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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Δευτέρα, 21 Σεπτέμβριος 2020 23:56

Message to the Germans – Try Harder – Be Vigilant


Here is my opinion about the present momentum.

According to the Kurt Goedel’s incompleteness theorem, each and every language is incomplete in the sense that, they all contain undecidable propositions.

According to the requisite variety law, the more complex, vocabulary, grammar and syntactic, a language embeds, the less undecidable proposition, this language may formulate.

The Greek language’s variety is lower that the Sanskrit language. And the German language’s variety is even lower than the Greek.

This means that, the outcome of an extremely demanding exploitation of the Greek language’s capabilities, it is highly like that, it is going to be impossible for a German to even comprehend; despite the fact that, the German may be genius.

What I claim here is not an insult; instead, it is a conclusion of the mathematical logic.

In the Greek language there are advanced dialectics and rhetoric, while in the German language there are comments.

The languages, in general, they are characterised, to different degrees, fluent to disclose the truth, when they are used honestly and to, literary, backfire when they are being used dishonestly.

The languages, in general, they are characterized, to a different degrees, on their corresponding ability to simultaneously exploit more than one, even many, world-views and contexts.

Because of its higher-variety, the Greek language’s agility allows such modes of operation which, more or less, they may be even incomprehensible to a German speaker.

For example, it is possible within Greek language to publicly expose, the fascist character of a journalist, and/or, of a mass media, by just making a dialogue within which, the ultimate frontiers of this language they are being reached. And it would be impossible, specifically, such dialogues to be precisely translated/comprehended to another, of less variety, language.

One of the major benefits of exploiting high variety languages is the ability to methodize unsymmetrically and swiftly, large change within very complex systems.

You must never forget that, the limits of action coincide with the limits of the thought (language).

You must never forget that, the limits of a desire coincide with the limits of the civilization (world-view).

Consequently, first there is a desire, which creates a thought, which specifies the action.

For example, Ioannis Kapodistrias, the great Greek governor introduced swiftly the consumption of potatoes, in Greece.

For example, there is a true story about a Greek lady who wore a transparent mini dress and visited the central bazaar in Yaoundé, at Cameroon.

For example, there was a Nation which forgotten its wonderful traditions and got used to dress like the Americans.

For example, there was a cruel context-mirroring which made a fascist journalist to expose himself publicly.

Consequently, by using a high-variety language, one, in order to offer good-services to others, s/he very often, shall find himself or herself being misinterpreted or even slandered, by these others, behind his or hers back.

Germany has paid a high price because of the German language’s relatively low variety.

Europe has paid a high price because of the German language’s relatively low variety.

Consequently, the German language’s variety must be upgraded.

Though I am not an expert in linguistics, I roughly estimate that, normally, it might take at least 500 years for a positive evolution of the German language to manifest that would be capable to protect Germany (and Europe), from the British “divide and conquer” habit and from the Israeli ordinary/ritual “entryism”.

Since Europe has almost become destroyed, it is impossible for the European Nations to wait for 500 years.

My established plan to indirectly and swiftly overcome the German language’s relatively low variety, is legitimate, it respects, the German, regulations, laws, constitution, customs, ethics, human-rights, and freedom.

The application of my plan has, somehow been initiated, though, the unexplained urge of the German government, to deny my legal-rights, to partially deny my human-rights, to passively condemn me to live homeless and probably, to misinterpret behind my back, whatever I say or do, which, having been reduced/interpreted to the German language, it seems less than positive, they all pose obstacles over my plan’s progressing.

If, there is anyone in the German leadership who has a better plan because s/he comprehends better than me the problematic situation, then, why doesn’t s/he undertake the related responsibility and guide all the rest of us towards the much needed resolution?

If, each time a language’s undecidability manifests, a patriotic public servant becomes unjustly and arbitrarily condemned, then, unavoidably, all the existing, patriotic public servants shall change their profession/hobby.

Accepting an offered good-service can never be mandatory for the recipient.

Terminating the offering of good-service when the benefactor’s human-rights are being violated, is mandatory.

The born Germans who wish to upgrade the variety of their ability to comprehend our world, they shall have to try much harder.

The born Germans who wish to avoid becoming unjust towards honest human-beings, they shall have to become much more vigilant.


The fraud with regard to the alleged “hostage situation” of the two Greek soldiers has proved that, the Turkish and the Greek governments, they are “brothers in arms”.

My various, public and backed by legal evidence, denunciations against the Greek dictatorship prove that, a deadly, hybrid war is being conducted against the Greece.

I, recently, disclosed publicly how the child human-harvesting is being perpetrated, in Greece.

During 2006, I was told by a private sector’s manager that, in some large Greek companies the Byzantine punitive measures apply; and much later, I uncovered the “plausibly deniable” methods by which, innocent civilians, due to the settler-colonizers malice, they may be blinded, castrated, etc.

And very recently, I resorted to the E.U. commissioner Mrs. Ylva Johansson in order for me to acquire the legitimate protection which, the European laws designate, relative to the victims of human-trafficking and transnational organized crime.

Concluding, I believe that, now the time has come for the patriotic dissidents to intervene. If, they shall be allowed/supported/protected to do so, then, all shall benefit, otherwise, all shall lose.


Christos Boumpoulis