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Message to the Germans 16/10/2020


My dear Germans,

There is no chance, according to my opinion, for the European Continent to avoid suffering a complete/terminal genocide, within the context of the Europe’s settler-colonization, unless Germany would, promptly, emerge as a moral, mentally-competent, and empowered, Nation.

Empowering the Germans means making sure that, the British “divide and conquer” criminal method, the Israeli “entryism” criminal method, and all the others criminal exploitations of the German language’s points of undecidabilities, shall become impossible.

The quasi “shielding” of the German Nation against any deception can, primarily, be accomplished through the German language requisite variety’s upgrading. Not only I am certain for that, but, also, the colonizers, indirectly, they verified this fact by, twice, having propagated, after my recent rising of this issue, misinformation: initially, faultily claiming that, the language’s variety is an exclusively quantitative issue suitable to be measured by accounting methods. And then, by their faultily trying to cover-up the inherent correspondence between, the language’s structure and our world’s structure, by faultily associating, the structure of the language’s notions to the various cultural traditions of the Nations.

Anyone who might undertake the duty to materialize this upgrading s/he becomes, automatically, responsible for the quality of the, ones’ which became empowered, later actions.

In other words, before you give a loaded fire-arm to anyone, one has to make sure that, this anyone, is a sane, legitimate, intelligent, self-defending, and honest adult. As, in any other case a catastrophe is unavoidably going to manifest.

The colonizing U2RIT, traditionally, treats its collective victims worst than if these victims they were a totally devastated, unwitting prostitute and manages for these victims to unjustly take the blame for the crimes which, the colonizers perpetrate against others.

More specifically, because of the May 21th, 1949 illegal treaty, the German, companies and State’s foreign affairs, they are covertly controlled by the colonizers. Consequently, the blame for e.g. the “Diesel Gate” burdens unjustly, the Germans when, it should burden, exclusively, the colonizers themselves.

Also, the illegal/violent substitution, with mostly German companies, of the Greek retailers and the Greek industries (Ιζολα, Πίτσος, ΕΛΙΝΤΑ, Πειραική-Πατραική, Χρωπει, ΠΥΡΚΑΛ, ΕΛΚΟ, Μινιόν, Εσκιμο, AΙΓΑΙΟΝ, Κοντογούρη, Pirelli, ΚΛΩΣΤΟΫΦΑΝΤΟΥΡΓΙΕΣ (ΒΕΤΛΑΝΣ ΝΑΟΥΣΑ, ΕΤΜΑ, ΛΑΝΑΡΑ, ΠΕΤΑΛΟΥΔΑ, ΤΡΙΑ ΑΛΦΑ κ.τ.λ), ΝΑΥΠΗΓΕΙΑ (ΕΛΕΥΣΙΝΑΣ, ΣΚΑΡΑΜΑΓΚΑ κ.τ.λ), ναυπηγοεπισκευαστική ζώνη Περάματος, ΕΒΟ (Ελληνική βιομηχανία Όπλων), ΕΛΒΟ (Ελληνική Βιομηχανία Οχημάτων), βιομηχανίες λιπασμάτων, ζάχαρης, κονσερβοποιίας, καπνοβιομηχανίες (ΠΑΠΑΣΤΡΑΤΟΣ, ΚΕΡΑΝΗΣ κ.τ.λ), τσιμεντοβιομηχανίες (ΑΓΕΤ ΗΡΑΚΛΗΣ, ΤΣΙΜΕΝΤΑ ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑΣ, ΧΑΛΥΨ κ.τ.λ), βιομηχανίες χάρτου (ΛΑΔΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ, SOFTEX κτλ), Εταιρίες εξαγωγής μεταλλευμάτων του ΣΚΑΛΙΣΤΗΡΗΣ), which they were destroyed by covert military operation or through treasonous legislation, it seems that it burdenes, unjustly, the Germans when, it should burden, exclusively, the colonizers themselves.

The same applies, about the Germany’s rewarding publicly the Greece’s former dictator Mr. Alexis Tsipras and also the Germany’s legitimization of the Greece’s dictator Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis (which maintained questionable economic relationships with the Siemens. And, the same applies with the supply of the rogue Turkey with six advanced German submarines.

It is a matter fact that, any Nation may, at some point, suffer any kind of internal problems (e.g. a dictatorship, etc.) for which, its members they may pay a small, or even large, “price” of any kind. Instead, the infrastructures of a Nation, no matter which might be its internal conditions, may never, deliberately, cause any harm, to any foreign citizen, anywhere.

The German Nation should honestly earn the right to become empowered.

The German Nation should honestly prove that, it sufficiently control its infrastructure so that, deliberate harm to foreign citizens can not be perpetrated by these infrastructures.

The German Nation should honestly convince the foreign citizens, which, due to their consuming fluoride and even heavy-metals (like mercury) they may think shallowly that, the German’s empowerment is compatible with our world’s well-being.

The German Nation should stop retaining the stance of neutrality towards crucial, collective issues.

According to superfluous evidence, no Nation has time to waist as, according to unverified information, mercury may, deliberately and systematically, contaminate the drinking water of some countries. And also, the harm that mercury does, is being combined with the harm which, the fluoride causes to the citizens.

Concluding, I wish to ask you, to mobilize lawfully for doing the right thing, whatever this might mean, so that by this way, to literary untie the hands of those who respect and love, like myself, the German Nation and for them, in turn, to freely do the rights-thing, for the benefit of the German Nation; for the benefit of Europe; and for the benefit of, peace, freedom, cooperation, and frugal prosperity.


Christos Boumpoulis