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Illegal Brain-Implants - Covid-19-Frequencies - Rife-Machine PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Σάββατο, 20 Μάρτιος 2021 17:49

Robert Naeslund: The Human Brain Project



4. AZK - Dr.Rauni Kilde - Mind Control






Illegal Brain-Implants - Covid-19-Frequencies – Rife-Machine


Disclaimer: In the present article I make no medical claims. Its content intents to be used as a research information.


According to superfluous, public and undeniable evidence, innumerable innocent and unsuspected civilians, including myself, we have been, illegally and involuntarily brain-implanted with brain-locking and remote-neural-monitoring technology.

Among these brain-implant, those which they were implanted to the relatively elders of us, they expected to be of relatively primitive technology and thus, to be quite visible in radiographic images of each brain of ours.

Such a radiographic image constitutes evidence of crimes and they could and should be used in legal actions against the perpetrators, namely the contemporary colonizing Nations, of these heinous crimes.

However, the European Union’s leader absolutely avoid to even pronounce notions like, involuntary brain-implanting, mind-control, gang-stalking, etc.

Simultaneously, we currently see the deaths of many of our fellow human beings which they suffer from various underling illnesses, to be made to happen earlier than expected due to the Covid-19 alleged “pandemic”.

However, I haven’t heard of any public response with regard to my public calls for the Dr Royal Rife’s healing technology to be employed in order for terminating this alleged “pandemic”.

And all of the above are happening while historical evidence, along with their overt remorselessness, verify beyond any reasonable doubt the fact that, the colonizers remain willing and able to commit any heinous crime by which, according to their perspective, they would gain any kind of “benefit”, including covering-up one or more of their past crimes.

Consequently, I wonder whether or not, by the current alleged “pandemic” the existing victims of involuntary brain-implanting are being deprived from their right, to send the colonizers to the justice, by committing against them a mere genocide.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: As far as I am concerned, I survived more than one, assassination attempts against me. Also, I was recently notified by reliable friends of mine that, the colonizers, most probably, they are methodizing, through making illegal, forged accusations against me to involuntarily lead me to a surgical table for arbitrarily, extracting my brain-implants; which is a medical procedure likely to cause severe disabilities to my body and mentality, or even my early death. Among thr reasons for such a political persecution are, my public opposition against Greece's settler-colonisation and dismemberment, and my knowledge of the identities of some of those which perpetrated human-trafficking, in Greece, on behalf of the colonizing U2RIT.




Frequencies 171.160 Hz, 174.989 Hz, and 1185.131 Hz useful in combating COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

Contributors: Abir Chakravorty

Date created: 2020-04-11 07:16 AM | Last Updated: 2020-04-11 07:17 AM


Category: Project


Description: During, the present novel Coronavirus pandemic the hospitals are working at their maximum capacity and dedication. A large number of persons are quarantined in their homes/ Govt. facilities with the whole world in lockdown mode. While surveying and going across through the literatures, I came across the resonance frequency therapy which has been tested upto some extent on diseases like lung tumor, Borrelia burgdorferi pathogen responsible for lyme disease, Rubella measles virus, Eschericia Coli pathogen etc. The therapeutic approach is based upon sound and any audio device (i.e. frequency emitting device) with the sound at particular frequency being played will be helpful in debilitation of the virus by restriction in proliferation/ destruction of the associated virus with which the resonance frequency matches. This is a fairly cheap technique and of worth trying, since low frequency noise will have no side effects on patients. A resonance audio frequency of this sort, if placed in public spaces such as hospitals, quarantine facilitated places and homes might help a great deal by debilitating the proliferation of the virus. The frequency as stated needs to be verified for its efficacy in treating COVID-19 patients, and I hope the resonance frequency therapy will work, or at least the frequencies will be helpful in releasing stress in general. The frequencies are 171.160 Hz, 174.989 Hz, 1185.131 Hz the complete details regarding administration and calculation of the frequencies are discussed in this manuscript. This treatment along with the presently administered treatment to COVID-19 patients might aid in their quick recovery from illness.


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