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Cannibalization and Looting of the Greek Nation PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συνεννόηση για Δράση - Απόψεις
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Σάββατο, 03 Οκτώβριος 2020 15:05

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Κοιτάσματα φυσικού αερίου αξίας 26.500.000.000.000 δολαρίων ($26.5 trillion) στην Ελλάδα!






Massive Piranhas Attack (Brazil) - Piranha Trap



Cannibalization and Looting of the Greek Nation


The Greek Nation possesses mineral wealth which worth, according to the Greek physisist prof. Antonis Foskolos, more than 60 trillion dollars.

Simultaneously, Greece, according to the Greek law professor George Kasimatis, remains under foreign occupation and is being ruled by a dictatorship. Within this context, the innocent Greek citizens are being Genocided, by using also chemical/biological weapons which they cause, also cancer.

Consequently, the colonising Nations, namely the U2RIT, they are looting, the Greece’s mineral wealth and hers National Territory and they are exterminating the members of hers National leadership.

Some of the European Union’s member-States, instead of defending Greece and the members of hers natural-leadership, they, actually, participate in the Greece’s looting and they either, execute death-contract against Greece’s natural leaders, or, they refuse to offer them a legitimate shelter for them to survive and by letting them homeless, brain-implanted with brain-locking and remote-neural-monitoring technology and exposed to the Gladio assassins, they contribute passively in exterminating the very few left, indigenous, Greek natural leaders.

The above facts constitute a de facto quasi "cannibalization" of the Greek Nation.

When Greece regains hers National Sovereignty and Freedom, she, almost certainly, shall terminate hers bilateral relationships with all the Nations which, they remorselessly, participate, actively or passively, in the Greece’s cannibalization and in the extermination of hers natural leadership.

Accordingly, I wish to declare any, overt or covert, promotion the fake alleged “dialogue” between the subjugated Greece and rogue and colonizing Turkey, as being a hostile action against Greece and as such, it shall cause, in due course, the termination of the perpetrating Nations bilateral relationship with Greece.

The international community observes which are the Nations which they are looting Greece and in due course, they shall justly punish these Nations.

The international community observes innocent Greek citizens die massively by “cancer” while, a complete cure of cancer (invented by Dr Royal Rife) already exists. And by not urging to rescue the Greeks they contribute passively in the Greek Nations genocide be causing cancer. This negligence designates the upcoming circumstances within the International community.

For the above reasons, I call my fellow Greeks to keep notes as to, which Nation is friendly and which is hostile. And as far as I am concerned, after I fled from Greece, on May 1st, 2014 until today, only the Irish and the German citizens protected me. Instead, while I had resorted to, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Luxenbourg, Austria, Belgium, France, and Holland, their governments and their citizens, they totally ignored me and they left me exposed to the Gladio members’ criminality where I have suffered unimaginably, in the best case, or, their State services complicit in perpetrating, along with the Gladio, more than one assassination attempts against me.

Concluding, I am convinced that, the prolongation of relationships, of any kind, with rogue, individuals or groups of individuals, remains a potentially lethal mistake, while one, among many others, indication of who is rogue and who is not, is related with the subject’s monetary debit’s volume.


Christos Boumpoulis




Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Πέμπτη, 15 Οκτώβριος 2020 16:51