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Denunciation – Israeli Hybrid-Revolution In Greece (+video) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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The Untold History of Palestine & Israel



Europe Israeli Settler Terror



Joseph Massad - The core of Zionism is settler-colonialism, not democracy



Denunciation – Israeli Hybrid-Revolution In Greece


According to the evidence that I shall present bellow, an Israeli hybrid-revolution against the indigenous Greek population is currently being perpetrated in Greece.

This revolution is being based on a criminal fraud relative to two categorizations of the Greece’s inhabitants which they correspond, 1. to the religion and 2. to the civil status, and which they are embedded into the Greek Constitution and into the Greek legislation.

According to the reliable and heroic whistle-blower Kay Griggs, which she is the former wife of the high-ranked US military officer George Griggs, by, anyone, just being a Jew (this is a categorization according to the religion), then, automatically, s/he belong, as an active member, to the Israeli Armed Forces (this is a categorization according to the civil status). This means that, it is impossible for a Jew to be a citizen, in the countries, like Greece, were, the civil-categories: “citizen” and “militant”, for the domestic law, they are mutually excluding.

In Greece, it is forbidden by law, to all Greek militants, to occupy a position of political, or, judicial authority, including the positions of, the President of the State, the Prime Minister, the Ministers, the Members of the Parliament, the President of the Supreme Court, etc. Consequently, it is forbidden for the Jews to occupy these positions of State-Authority.

The compliance to this legal restriction used to be verified by the designation of each Greek’s religion in his or hers Identification-Card which was issued by the Greek Security Authorities.

Under these conditions the Israelis they could not monopolize the political-authority in Greece in order to perpetrate an hybrid-revolution in this country.

Consequently, the endeavour of purging the designation of the religion, from the Id-cards, was initiated but, the late archbishop and patriot Christodoulos contradicted intensively and guided millions of Greek citizens and militants to do the same.

The Israelis, instead of cancelling their plans, they chosen to assassinate archbishop Christodoulos and to successfully methodize the controversial purging, and to materialize their criminal international aggression against Greece.

The History of the Israelis along with the catastrophic political and economical developments in Greece, after the archbishop Christodoulos assassination (cancer, plausible-deniability method) they prove, beyond any reasonable doubt that,


- The Israelis perpetrate an hybrid-revolution in Greece, and

- Greece became a dictatorship which is being ruled by Israelis.


The mandatory enlisting to the Israel’s Armed Forces of all Jew, it constitutes a mere weaponization of the Jewish religion.

This weaponization was being exploited at Spain, before 1492, in order for non-Jews to revert to Judaism. And this exploitation led to the Alhambra Decree and the deportation of the Spain’s Jews.

Some of the deported Jews they were offered the Greek hospitality, at the Macedonia, Greece.

Now, by using the Zionist George Soros as a front-man, and the FYROM as a front-organization, the Israelis attempt to confiscate a part of their host National Territory, after having started an hybrid-revolution in Greece.

The Israelis are being supported by the entire U2RIT and by a large E.U. member-State which, currently, perpetrates a “Triangulation” in order to cover-up the Israeli hybrid-revolution in Greece.

Concluding, I wish to inform the reader that, I was unjustly accused (through plausibly-deniable communication over the Internet) that allegedly I promote an imaginary civil-war in Greece. I answer that, the Israeli militants and revolutionaries, they are illegal, racists, and Nationalists, but they are not Greeks. Also, I inform that, due to my political activism, I am facing intense political and otherwise pressure in order to refrain from any political activity.

The allegedly “Greek” armed forces, if they are, actually, Greek, they are obliged to liberate Greece.


Christos Boumpoulis



For legal and political reasons, the followings should be verified for not being active members of armed forces.


Η Κατερίνα Σακελλαροπούλου στο Special Report






Ο Κ. Σημίτης για τη Συμφωνία των Πρεσπών | 18/03/19 | ΕΡΤ



Δηλώσεις Αλέξη Τσίπρα μετά τη λήξη της Συνόδου του Ευρωπαϊκού Συμβουλίου



Δήλωση του Πρωθυπουργού Κυριάκου Μητσοτάκη



Η Καλαματιανή Μαίρη Σαρπ πρόεδρος του ΣτΕ





- Revelations of prof Helene Glykatzi-Ahrweiler about the Zionist George Soros’ owning the FYROM - www.youmagazine.gr/2018/01/24523-ahrweiler-idioktisia-tou-soros-ta-skopia

- whistle-blower Kay Griggs: Anyone who is Jewish is automatically a member of the Israeli military. https://gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/kay-griggs-interviews-the-u-s-military-is-a-mind-control-operation-run-by-sexual-deviants-homo-and-bi-sexuals/)


Expulsion of Jews from Spain

Following the Alhambra Decree in 1492, and in order to eliminate their influence on Spain's large converso population and to ensure its members did not revert to Judaism, many Jews in Spain either converted or were expelled. Over half of Spain's Jews had converted to Catholicism as a result of the religious persecution and pogroms in 1391. Due to continuing attacks, around 50,000 more had converted by 1415. Those who remained decided to convert to avoid expulsion. As a result of the Alhambra decree and the prior persecution, over 200,000 Jews converted to Catholicism and between 40,000 and 100,000 were expelled. An unknown number returned to Spain in the following years. The resulting expulsion led to mass migration of Jews from Spain to Italy, Greece and the Mediterranean Basin. This can be seen with Jewish surnames as they began to show up in Italy and Greece at this time, like Faraggi, Farag and Farachi a surname which originates from the Spanish city of Fraga.

The edict was formally and symbolically revoked on 16 December 1968, following the Second Vatican Council. This occurred a full century after Jews had openly begun to practice their religion in Spain and synagogues were once more legal places of worship under Spain's Laws of Religious Freedom.

In 1924, the regime of Miguel Primo de Rivera granted Spanish citizenship to the entire Sephardic Jewish diaspora. In 2014, the government of Spain passed a law allowing dual citizenship to Jewish descendants, to "compensate for shameful events in the country's past." Sephardi Jews who are able to prove that they are the descendants of the Jews expelled from Spain during the Alhambra Decree can "become Spaniards without leaving home or giving up their present nationality."

In 2015, the Spanish Parliament passed a law recognizing the descendants of the Jews expelled in 1492 as Spanish Citizens; this decision was, however, halted on October 1, 2019.



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