτη, έβαλαν κάποιον δικό τους άνθρωπο να τοποθετήσει πάνω σε μια καρέκλα, την οποία συνήθως χρησιμοποιούσε στο σπίτι του, στο μέσο και λίγο μπροστά του πλεκτού οριζόντιου τμήματος, ένα μικρό, όσο είναι δυο σπυριά ρύζι, ισχυρά ραδιενεργό υλικό (πιθανώς κοβάλτιο, ή, ουράνιο) το οποίο είχε ανοικτό χρώμα και δεν διακρινόταν εύκολα.

Κάποια στιγμή πήγε και κάθισε στην καρέκλα του. Κάθισε λίγα λεπτά και ένοιωσε μια μικρή ενόχληση στην περιοχή που το σώμα του ακουμπούσε την καρέκλα. Για καλή του τύχη, την ίδια ώρα εγέρθηκε η επιθυμία να αυνανιστεί (εκείνη την εποχή ήταν μπακούρης), οπότε σηκώθηκε από την καρέκλα. Αργότερα, παρατήρησε ότι ο οργανισμός του λειτούργησε με έντονα διαφορετικό τρόπο, από ότι σε άλλες φορές, κατά την ώρα του οργασμού. Αρκετά έξυπνος ήταν, κατάλαβε, πήγε και εξέτασε την καρέκλα του και βρήκε το ραδιενεργό υλικό.

Εκείνη την εποχή οι νομοταγείς πολίτες δεν μπορούσαν, όχι μόνο να αντιμετωπίσουν το αποικιοκρατικό καθεστώς, αλλά, ούτε να το καταγγείλουν δημόσια. Γι' αυτό, ο εν λόγω νέος φέρελπις Αφρικάνος πολιτικός αποσιώπησε την σε βάρος του απόπειρα έμμεσου ευνουχισμού του και επέλεξε, στο εξής, να φέρει μαζί του έναν χαρτοφύλακα μέσα στον οποίο διατηρούσε έναν ογκώδη, εκείνης της εποχής, μετρητή ραδιενέργειας Geiger-Muller, για παν ενδεχόμενο...



Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons

Dr. Reinhard Munzert 6. Sept. 2002

New arms threaten and destroy lives in strange ways. Directed energy weapons are among the high-tech arms of the century. They hurt and kill with electromagnetic power. Microwave weapons can be aimed at computers, electronical devices and persons. They have strong physical and psychological effects and can be used for military and terrorist activities. These weapons are also part of crimes (in Europe) that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders. Until now they make the perfect crime possible. No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future.

Key Points

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

DEW and Crime

Perfect Crime?

DEW and Terrorism

Topic 1

Manipulated Microwave Oven

Magnetrons and Generators

Intelligent Antenna Systems

Topic 2

Anti-Electronics Weapon

Anti-Personnel Weapon

Psychological Effects

Topic 3

DEW and Crime

License to Kill

Perfect Crime

Mental Strength & Fighting Back

Topic 4

DEW as Terrorist Weapon

Unseen Terror Attack

Prevention and Protection


New Threats and Dangers

Crime and Terrorism

Recognizing and Knowing

Prevention and Elimination

Future Weapon! -Terrible Future?


New Technology in Crime

Activities and Sources

There is a new, effective weapon for criminals and terrorists. Law-breakers often misuse modern technology. Through the illegal usage of innovative high-tech weapons, people are not ”shot”, rather their living quarters are bathed in (high frequency) electromagnetic waves for a length of time. Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are mostly intended for military purposes (U.S. Air Force, Russian and Chinese armies). High-tech company Raytheon states about DEW: ”We believe they are a critical element of how ultimately wars will be fought. HPM (High power microwaves) is the most mature right now” (in Fulghum & Wall 2002).

The renowned German newspaper “DIE WELT” acknowledges microwave weapons as arms of the 21st century. In another German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, a weapons expert has recommended the police to procure microwave (MW) weapons for police use. Considering what certain criminals know about MW weapons, they have a significant advantage over the police until now. This puts the victims in extreme danger.

A primitive variation of a MW weapon would look like this: A microwave oven from the kitchen with the protective shielding removed from the door and replaced by a metal funnel. And then the waves can get through walls (Pictures 1, 2, 3).

The effects of the MW beam on the victims include extreme weariness, headache, irregular heartbeat, diarrhea, painful testis, damaged nervous system and internal organs, burned skin and eye damage. Later effects include blindness, heart attack, stroke and cancer. In the last months by some victims, cancerous tumors have been diagnosed.

In addition to that, victims (through intrigue and defamation) are seen as psychotic and dangerous; thus, they are completely helpless. At the same time, the new weapons (for certain contractors) are tested under ordinary circumstances and constantly improved.

HPM crimes are a new kind of crime with some very new characteristics. The International Union of Radio Science emphasizes in a resolution of 1999 on Criminal Activities using Electromagnetic Tools: "The fact that criminal activities using electromagnetic tools can be undertaken covertly and anonymously and that physical boundaries such as fences and walls can be penetraded by electromagnetic fields."

Expert Pevler stresses: "The development of high-power microwave (HPM) weaponry, and its proliferation into subversive organizations, offers the means to commit the 'perfect crime'. HPM attacks typically leave no residual evidence and their effects can range from nuisance to catastrophic" (1997).

The HPM-weapons that the high-tech gang uses supply continous or pulsed waves over long periods of time - especially in the night - from cars or vans or buildings around the target/person(s). They use magnetrons, microwave-generators, amplifiers, integrated systems. In addition they apply through wall imaging methods. There are already over 40 known victims in Germany, some of them even have been attacked while in hospital. But the police doesn't understand these new weapons.

Besides this the criminals use tactics of information warfare: Know all about the victims, let them know nothing about you, information dominance, disrupt the communication systems of the victims.

The criminal network has at its deposal plentiful first class technical know-how and high quality equipment. That assures high efficiency and precision strikes and enables to operate from cars or vans. The MW generators/transmitters can be camouflaged in an attaché case or hidden in a small suitcase.

Only through cooperative work between electronic specialists and physicists have we been able to shine a revealing light on this special high-tech criminal activity. For experts: The (pulsed) waves of two or more transmitters [MW generators] interfere in the target zone, and through that, strengthen their effects. There are also parabolic antennas modified to transmitters. Besides this, intelligent (adaptive) antenna systems (numerous small transmitters connected, instead of few large ones; for example hidden in parked cars) will be used. Sometimes frequency hopping is employed. These methods work over several hundred feet, if everything is well adjust

We could find out where (electronic) components for highly potent MW weapons or whole systems (pictures 4, 5, 6) can be bought legally.

The criminals follow a double strategy: One way the victims are weakened, injured, tortured and intimidated. On the other side, the victims experience extreme, unbelievable things; almost no one can believe their reports. Most interpret the information from the victims as chimerical thinking. Some experts who work for the German Army or Nato know very well about MW weapons, but secrecy keeps them from talking too much about in public.

In several German cities there are complaints of serious physical injury. One attorney represents the interests of many victims. About 40 victims have built a community of interests. We are aware of many cases with amazing similarities that have been reported in the last few months. We have names and addresses of many victims and the cirumstances of the cases. We also have the names and addresses of some perpetrators.

In some cases, the lifestyles of the criminals are well known to us. Similar to terrorists, many pretend good citizenship or student lifestyles to cover their crimes. Conventional criminal activities, (i.e. burglary) are undertaken by normal gangsters or former members of the Stasi (which was the secret service of former GDR). In this network, they have division of labor and a support structure that includes foreigners as well.

Terrorists could use MW as anti-electronics weapons too. With HP microwaves, they can attack the electronics of computers, cars, airplanes and so on successfully [see the other papers of the Workshop W8]. They can use microwave weapons (radio frequency weapons) to damage electronic systems in an unseen attack with all those bad consequencies.

Additional points to be covered in the workshop: Detection of microwaves and protection against attacks.

All that has nothing to do with MW beam fright, but is criminal high-tech forced on the people. It is frightening that these weapons are being increasingly used by criminals and terrorists.


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July, 2002

Dr. Reinhard Munzert, Germany, Erlangen

Source: http://www.mikrowellenterror.de/english/mw-weapon.htm


US Intelligence agencies assaulting civilians with military grade weapons

Published on May 13, 2020


The NSA’s Bill Binney and Chris Hedges discuss the targeting of civilians with microwave weapons. DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS: PATENT # US6965816B2 Credible Sources: This list shows 33 Medical Doctors, PhD Scientists, and former government agents that agree with our claim, that the U.S. government is using an illegal program of microwave targeting against civilians. We encourage and support all Whistleblowers to come forward with their information. Some of us are proud Whistleblowers and Political Activists, and would gladly do it again, Dr John Hall, M.D. and author Dr Katherine Horton, PhD Oxford Univ. Scientist Dr Robert Middlebrook, PhD Professor Dr Harold Mandel, M.D. Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D. Dr Max Williams, PhD, Professor & State Dept Dr Barrie Trower, PhD government Scientist Dr Michael Hoffer, M.D., Univ of Miami Dr Colin Ross, M.D. Dr Ed Spencer, M.D. Dr Sue Arrigo, M.D. Dr Douglas Smith, M.D., Univ of Penn. Dr Terry Robertson, M.D. Dr Robert Duncan, PhD former CIA engineer Dr Doug Rokke, PhD governmen




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