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A pair of Dictatorships

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Thatcher and Pinochet


How to Survive Character Assassination



How Britain Stole $45 Trillion from India with Trains | Empires of Dirt


SIMON MANN THE MERCENARY - Part 1/2 - London Real


CANCER - The Forbidden Cures – TRAILER


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Brain Implants, their history and Targeted Individuals


Jose Delgado- manipulation without electrodes


Targeted Individual Homeless Living in Van due to Extreme Gang Stalking Harassment DEWs


CIA Funded Mind Control Experiments - Bull & Cat Tests by Dr Delgado in the 1960s


Edward Snowden on the most shocking way the NSA spies on people 2014


Character-Assassination Deep-BRentry Smoking-Gun

One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we've been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.

Carl Sagan

Recently, it was determined that, the United Kingdom, by exiting from the E.U. it could retain the free access to the E.U. economic market, though, without having to contribute with 11 billions euros to the E.U.’s budget; and without accountability to the E.U. justice foundations. The E.U.’s member-States’ leaders, scandalously, they didn’t objected this agreement. This means that,

- the BRexit proved to be a Deep-BRentry

- The United-Kingdom perpetrates settler-colonialism against the E.U. (smoking-gun).

- The United-Kingdom perpetrated against the E.U.’s leaders of many levels, the international crimes of, character-assassinations (Dominique Strauss-Kahn – U.S. gold-reserves - the "purging" of IMF's ex-leader prooves fluency to character-assassinate any European leader) and bioterrorism (archib. Christodoulos – one cancer in remission and a second aggressive cancer).

History has documented many of the British-colonialism’s atrocities.

However, one of the worst of the British atrocities is the involuntary brain implanting of, brain-locking (claustrum-manipulating) remote-neural-monitoring (thoughts-reading) electronics technology (like they did to me), in order to be able to victimize easier, through character-assassinations, innocent indigenous civilians.

Concluding, as the British-colonialism has been fully exposed as such, any attempt, from the British-colonizers behalf, to character-assassinate any European citizen, it has become something no-less than a great honour for this citizen.

Christos Boumpoulis



Smoking gun

The term "smoking gun" is a reference to an object or fact that serves as conclusive evidence of a crime or similar act, just short of being caught in flagrante delicto. "Smoking gun" refers to the strongest kind of circumstantial evidence, as opposed to direct evidence. Direct evidence would include the entire action; i.e. the action of pulling the trigger, firing the gun, and the victim falling.


10 Disturbing Facts About Latin America’s Cruellest Dictator

By their nature, dictators are cruel and evil. But even in the pantheon of modern despots, you occasionally stumble across one so cheerfully sadistic he makes the others look like Barney the Dinosaur. Meet Augusto Pinochet: former leader of Chile and all-round psychopath. Between the years 1973 and 1990, his regime ruled with an iron fist, murdering thousands of ordinary people and torturing tens of thousands more. But statistics can’t convey the true horror: Over 17 years his goons were responsible for some of the strangest, cruellest and most audacious atrocities the world has ever known.

10 He Had His Closest Friends Murdered

9 He Turned Chile’s Capital Into A Giant Torture Camp

8 His Secret Police Excelled At Cruelty

7 He Destroyed His Victim’s Corpses

6 The Caravan Of Death

5 His Forces Carried Out A Terror Attack In Washington DC

4 …And The World Did Nothing

3 He Inspired Dictators Across The Continent

2 He Still Controls Chile’s Political System

1 He’s Still Revered Today


Character assassination

Character assassination (CA) is a deliberate and sustained effort to damage the reputation or credibility of an individual. The term could also be selectively applied to social groups and institutions. Agents of character assassinations employ a mix of open and covert methods to achieve their goals, such as raising false accusations, planting and fostering rumours, and manipulating information.

Character assassination happens through character attacks. These can take many forms, such as spoken insults, speeches, pamphlets, campaign ads, cartoons, and internet memes. As a result of character attacks, individuals may be rejected by their professional community or members of their social or cultural environment. The process of CA may resemble an annihilation of human life as the damage sustained can last a lifetime. For some historical figures, that damage endures for centuries.

CA may involve exaggeration, misleading half-truths, or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation and can be a form of ad hominem argument.

The phrase "character assassination" became popular from around 1930. This concept, as a subject of scholarly study, was originally introduced by Davis (1950) in his collection of essays revealing the dangers of political smear campaigns. Six decades later Icks and Shiraev (2014) rejuvenated the term and revived academic interest by addressing and comparing a variety of historical character assassination events.



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