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"An Officer And A Gentleman" Ending



Settler-Colonialism - Plausible-Deniability - Mind-Control – Weakened-Will – Information-Asymmetry


The members of the informal quasi-federation U2RIT, namely U.K., USA, Russia, Israel, and Turkey, professionally and serially, they criminally perpetrate, for centuries, settler-colonialism against other, weaker Nations.

By perpetrating settler-colonialism, the U2RIT aims to confiscate, the land; the wealth; the children; and the future (meaning genocide), of the targeted Nations.

To this illegal confiscations lead the genocidal-policies which they are being employed against the defenceless and in most cases, unsuspected indigenous civilians.

These genocidal-policies are being applied by most of those which occupy positions of any degree of authority, within the targeted Nations’, social foundations and private companies.

These genocidal-policies appliers are formerly normal people which, they have been, by the colonizers, “drugged and maddened from opiates beforehand” and then enlisted to the non-uniformed, settler-colonizing armies.

These hybrid-soldiers are being migrating, as settlers, the targeted Nations’ land; they are being armed with non-conventional weapons; they are being supplied by, money, intelligence-services, and political-support, in order for them to occupy the targeted-Nations’ “gatekeeping” positions.

Simultaneously, by using mind-control and otherwise, violence the colonizers involuntarily enlist indigenous civilians in domestic resources-extraction projects.

The outcome of this long-term international criminality is the following:


There Are Only 22 Countries in the World That the British Haven’t Invaded

By Matt Soniak, November, 8th 2012

Of the almost 200 current member states (and one observer state) of the United Nations, the British have, at some point in history, invaded and established a military presence in 171 of them.

This is what British historian Stuart Laycock learned after his son asked him how many countries Britain had invaded. He dug into the history of almost 200 nations and found only 22 that the Brits hadn’t marched into. He talks about each one in All the Countries We've Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To, released in 2012.

There’s a little wiggle room to make some arguments with Laycock’s number. For example, he lists the countries based on their current geographic borders and names, and some of the invasions occurred when one or both of those things were different. Some of them even happened before the formation of the British state. “Invasion” is defined pretty broadly, too, and includes raids or intrusions into a territory by British pirates, privateers or armed explorers operating with approval of the Crown. If you don’t quibble with his methodology, though, Britain has an impressive 88 percent world domination rate.

Here are the members of this exclusive club, the countries that Britain hasn’t invaded (and that should maybe be a little wary now): Andorra, Belarus, Bolivia, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo,Guatemala, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mali, Marshall Islands, Monaco, Mongolia, Paraguay, Sao Tome and Principe, Sweden, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Vatican City.



Consequently, the fact that, the Nations which they are currently suffering from the settler-colonialism and they do not react, it rises the plausible concern about the reasons of this collective and lethal, passivity.

The contemporary settler-colonialism’s Nations-victims they are lacking of resistance against their own genocide because of the combination of the “plausible-deniability” and its victims’ “artificially weakened will”.

The targeted for settler-colonization Nations they are being consisted by, the members of their indigenous natural leadership and the rest of the indigenous populations.

By administering fluoride and/or mercury and/or other MKULTRA chemicals to them, through the drinking-water, the cooking-salt, a part of the so-called “psychiatric-medication", a part of the vaccines, etc., the indigenous-civilians/leaders, unsuspectedly suffer from artificially weakened-will.

Towards this criminal-end contributes the wireless mobile telephony by using pulsed electromagnetic-radiation the pulsing-frequency of which, it may has a negative effect against the surrounding populations’ ability to command a strong will.

In cases of certain groups of indigenous-civilians, the horrible “neuroleptics”, and/or other similar criminal means, they are being used for applying illegal social-control through artificially imposing weakened-will to these targeted-groups.

And even worst, the U2RIT, meaning the sum of, MI5, CIA, FSB, Mossad, MIT, the U.K. Armed Forces, the USA A.F., the Red Army, the Israeli A.F., the Turkish A.F., they cooperate quite harmoniously and effectively and by using, non-conventional weapons (e.g. directed-energy microwave weapons, etc.) and other criminal methods (criminal gang-stalking, criminal-entryism, the 1930s pimping-methods, etc.), they attempt, initially, to impose upon the indigenous natural leaders and other indigenous targeted-individuals, artificially weakened-will in order to frame them and then, under conditions of information-asymmetry to slander them over their corresponding Nations; and ultimately, to destroy them in every way, including biologically assassinating them.

The U2RIT, in order to destroy the targeted Nations, employs covertly criminal methods the negative consequences of which can be plausibly attributed faultily/instrumentally also, to other, unrelated to the settler-colonialism, reasons.

The controlled by the U2RIT mass-media (e.g. Operation Mocking-Bird) they employ the method of criminal-triangulation in order to bamboozle the indigenous-populations away of the true-causes, meaning the settler-colonialism, of their tremendous-misery and early-deaths.

Simultaneously, they exploit the existing circumstances of information-asymmetry regarding the inhumane and covert torturing of their natural-leaders through gang-stalking, microwave-weapons, brain-implants, MKULTRA-chemicals, etc. by misinterpreting and misrepresenting, these natural-leaders’ natural-reactions against torture, and these natural-leaders’ legitimate and justified struggle to survive through legitimate self-defence under circumstances of lethal-threats end emergency, in order to unjustly disgrace them; in order to unjustly make their people to thing them as being allegedly “unreliable”; and in order to destroy them in many ways (forged legal accusations, illegal institutionalization, assassinations, etc.).

The targeted indigenous-populations, while their natural-leaders being extremely slandered; while their mass-media being scientifically bamboozling them; and while relying on their own, artificially-weakened will, eventually, they fail to correctly identify settler-colonialism as the true root-cause of the calamity they are passing-through and even worst, they, sadly, resort to the catastrophic for them, mentality of “live and let the others to die).

According to my present knowledge, along with my personal experiences as being a victim of a long-term criminal political-persecution, meaning the gang-stalking, I have no doubt that the U2RIT’s criminals:


- they involuntarily brain-implant the targeted-individuals with brain-locking and remote-neural-monitoring technology, in order, to illegally administer to them poisons of various kinds, also to artificially weaken their will.

- they involuntarily assault the targeted-individuals with directed-energy microwave weapons, in order, also, to artificially weaken their will.

- they perpetrate the so-called “street-theatre” (it is a part of the criminal gang-stalking) in order to impose upon the targeted-victims social-circumstances within which, because of unavoidable information-asymmetry, these victims shall unjustly appear to the corresponding societies, as if they allegedly were anything else than, what they truly are, meaning legitimate, lawful, and decent patriots.


Very few things can protect each citizen from becoming enslaved to the U2RIT:


- totally avoiding illegal and otherwise, narcotics

- belonging to a good family

- owning of real-estate that is not burdened by ownership-taxes

- eating/drinking food/beverages free from slavery-chemicals

- periodically inspecting for brain-implanting and in case of involuntary brain-implanting, deactivation of the implant

- establishing and maintaining freedom of our own country

- developing and maintaining our own good-judgment and high-intelligence through systematic mental-exercise.


Concluding, I wish to remind that, according to the Russian writer Dostoevsky, “what is going to save the world is, beauty”. The current condition of our human-kind, in general, is such that, enjoying the most elementary benefit of being a human, meaning to romantically love and be loved, seems as having been totally excluded from the everyday life of all the humans (and the transhumans). If, this is acceptable, then, all these who believe so, keep idling and nothing shall change for the better.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: When criminals/charlatans undertake the rule of a social group, is there anything more certain than, that these criminals shall slander the most honest and lawful members of the group and shall promote faultily as allegedly “honest” the most corrupted members of the group? Being politically-persecuted/gang-stalked by the U2RIT is a honour for a European human-rights/political activist. The Greek Security-Authorities seemingly they manifest a Buddhist-monk’s idleness with regard to the reported to them, stolen real-estate of mine.



Definition: Triangulation.

In the service of the phony center, the press also utilizes a “triangulation strategy” to soften and minimize the most egregious atrocities taking place in the country. If there were a chance that people might learn of the secret government literally holding people as electronic slaves in distributed concentration camps created from the victim’s own homes and minds, the CIA would be portrayed as fighting the slave trade overseas. See, I cannot argue with fighting slavery overseas. It is a good thing, assuming it is real and not just more PR propaganda. But now it has purposely distracted from the domestic abuses. The general rule is to triangulate by emphasizing something similar to the domestic problem except that it is not quite so bad or is committed by bad criminals the government is chasing or by foreign groups or governments. It masks the most serious abuses (people can only concentrate on so many things). Someone not familiar with the idea of masking by triangulation might even think someone in the press was trying to help but, gosh, here at least is a watered-down something.

Triangulation here is similar to the “limited hang-out” strategy so often used by intelligence agencies when they fear worse exposures of their crimes. That is, they admit a few abuses that are bad but hardly the worst abuses or the bulk of the abuses, play up those admissions for a time, and then declare that “it’s time to move on.” Amazingly enough, after a few years they often begin denying and hiding the few admissions they actually made and we have what Robert Parry has called lost history (though most of the actual history was never revealed anyway).



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