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Ειρήνη ή πόλεμος; Η χώρα που θα αποφασίσει τι θα γίνει στην Ευρώπη - Δηλώσεις Ζαχάροβα
Unleashed (2005) Official Trailer - Jet Li, Morgan Freeman Action Movie HD
How Russia controls Europe
Κοιτάσματα φυσικού αερίου αξίας 26.500.000.000.000 δολαρίων ($26.5 trillion) στην Ελλάδα!
It Is For The British Best Interests To Keep This Collar On
Recently, Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Minister, claimed publicly that,
“the European Union (EU) has repeatedly exhibited an inability to make decisions and defend its own interests lately. The bloc failed to act as a truly independent entity during the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project saga. While many experts show that the pipeline serves the best interests of Germany. Its construction has been disrupted on multiple occasions, as the bloc’s members repeatedly give in to US pressure. In this regard, the question that needs to be asked is, what if tomorrow the US president, be it Mr. Biden, Mr. Trump, Mr. Obama or anybody else, will tell Germany to stop breathing, will it obey? Will it stop breathing? Or will it realize finally that not breathing will mean dying?”
Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Minister
The above claims are profoundly false.
Greece, which is Germany’s brother Nation, possesses enough mineral fossil fuel to make Germany self-sufficient, through inner-family arrangements, literary, for ever.
Since, the Russian mathematicians they would had never let Maria Zakharova to make a false claim of such magnitude, then, something else is wrong.
The human-trafficking/pimping is the second oldest profession in our world.
Its structure and dynamics has not changed at all until today.
There are three roles in pimping: the human-trafficker;  the “master”; and, the “dog”.
The human-trafficker chooses a candidate victim which is ignorant of the Kurt Goedel’s “language’s incompleteness”, and perpetrates criminal entryism against him or her, in order to enslave its victim.
The human-trafficker “drugs and maddens from opiates beforehand” (meaning among others, making stupid, etc.) its subjugated victim in order to exploit it as a “master”.
The human-trafficker finances the development/emergence/establishment/enforcement of specific domination/terror-triggers in order to be used by its Masters as weapons/“collars” (e.g. hybrid-occupation of the Greek, Skorpios island and Thrace and Macedonia regions, (para-) military-occupation of Ukraine’s Donetsk, illegal annexation of Crimea, hybrid hostage-taking (meaning extreme gang-stalking, enforced-homelessness, etc. of the Greek Boumpoulis, myself, etc.).
The human-trafficker designates which shall be the “dogs” responsible for the maintenance of slavery of which, the “master” is going to be; and orders the “master” to keep the “collar” on, its corresponding “dogs”;
The human-trafficker, in case that, the “collar”, somehow, it gets off, then, the “master” is killed, and then, its “dogs” are killed.
The above standardized pimping-algorithm is being applied identically and in all scales of application, from against an involuntary prostitute somewhere in Africa, to the European Continent as a whole.
Russia belongs to the informal quasi “federation” U2RIT.
Since the Gorbachev era, the Bolsheviks have undertaken the Russia’s governance; and since the barbaric revenge is, literary, the Bolsheviks’ second nature, they degraded Russia to a State that “produces nothing” and earns its living, while being a quasi-hostage for this reason, by selling Natural-Gas to the Europe, while Europe is excessively self-sufficient in mineral fossil-fuels.
This outrageous settlement, ties Russia, as a “master”, to thee British settler-colonialism, while makes, maintaining the designated “collars” kept on, by using all kinds of violence, an absolute prerequisite for the “Russian Master” to rescue his own life.
In such circumstances,
- The Greek Skorpios island shall never be liberated
- The Greek Thrace and Macedonia Regions shall never be liberated
- The Crimea peninsula shall never be liberated
- The Ukraine’s Donetsk area shall never be liberated
- Boumpoulis, shall never be liberated from his hybrid-captivity
The European Governments, it would be nice if they could comprehend that, depriving the, nuclear-arsenal owner, “Russian (or American, or Israeli, or Turkish, or British) Master” from commanding his “collars”, it causes the killings both, of the “Master” and of its “Dogs”.
These Governments, few years ago, when the political-circumstances they were far less bad, and peaceful and most likely, effective political solutions (externally towing the British economic system’s structure and dynamics towards a high self-sufficiency position of equilibrium) of the current Globalized-Pimpism problem, was submitted to them. And their reaction was to ignore the proposals and to manifest extreme malice, and to perpetrate severe, criminal negligence, against the proposer.
And now, from what it seems, these Governments, they are being forced to answer the supposed dilemma, “the European citizens shall be involuntarily reduced to Organic-Portals/transhumans”, or, “some nuclear, very bad objects shall start falling on the European citizens heads...”. Therefore, hating and passively-persecuting the legitimate, innocent, and creative European Patriots may be a not so productive choice. And furthermore, the European governments they seem as being obliged to clear-up the political mess they caused, exclusively, by employing CETERIS PARIBUS means, meaning not to burden innocent civilians, by any means and to any degree, for correcting the problems, these Governments created.
According to my present knowledge, by criminally using my involuntary brain-implanted, brain-locking and remote-neural-monitoring technology, the colonizers they have, definitely, fabricated, since the past 43 years, so many forged “incriminating” me evidence that, arithmetically, they are probably enough to destroy through forged-allegations a population, literary, half the German population. The potential question would be, “why such an excessive and expensive criminal effort, against me”. The most probable answer, I believe that it might be, “Taking the ‘Collar’ off it seems to be the ‘Masters’ worst nightmare”.
Christos Boumpoulis
The European Union (EU) has repeatedly exhibited an inability to make decisions and defend its own interests lately, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told RT Deutsch’s Thomas Fasbender in an exclusive interview.
The bloc failed to act as a truly independent entity during the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project saga. While many experts show that the pipeline serves the best interests of Germany, Zakharova pointed out, its construction has been disrupted on multiple occasions, as the bloc’s members repeatedly give in to US pressure.
“In this regard, the question that needs to be asked is, what if tomorrow the US president, be it Mr. Biden, Mr. Trump, Mr. Obama or anybody else, will tell Germany to stop breathing, will it obey? Will it stop breathing? Or will it realize finally that not breathing will mean dying?” Zakharova wondered.
“No, really, this is a very important question, and everybody is afraid of asking it. Everybody is trying to avoid facing it. But it’s crucial – to what extent is each and every member state of the European Union still capable of promoting its interests? Based on what I see right now, what everyone can see is, the answer is negative, including in the matter of vaccine acquisition”.
Russia is the world’s third-largest oil producer and second-largest natural gas producer. Europe relies heavily on Russian energy exports, complicating the West’s response to the Ukraine crisis.
Obama downplayed Moscow’s role in the world, dismissing President Vladimir Putin as a leader causing short-term trouble for political gain that will hurt Russia in the long term.
“I do think it’s important to keep perspective. Russia doesn’t make anything,” Obama said in the interview.
Britain and Russia are on the fringes of the European continent. Partly as a result, the two have traditionally had a dual identity — regarding themselves both as European and as something more. Nearly 80 per cent of Russia’s landmass is in Asia. The British empire was built outside Europe and the country still has strong cultural ties with the “Anglosphere” in North America, Australasia and south Asia. So it is unsurprising that the UK and Russia are likely to end up as the two major European powers that stand outside the EU. However, both countries will continue to worry about the EU’s collective power. As nations on the periphery, they have traditionally feared the rise of a single power dominating the European landmass — which partly explains why they ended up as allies in the Napoleonic wars and the two world wars. Each country has built its modern identity around the memory of victory in 1945. And both are shaped by nostalgia for imperial power.
I kicked her rear end until my leg cramped. Through it all she just moaned and sobbed. I was soaked in sweat. Panting, I lay on the bear-skin beside her. I thrust my mouth against her ear. In an icy whisper I said, “Bitch, do I have to kill you to make you my whore? Get up and give me that scratch.”
“I told you once, do I have to tell you a thousand times? Greenass Nigger, to be a good pimp, you gotta be icy, cold like the inside of a dead-whore’s pussy. Now if you a bitch, a sissy, or something let me know. I’ll put you in drag and you can whore for me. Stay outta my face Nigger, until you freeze up and stop that sucker grinning.”
“Zionism is Making Us Stupid”: The Russian Relationship with Israel from the Soviets to Putin
Kyle W. Orton Dec 12, 2018
The Soviet Union recognised Israel immediately. Moscow played up its role in defeating the Nazis as part of its political outreach to the nascent Jewish state. It is often pointed out that the Soviet Union also provided crucial military help, through its Czechoslovak puppet regime, to the Zionists during the war of independence. This is true. The intention of the Soviets in doing this, however, was to expel the British and to foster “a situation which was certain to provoke conflict in Palestine and great unrest throughout the Arab world, thus necessitating Soviet intervention to maintain order”. This kind of cynical behaviour, creating problems in order to solve them, was standard tradecraft for the Soviet Union right down to the end.
Vasili Mitrokhin, the archivist who spent twenty years transcribing KGB files he knew might never see the light of day, managed to defect just after the end of the Cold War and bring his incredible trove with him. These files, written up in a book co-authored with Christopher Andrew, The World War Going Our Way, tell the story of the Soviet approach to Israel, Zionism, and Jews domestically — issues the KGB, the actual driving force of much foreign and eventually domestic policy in the Soviet Empire, regarded as inextricably linked.
The Mitrokhin Archive shows that nearly as soon as Israel had secured her survival, the Soviet regime turned against her and by the early 1950s the sentiment was returned. The Israeli government publicly opposed Soviet aggression in Korea, for example. The KGB residency in Israel, Mitrokhin and Andrew note, “blamed the ‘[anti-Soviet] hysteria’ on the Israeli government’s desire both to convince the United States that it could count on Israeli support for its ‘aggressive plans’ and ‘continue to use Israel as a centre of espionage in the countries of the socialist camp’.” What the residency could not say, since it would have led to their execution, was what was blatantly obvious: Israeli public opinion soured on the Soviet Union because of Moscow’s antisemitic policies.
In January 1948, the Soviet tyrant Joseph Stalin had Solomon Mikhoels murdered. Mikhoels was a Yiddish actor and prominent member of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC), which had done so much work to raise the standing of the Soviet Union in the West during the war with Adolf Hitler. JAC had proposed that Soviet Jewry be allowed to reconstitute itself in Crimea; the peninsula had been emptied of Tatars by Stalin anyway, and Jews could hardly live comfortably in the former Nazi-occupied zones where their neighours had collaborated in an attempt at their extirpation. Stalin viewed it as a plot to establish a secessionist Jewish homeland that would be used as a base for American imperialism.
Using the Crimea plot pretext and other imaginary reasons, the rest of the JAC was arrested in late 1948; the leaders were charged with treason and tortured in custody for three years until they were shot in August 1952. In November that year, a hysterical show trial of Jews in the government of Czechoslovakia centred around Rudolf Slansky took place and eleven defendants were hanged in Prague the next month. A wide-scale purge of Jews from official positions took place in the Captive Nations. In the background, the so-called Doctors’ Case had been building since 1951 that aimed at the Jews of the Soviet Union itself.
The Soviet media in January 1953 broadcast details of an extraordinary scheme by a group of “saboteur-doctors” who “had as their goal shortening the lives of leaders of the Soviet Union by means of medical sabotage.” It was said these “killer doctors” had already murdered Aleksandr Shcherbakov, a founder of the Soviet Writers’ Union, who drank himself to death in May 1945, and Andrei Zhdanov, the heir-apparent to Stalin who died in August 1948. The “filthy face of this Zionist spy organization” was now exposed, said Pravda, as were the “Anglo-American war mongers” that stood behind the plot. In June 1951, the MGB, as the secret police were named, turned inward after a nine-month campaign against Jews in the bureaucracy, arresting its chief, Viktor Abakumov, the deputy of the investigative division, L.L. Shvartzman, and several other senior Jews in the MGB. These arrests were now linked to the Doctors’ Case.
In February 1953, with the Israeli public incensed after the judicial massacre in Czechoslovakia and the evident preparations for worse in the Soviet Union, the Soviet Embassy in Tel Aviv was bombed, leading to the suspension of all diplomatic relations for five months.
What exactly the Soviets had planned for the Jews under their rule remains a subject of contention.
When Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn published The Gulag Archipelago in the West in the early 1970s, describing conditions in the Soviet slave labour camps, he noted that his best information said Stalin had intended hang the “doctor-murderers” in Red Square after a show trial at the beginning of March 1953, triggering an anti-Jewish pogrom. “At this point,” noted Solzhenitsyn, Stalin “would intervene generously to save the Jews” by deporting them to Siberia, where they could be worked to death.
In Stalin’s Last Crime, Jonathan Brent and Vladimir Naumova bring to light a letter, intended to be printed after the condemned doctors had been executed. Prominent Soviet Jews would sign the letter, demanding punishment for the Jewish plotters. The movement of Soviet Jewry to the East would spare them the Russian people’s wrath and isolate them from further Zionist-imperialist propaganda. The authors note that the Soviet regime had begun construction of “special camps” in Komi, Kazakhstan, and Irkutsk.
Boris Smolar’s book, Soviet Jewry Today and Tomorrow, notes that Stalin was felled by a massive stroke on 1 March 1953 — Purim, as it happened — apparently brought on after Vyacheslav Molotov (the formal head of government) and Kliment Voroshilov (the formal head of state) “dared to oppose, openly and strongly, his proposal” for deporting the Jews to the East. Stalin died on 5 March.
The uniqueness of the Holocaust is often viewed as providing at least a tincture of moral difference between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. It appears that the final thing on Stalin’s mind was to abolish even this distinction.
Outside of the shadow war the Soviets helped regional governments and terrorists lead against Israel, Moscow engaged in political warfare, beginning in earnest in the 1970s, to delegitimize the state of Israel by, inter alia, equating Zionism with racism and apartheid. This active measures campaign, like so many others, is still with us today, disseminated earnestly by many who have no idea of its origins. The height of the Soviet success was having the United Nations General Assembly pass a resolution in November 1975 declaring that “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination”, a verdict roundly denounced by the U.S.’s ambassador, Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
The Soviet political assault on Israel was, to a considerable degree, a continuation of an old problem from Soviet domestic politics: the affinity of Jews for Israel. In the Soviet Union in its last two decades this had an even more concrete aspect: many Soviet Jews were trying to emigrate to Israel. This affronted Moscow in that it was part of a more general “brain drain”, and it was an ideological embarrassment for a state that proclaimed it had moved beyond ethnic distinctions, to a universalistic conception of citizenship, to be confronted with the fact of ethno-religious discrimination in its midst so extreme that its citizens were willing to risk starting their life again in a new country.
Those Jews blocked from emigration by the Soviet government became known as “refuseniks”, and the wrangling over their fate was one of the major political contests of the latter part of the Cold War. The U.S. Congress passed the Jackson-Vanik amendment in 1974 that tied human rights — particularly the Jewish emigration — to trade opportunities. As it happened, this backfired: the number of Jews allowed to emigrate declined after this legislation was brought into effect. But the political damage to the Soviet Union was very real, and they knew it. The KGB adopted a schizophrenic policy of cracking down ever-further on Soviet Jewry, and worrying about the impact on the Soviet Union’s reputation abroad.
A fascinating revelation in the Mitrokhin Archive is that in the last few years of Leonid Brezhnev’s rule, when he was in a dream world of his own, Yuri Andropov, the KGB chief whose institution effectively controlled foreign policy since the 1960s, ran deception operations against the Politburo itself. Some of these had world-historical impacts, such as Andropov’s skewed assessments of an invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 that led to a monstrous catastrophe. Smaller but still significant was Andropov telling the Soviet leadership that Jews had sufficient matsos for Passover in order that they support his continued ban on Jews receiving matsos for the seder in parcels from abroad, a practice he regarded as subversive.
To blunt the adverse coverage of the “refusenik” issue, the Soviets conducted a series of active measures designed to tilt the balance. The Brooklyn-based extremist rabbi, Meir Kahane, and the Jewish Defence League (JDL) that he founded, were a goldmine for the Soviets. Kahane’s statements and the JDL’s claims of political violence could be amplified — and, indeed, fabricated. The Mitrokhin Archive records that in July 1971, the KGB planted a bomb in a black section of New York City and then claimed it in the name of the JDL, saying it was revenge for the crimes of “black mongrels”. Antisemitic leaflets were distributed in other areas, as well as documents calling for whites to save America from the predatory Jews. The difference the KGB could make was marginal: the facts remained as they were. But the Soviets did have some success in cultivating British Chief Rabbi Jakobovitz, who came back from a tour of the Soviet Union quite convinced that conditions were not so bad for Jews, a view he couldn’t be dissuaded of even after it became clear that those he met were carefully-trained KGB operatives.
The extraordinary fact, documented by Mitrokhin and Andrew, is that “Zionism was second only to the United States (‘the Main Adversary’) as a target for KGB active measures.” Stalin’s murderous antisemitism died with him, but the antisemitic worldview — repackaged later as “anti-Zionist” — infused the KGB in particular and the Soviet hierarchy in general throughout its entire existence. It was left to Brezhnev, even in his mental decrepitude, to grasp that “Zionism is making us stupid”. It did not stop the problem, however.
After Andropov replaced Brezhnev in 1982, he was utterly convinced President Ronald Reagan was planning a nuclear first strike, and began the expensive Operation RYAN to uncover the details of this non-existent plot. As one would expect, Andropov was quite sure the plan included Zionist collaboration. This hysteria calmed somewhat with Andropov’s death in 1984, but it was well into the Gorbachev era that Jews were allowed into the government, at long last reversing the Stalinist purge. The old guard fought far more tenaciously to avoid lifting the restrictions on Jews than any other group. Mitrokhin and Andrew conclude by noting that the Soviet Union collapsed soon after these restrictions were lifted and many in the KGB analyzed the two events as one and the same: “the triumph of Zionist subversion”.
«Γιατί, οτιδήποτε κάνει ο ανώτερος, αυτό κάνουν κι οι άλλοι. Το παράδειγμα που αυτός δίνει, αυτό ο κόσμος ακολουθεί».
[παρ. 21, κεφ. 3, «Μπάγκαβατ Γκίτα», μτφ. Θ. Παντουβά].
«Όπως στη Βοσνία, στην Αλγερία, στη Σομαλία, όπως σε κάθε ασαφή πόλεμο, που δύσκολα καταλαβαίνεις σε ποια μεριά ανήκεις, αρκεί να σκοτώσεις το γείτονά σου, τον σκύλο, το φίλο ή κάποιο συγγενή σου. Μια συγγένεια, μια ομοιότητα είναι αρκετή προϋπόθεση για να γίνεις στόχος. Φτάνει να περάσεις από κάποιο δρόμο για να δεχτείς αμέσως μια ταυτότητα από μόλυβδο. Είναι βασικό να συγκεντρώσεις όσο το δυνατόν περισσότερο πόνο, τραγωδία και τρόμο. Με μοναδικό σκοπό να αποδείξεις την απόλυτη ισχύ, την αδιαμφισβήτητη υπεροχή, την ανικανότητα να αντισταθείς στην πραγματική, αληθινή δύναμη που κυριαρχεί [την ποικιλόμορφη βία]. Μέχρι να συνηθίσεις να σκέφτεσαι όπως αυτοί που θα μπορούσαν να παρεξηγηθούν από μια χειρονομία ή λέξη. Πρέπει να είσαι προσεκτικός, επιφυλακτικός, σιωπηλός για να μείνεις ζωντανός, να μην αγγίξεις το καλώδιο υψηλής τάσης της βεντέτας».
[σελ. 182, Ρομπέρτο Σαβιάνο, «γόμορρα», 2008, εκδ. Πατάκη].


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