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My Involuntary Brain-Implanting – Evidence Testimony Information Documentation PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Why Should We Care? - Kenneth Peartree



My Involuntary Brain-Implanting – Evidence Testimony Information Documentation


Since my childhood, the British settler-colonialism has victimized me through human-trafficking, meaning involuntary human-harvesting, illegal human-experimentation, involuntary brain-implanting with remote-neural-monitoring and brain-locking technology.

For this reason and in order not to enjoy social-appreciation, sufficient for my related denunciations to be effective, the colonizers, attempted in the past, and continue presently, to slander me with many of the worst false accusations: “as crazy”, “as pervert”, “as rapist”, “as paedophile”, “as thief”, “as criminal”, “as CIA agent”, and many others.

Also, the colonizers destroyed my family and they keep subjecting me to the death-program of gang-stalking for more than 43 years.

Below in the appendix, please find evidence, testimonies, and documentation of what, the ViTis, like myself, we are being passing through, and also why we are being passing through these horrors.

The contemporary settler-colonizing Nations, meaning the U2RIT, from the viewpoint of the European civilization, they are barbaric and monstrous; and thus, I wish that the existing civilized Nations, like the Germans, the Irish, the Paraguayans, and the Greeks to, immediately and completely, disassociate themselves, preferably in a peaceful manner, from the U2RIT and from their satellite-Nations, like certain European Union member-States.


Christos Boumpoulis





Why should you care

Thus far, I have written all the material on this site, however every word is not my own. Some of the material was compiled over the years from comments and posts that I made on social media from which I saved. At the time, crediting authors of original works was not as important. Now it is, but I cannot be thorough in assigning credit in every case. I apologize in advance if your words, images, or content was used without providing credit in these initial pages. I promise that as I move forward, I will make my best effort to provide journalistic credit as much as possible. This has been a monumental undertaking, but I promise to do better as I grow in this totally new task.

What I have learned, presented in these videos and on this site, the knowledge of all that I have studied and learned over the last several years is yours. This is a cause for humanity. This newest chapter in our existence affects every human being on the planet. This is not about me. It has never been about me. These problems have taken aim at the very core of what it means to be American; the promise from our nation's founders of the inalienable rights of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That is what’s at stake for all Americans.

Explore this site. Lean the facts. Speak the truth.

Note: The truth about America can be a dangerous thing. I realize that publishing these FACTS about what I have endured, puts my personal safety and liberty at immediate risk. Yet, the truth is all I have. Public knowledge is my only defense. I am non-violent and would NEVER use violence of any form to make my case. Violence in all forms is wrong; I will not harm anyone including myself. Please save the contents of these pages as completely as possible, in case they decide to disappear this information and me as well. I am healthy, and of sound mind. If something happens to me, it was not because of an accident or unfortunate consequence of everyday life.






Modern-day Mind Control is not a process for controlling the mind. It is a group of programs and systems designed to remotely intercept and monitor human thought, compile those thoughts into an individually personalized data set including tendencies, and inclinations; then build a behavioral pattern recognition algorithm designed to predict that individual’s future actions. Imagine the absolute power in the ability to know what any human being on the planet is thinking, and then be able to predict what they person will do next. That type of information is an insurmountable advantage for whomever possesses it. The UNITED STATES Government has that technology and it is operational and fully deployed today.

I am a lifetime human test subject, most recently in this Remote Neural Monitoring and Behavior Modification Testing Program. There are likely thousands of us. The Propaganda term for these human test subjects is Targeted Individuals. I avoid that term because it is clear to me that it was likely started by the same people who use us as their test subjects. The words “Targeted Individual” naturally lends itself to someone that needed to be watched, without saying it. It fits naturally into operators’ and normal citizens’ most obvious questions, “Why do you think that they picked you?” The answer to that question can skillfully paint the victim into a self-assessment box of exploring what they may have done wrong. The fact is, what they did wrong has little to do with it, until one of their normal human flaws are exploited to create a narrative that fits the programs goals of discrediting them. If the victim has a weakness, they will stop at nothing to exploit it; to turn our own accepted flaw into the programs most potent weapon against us. Please watch the video to better understand this complicated maze of deceit.

We are not targets, we are victims of body hacking. That is why I coined the term, Victims of Involuntary Technology Interface. That is a mouth-full, so the simple acronym VITI, pronounced Vie-tie accurately describes what we victims face every day. I am a VITI.

As a VITI, I have come to the shocking realization that all my previous relationships, marriage, my entire life has been carefully managed to hide the atrocities committed against me. Each VITI must come to the realization that they have create entirely new narratives, complete sets of lies about us. They seem to have different lies for different persons or groups, each part of a continuing effort to control the narrative and prevent the truth from becoming public about the nonconsensual human experimentation that our country has conducted on VITIs for decades.

MK-ULTRA : CIA Document - Declassified in Part: Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/29:

"MK-ULTRA's purpose was "research and development of chemical, biological and radiological materials’ [for use] in clandestine operations to control human behavior." The CIA hoped the "psychoactive chemicals" would work on the victim's mind and emotion to "release him from the restraint of self-control. The program was also intended to develop an anti-interrogation drug to counter Soviet truth serum, or possible to scramble a CIA agent's brain to that any confession to his captor would be useless."

The government told the American people that they shut down MK-Ultra, but they did not. They likely simply gave it a different name and buried it deep into secret programs under the vail of national security; the perfect cover when anyone asks questions. When the victim becomes too knowledgeable, especially in the case of African Americans and minorities, they stage elaborate entrapment events and accuse the victim of harming someone, being dangerous, or mentally ill. Some have resulted in deaths, followed by the violent neutralization of the victim, most notable Myron May, Aaron Alexis, and Esteban Santiago. Each of these victims turned to our Government for assistance with what they knew were other government agencies attacking and harassing them; no one would help because they are forbidden from assisting. In other cases they use covert electronic weapons, remote neural monitoring, and covert tactics such as gang stalking to push the victim to suicide, or they murder them through chemical toxins and say they died of some natural sudden death such as heart attack. The bottom line is, once the victim recognizes what is happening to them, they simply eliminate the victim because we are considered a threat.

The horrors of being a VITI is the dark world that most people have no idea even exists; and still others will refuse to believe, even when faced with overwhelming and indisputable evidence.

I challenge you to do your homework. Research the writing of Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. Collin Ross, and Paul Batcho, PhD, to name a few. Research into the term “Targeted Individual” will turn up an entire web of disinformation agents. Sure, there are some real victim that could be found in that search, but the top of the search will be Federal Operatives spreading a tail of lies and disinformation so wide that it is impossible to get around unless you understand the program. Internet search engines keep operative’s videos and writing on top, while suppressing real and knowledgeable victims’ words and videos under mountains of disinformation. These operatives have the task of keeping victims in the dark, to keep us chasing our tails in programs they call Gang Stalking, when Gang Stalking is in fact the primary tactic used to have victims committed for mental illness. Gang Stalking is a tactic in the Remote Neural Monitoring and Behavior Modification Programs that we call Mind Control, but if you visit these sites, you will not find Gang Stalking and Mind Control associated in many places, if any. They keep victims’ focus on the tactic that will get them committed under a false diagnosis of mental illness so that they never even consider the question of why they are being stalked in the first place.


The following very important Youtube video is Geo-locked so that it can be watched only within US. However, this Geo-locking can be easily bypassed via Free Web Proxies.


Part 1 - Selection Process, Gang Stalking, DEW - RNM Explained - Targeted Individuals



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