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Cancer – Sequences Of Causality PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Τρίτη, 29 Σεπτέμβριος 2020 03:11

The Dark Forgotten Truth About The British Empire



Royal Rife himself explains how he found his cancer cure



Kay Griggs: Zionist Jews Control USA Foreign Policy



My Cancer Is Worse Than Ever - Scan Results - Sophia Gall - Australia



Global Cancer Facts & Figures: Dr. Otis Brawley



Cancer – Sequences Of Causality



An important part of the ancient wisdom, according to my opinion, is being, literary, “crystallized” into certain of the most old codes of conduct. The embedded, within these very old codes, rules are frequently violated during our era. This fact inspired this present article.


Main Subject

According to the existing public evidence, the inventor Royal Rife did great job, at around 1930, with regard to actually and completely curing cancer by using a non-invassive medical protocol which was, in fact, also entryism-proof.

However, during our era, many people die loose their sacred and invaluable lives, allegedly, due to cancer. And simultaneously, many innocent civilians keep loosing their loved ones for the same reason.

I remain under the impression that, people exist which they wouldn’t hesitate:


- to harm, during peace-time, the sacred organic-body of healthy, innocent, unarmed human-beings.

- to cause bodily-harm to people which sleep, or, which they are in a holy place (e.g. a church).

- to exercise arbitrarily mind-control to unwitting and mentally healthy human-beings.

- to harm, the sacred organic-body of a King.

- to harm, the sacred organic-body of an old human-being.

- to harm, the sacred organic-body of an old King.


People which may commit such extreme violations of the common-sense (and of the old wisdom), it seems to me that, for earning monetary wealth (e.g. by selling the extremely expensive cancer-treating medicines) they, probably, shall not hesitate to commit even the most heinous crime, which is, the genocide.

In case that, I would, justly, presume that, the complete information, which is contained in this article, is known to the international community’s members, then, I would be wandering, why, the contemporary citizens keep exposing, themselves and their loved ones, to lethal interactions with rogue organizational forms?


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: My desire is, for all people to live long lives, while remaining, healthy, creative, happy and frugally prosperous; though, from what it seems, probably (or obviously) no one gives even a single dime for this desire of mine, to become materialized.


You Made A Way - Emmy Rose _ Moment





Dan Hannan: Why Israel is the second-most successful former British colony

Israel isn’t just a better place to live than most neighboring states. It is a better place to live as an Arab.

Suppose you were given a choice before birth. You could be born into a median-income Muslim household in Algeria, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Syria or Yemen. You wouldn’t hesitate long, would you?

Last week, as the Jewish state celebrated its seventieth birthday, scores columnists of drew attention to its achievements — which are, indeed, dazzling. Israel is, by the standards of its region, a uniquely free, democratic, open and wealthy society. As Marian Tupy of the Cato Institute notes: “Average income per capita dwarfs those in the neighboring countries, allowing for superior social outcomes, including higher life expectancy, lower infant mortality, and universal provision of drinking water and electricity. Israelis are better educated, own more computers, and have more access to the Internet.”





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