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Greece Is Oppressed Like Chechnya PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συνεννόηση για Δράση - Απόψεις
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Τετάρτη, 10 Μάρτιος 2021 02:26

The deadly risk of standing up to Putin


Greece Is Oppressed Like Chechnya

Russia has a long history on attempting, arbitrarily and through illegal and unilateral violence, to control Chechnya. The weapons that are being used by Russia they are, fire arms and chemical weapons. And due to this International Aggression, many Chechnyan dissidents end up having been assassinated by Russia.

As a traditional settler-colonizer and quasi “land-hunter”, Russia does, essentially, the same against Greece.

More specifically, Russia and Co (-lonizing U2RIT) has perpetrated a de facto hybrid-occupation, of the Thrace region, at northern Greece, and of the Greek island Skorpios. For the Skorpios’ occupation, the Vladimir Putin’s No 76 Oligarch (The full 'Putin list' of Russian oligarchs and political figures released by the US Treasury - https://edition.cnn.com/2018/01/30/politics/full-us-list-of-russian-oligarchs-with-putin-ties-intl/index.html ) was involved.

Fire arms usually they are not used against the indigenous Greek political-dissidents but, instead, they are being used, chemical, biological, electronic, and directed-energy weapons, made-up “accidents”, and gang-stalking.

The most part of the indigenous, Greek natural leadership has been assassinated by the colonizers (e.g. archibishop Christodoulos, Giannos Kranidiotis, etc.).

The circumstances in Greece, in terms of public-security, they are terrible also, because a very large number of colonizing-settlers, since the end of ww2, along with a large number of, enlisted to domestic resources extraction projects, natives, they apply against the indigenous Greek population, genocidal policies.

As far as I am concerned and as being an indigenous Greek political and human-rights, activist who has fled from Greece due to an attempted against me, political persecution, and according to my present knowledge, here are the facts with regard to the indigenous Greek dissidents:

- some of us we are victims of involuntary technological interface, meaning involuntary remote-neural-monitoring and brain-locking brain-implanting. This means that, extreme human-rights violations against us have been perpetrated including one or more involuntary medical operations. The related medical-files are kept secret from us.

- an illegally extrajudicial illegal outlawry is being enforced upon us which is applied all over Europe.

- In some E.U.’s member-States, colonizing-criminals and/or State-authorities, they perpetrate against us gang-stalking including, assaulting us with very high-power directed-energy (microwave), chemical/biological weapons, and also, they are attempting to slander us (e.g. as rapists, child-molesters, travel-bags thieves, crazy, CIA agents, etc.).

- attempted assassinations against us are being perpetrated.

- secret-trials against us are being perpetrated.

- attempts to institutionalize us in Mafia/CIA’s front organizations are being perpetrated against us.

- illegal confiscation of our assets are being perpetrated against us.

The indifference of the rest of the E.U. for the Russia’s criminal International Aggression against Greece shall make Russia even more audacious; and in the near future it seems that, the rest of the E.U.’s member-States shall probably suffer considerable losses due to this encouraged by them, audacity.

Christos Boumpoulis



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