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U2RIT Hostages Entryism European-Union Complicity Human-Trafficking PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Τρίτη, 13 Απρίλιος 2021 18:17

Release of "Proof-of-life" videos of hostages held by FARC






Original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Found In Italy



U2RIT Hostages Entryism European-Union Complicity Human-Trafficking


Human trafficking is the third largest crime industry in the world, behind drug dealing and arms trafficking, and is the fastest-growing activity of trans-national criminal organizations.



Mind Controlled Sex Slaves And The CIA: Did The CIA Turn Innocent Citizens Into Mind Controlled Sex Slaves?

UNIMAGINABLE RAPE, TORTURE AND BLOODY RITUALS. . . LEADING POLITICIANS INVOLVED IN CHILD ABUSE RINGS. . . U.S. PRESIDENTS AND VICE PRESIDENTS COMPLICIT. . . USE OF OCCULT AND 'SATANISM' AS TRAUMA BASE . . . ANTI-CHRISTIAN NIGHT SERVICES AT CHRISTIAN CHURCHES. . . Plus Exposing The Mind Controlled "Stepford Whores," as well as Human Sacrifices at Bohemian Grove Retreat . . . Indeed, what do Satanism, human trafficking, mind control experiments and child sex abuse have to do with the U.S. government? According to the testimony of experts and survivors, the CIA utilized all of these elements and more for their Top Secret Project Monarch, part of the MK-ULTRA mind control program. For reasons of National Security, dozens if not hundreds of people, many of them children, were allegedly subjected to unimaginable rape, torture, and bloody satanic rituals, with the aim of fracturing the human mind through trauma. This created multiple personalities that could then be programmed to perform specific tasks . . . Many of the purported victims say they were used to satisfy the sexual urges of the rich and powerful, even U.S. presidents. . . For these purposes, the CIA is said to have sought help from intergenerational cults, as well as child pornography and snuff film networks.

As thousands of people were bought and sold on the underground sex market, our government supposedly looked the other way, seing it not as an atrocity, but as an opportunity.CONTAINS INTERVIEWS WITH: CATHY O' BRIEN -- MARK PHILLIPS -- JOHN DECAMP -- TED GUNDERSON, NOREEN GOSCH -- AND PAMELA FREYD



Consolidated Annotated Frequency List

Compiled from Rife researchers around the world...

... including Royal Rife, Phillip Hoyland, John Crane, John Marsh, Ron Rockwell, Garff family, Nina Silver, Hulda Clark, and many others.



The U2RIT’s human-trafficking is being linked with huge monetary profits and difficult to believe, unimaginably severe legal-liability.

For this reason, the living victims/witnesses of this transnational criminality, from the U2RIT’s perspective, they must become “neutralized”, meaning by any means destroyed.

By combining together all the bits and pieces of information and bitter (as being one of these victims/witnesses) personal experiences that I posses, I made a conclusion that it is very highly like to be actual and realistic, as to how, this destroying innocent civilians, is being perpetrated.


- the U2RIT possesses the Dr Royal Rife’s medical protocol that cures and/or treats at least few hundreds illnesses.

- the U2RIT has developed and uses a variation of the “Rife-Machine” that, instead of using electromagnetic waves, it uses microwave radiation in order, under the false pretext of supposed “side-effects”, to slow-assassinate their victims through the progressive destruction of most of their internal organs (brain, heart-valves, eyes-lenses, articular cartilage, etc.).

- the U2RIT has exploited its political influence over the E.U. and has forcibly made some of the E.U.’s member-States boldly complicit to the transnational human-trafficking.

- the U2RIT uses chemical/biological military weapons against the targeted by them, innocent civilians in order to intentionally cause to them as much as, the Rife’s technology can, perpetually, keep treating, illnesses.

- the U2RIT, while perpetrating one more criminal entryism, supply's, as a false “face-saving” excuse, the E.U.’s member-States the false information that, allegedly, the U2RIT keeps alive their targeted victims through using some proprietary medical technology and thus, their victims should be forcibly live as homeless and the E.U.’s member-States they should not intervene.

- The E.U.’s member-States “cheerfully” exploit this false “face-saving” excuse and complicit to one, or many, more political-assassination/s.


The moral and the conventional laws dictate that, the lawful citizens’ human-rights they should be respected in all cases, and even more under circumstances of criminal-entryism.

And also, anyone who possesses vital medical-information about someone else, he should immediately and unconditionally pass this information to the other person; otherwise the information bearer, in case of the other person’s health becoming deteriorated or the other person dies, then legal liability for perpetrating criminal-negligence, and much, much worst, moral-liability, shall burden the medical-information bearer.


While all these monstrosities destroy innocent civilians, the European citizens, carelessly, enjoy the comfort of their couches, and they remain totally unsuspected for the self-catastrophic consequences of neglecting our moral-duties.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: I can not exclude the possibility that, a group of individuals which willingly complicit in the assassination of innocent civilians, in order to harbour a criminal which, once, employed, may be sufficient to spontaneously secure that, this group, consequently, ceases to have a future.

Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Τρίτη, 13 Απρίλιος 2021 18:27