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Open Letter to Donald Trump 30-11-2020 PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Δευτέρα, 30 Νοέμβριος 2020 22:19

Donald Trump Best Speech Ever 2016



Open Letter to Donald Trump 30-11-2020


Your Excellency Mr. Donald Trump,


The former C.I.A.’s agent John Kiriakou’s revelations, about the existence of bilateral bonds, between the C.I.A. and settler-colonised countries’, e.g. Greece, oligarchs, are in excess because, actually, legions of C.I.A./MI5 “secret”, though overt due to the proximity with these oligarchs, agents, occupy the working positions within these oligarchs’ front-organizations.

Treason, in many countries, is punishable by death. Therefore, it is highly unlike, from these oligarchs, those which commit treason against their own country, that they do not keep sufficient evidence in order to make sure that, for the rest of their lives they shall enjoy, legal immunity and “overall” protection, by the C.I.A./MI5.

This “overall” protection, how far does it goes?

The oligarchs, sooner or later, and definitely, during their old age, they are going to need replacements human organs and tissues. Therefore, does, “overall” protection includes the “retirement benefit” of a sufficient supply of tissue-compatible human-meat?

In other words:


- is, your country, “shuting-down” 13 years old, for many decades, tissue-compatible kids, by slandering, involuntarily sterilizing, criminally depriving them from their human-rights, torturing and marginalizing them in order to remain eligible for involuntary human-harvesting?

- is, your country, when your fellow oligarchs get old, criminally confiscate the tissue-compatible living “human-meat’s” real-estate, e.g. through scams involving “identity-hijacking”, and enforce upon them a state of homelessness, and tunnel them, through front-organizations that are linked to criminalized religious organizational forms, to an enforced institutionalization? So that, no one might defend them when, brain-glands, organs and tissues of their body shall be involuntary taken in order to prolong the biological life of your fellow old-chaps, oligarchs?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then, this explains why, the U2RIT makes, literary, a “crusade” aiming to the involuntary transhumanization, through brain-implanting, of the entire human-kind.



Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: According to my present knowledge, the volume of the C.I.A./MI5 “assets” which they are being mobilized against each and every targeted tissue-compatible living “human-meat” is so unsymmetrical that it might be suitable, literary, for an hypothetical confrontation between, the entire human-kind against the mythical Godgilla. Is, the notion of “shame” understood within the world-view of your fellow Americans?




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