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Operation Rommel


This project is a proposal specifically towards the German Nation.

The elders are the foundation of the society.

The elders are the most crucial element of the society’s defences in dire times.

By safeguarding the elders’ vitality, the society’s members manifest their gratitude towards the elders and they maximize the society’s potential to survive during severe crises.

For obvious reasons, the contemporary settler-colonialism, which probably manifests our entire Galaxy’s the ideal of being “drugged and maddened from opiates beforehand”, may has instrumentally degraded the vitality of the major part of the European Continent’s population.

The colonizers profoundly they prefer the elders being helpless consumers of extremely expensive, prescribed substitutes of opiates beforehand, instead of being, equally effective (the past experience enables the elders’ brain to follow mental shortcuts which they are unknown to the younger’ brains) to younger people, living, healthy and able-bodied, a wonderful part of their lives.

And to probable degree that, this de-vitalization may has affected also the Germans, here is my proposal for establishing effective counter-measures against this reversible loss.

The “Rommel Centres”

In every German village one “Rommel Center” (RC) should be established.

The duty of primarily the elders should be to systematically visit RC, for as many hours as possible, and thus avoiding watching T.V. as much as possible, in order to learn as much as possible:

1. Euclidean geometry AND

2. Algorithms AND

3. Sanskrit AND

4. Basic electronics AND

5. Basic mechanical engineering AND

6. Computer programming AND

7. Basic automation systems AND

8. Algebra AND

9. Robotics applications AND

10. Basic mathematical-logic AND

11. Deferential equations AND

12. Computer aided design – FreeCAD AND

13. Computer aided mathematics – Wolfram Mathematica


The duty of the youth and of the middle-age should be to systematically visit RC, for as many hours as possible, and thus avoiding watching T.V. as much as possible, in order to: help the elders to progress in their studies and to learn themselves the same domains of knowledge.

The RC should be equipped:

- books

- computers and peripherals

- a mechatronics-lab

- comfortable chairs

- desks and tables for studying

- electronics parts and materials for materializing technical-projects

Just one person, preferably a mathematician, should work at each RC, for resolving questions about mathematics and for teaching the security measures in using the engineering machinery.

Each visitors brings his/hers own food/beverages. The RC offers no food/beverages.

The RC’s working hours are 24/365.

There is a lot of misinformation, due to the contemporary colonialism, regarding the human-brain.

In actuality, the human-brain functions the opposite to the rest of the human-body in the sense that, the more mental-load is forced to the brain, the better the brain becomes, the more brain-“injures” becomes naturally repaired.

More than one RCs should be established in the cities.

A very large, like a village, RC should be established at an idyllic site within the Black-Forest.

May the German Nation enjoy, as soon as possible, the high level of vitality which is embedded within its DNA.


Christos Boumpoulis