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Recently I visited a local supermarket. After I had chosen few groceries I headed towards the cashiers’ queues. One queue was totally empty. Within this queue’s left side, first there was the first cashier’s back-side, who was serving the next queue at the left, and then, it was the second cashier serving this queue. When I was thinking to position myself at the starting point of that queue, the first cashier, while leaving the, full with cash-money, cash-compartment of his desk wide open, he departs and goes at the cashier of another queue to get an object. At his destination he had a limited visual-contact to his cashier-desk and he seemed to be careless and without any sign of being in a hurry.

At that point, while still being distant from the two cashiers’ desks, I asked myself, “Captain Chris” (this is how I call myself due to being a licenced open-sea salling-boats’ skipper), “are you totally idiot in order to use, under these circumstances, this cashier’s queue”?

I, immediately checked and I answered, “It seems to me that, I am not totally idiot”.

Then, I asked again, “Captain Chris, have you, very recently, been hit by a directed-energy (microwave) weapon”. I, immediately checked and I answered, “It seems to me that, I haven’t, very recently, been hit by a directed-energy (microwave) weapon”.

Then, I decided to, literary, “cement” myself at my, then, position relative to the cashier’s queue until the cashier, joyfully, return to his desk and closed the door behind him.

The above incident inspired this present article.


Since, according to the heroic Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, the terrorism-organization they have been infiltrated and thus become totally controlled, by the colonizers’ security-authorities, a seemingly terrible question rises: “how, the colonizers’ secret-services’ member could ever escape from the horrors of the deadly-boredom”?

After thorough investigation, I managed to reach the almost certain conclusion that, the MI5, the CIA, the FSB/KGB, the Mossad, and MIT, they spend all day struggling to find ways to, plausibly, slander the legitimate anti-colonialism activists and other innocent civilians, in order to destroy them.

For example, the majority of the people think in a shallow and simple manner, meaning, they use gross categorization of notions instead of using high-definition categorization. For this reason, most of the people, identify the three independent notions, of the conditions of hardship, the desperation due to hardship’s conditions, and the crimes that they were committed due to desperation, as one single notion.

Consequently, according to the present example, the colonizers, through their security-authorities, they may plausibly slander and forged-accuse the, arbitrarily targeted by them, anti-colonialism activists, as being allegedly “criminals”, by just 1. imposing upon them profound conditions of hardship and 2. publicize fabricated, false incriminating, their human-targets, evidence.

Luckily, in actuality, the international community made sufficient international laws which they protect the contemporary political-dissidents from becoming destroyed by the forces of the U2RIT. Among these international laws, there are, the law for the refuges and the U.N.’s convention against transnational organized crime (Article 24. Protection of witnesses, Article 25. Assistance to and protection of victims).

And sadly, in actuality, it seems that, it is, comparably, far more probable that, a German citizen to through a tiny garbage to the public pavement than how probable it is that, an E.U.’s government not to violate the above mentioned international law and thus, deliberately or due to negligence, expose to lethal-dangers the existing and legitimate, European anti-colonialism political-dissidents.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Από τους Έλληνες, εκείνοι που ακόμα δεν θέλουν να καταλάβουν ότι, οι αποικιοκράτες νοθεύουν συστηματικά, αδίστακτα και χαρούμενα, το περιεχόμενο των μέσων κοινωνικής δικτύωσης τροφοδοτώντας, με χαλκευμένες αναρτήσεις και με χαλκευμένα/ες βίντεο/φωτογραφίες που είναι προϊόντα δικών τους εγκληματικών πράξεων, προκειμένου να συκοφαντήσουν και να δυσφημίσουν πολιτικά-αντιφρονούντες, τους αξίζει να ζουν υπό τις σημερινές, στην Ελλάδα, πολιτικές συνθήκες.






Article 24. Protection of witnesses 1. Each State Party shall take appropriate measures within its means to provide effective protection from potential retaliation or intimidation for witnesses in criminal proceedings who give testimony concerning offences covered by this Convention and, as appropriate, for their relatives and other persons close to them. 2. The measures envisaged in paragraph 1 of this article may include, inter alia, without prejudice to the rights of the defendant, including the right to due process: (a) Establishing procedures for the physical protection of such persons, such as, to the extent necessary and feasible, relocating them and permitting, where appropriate, non-disclosure or limitations on the disclosure of information concerning the identity and whereabouts of such persons; (b) Providing evidentiary rules to permit witness testimony to be given in a manner that ensures the safety of the witness, such as permitting testimony to be given through the use of communications technology such as video links or other adequate means. 3. States Parties shall consider entering into agreements or arrangements with other States for the relocation of persons referred to in paragraph 1 of this article. 28 4. The provisions of this article shall also apply to victims insofar as they are witnesses.


Article 25. Assistance to and protection of victims 1. Each State Party shall take appropriate measures within its means to provide assistance and protection to victims of offences covered by this Convention, in particular in cases of threat of retaliation or intimidation. 2. Each State Party shall establish appropriate procedures to provide access to compensation and restitution for victims of offences covered by this Convention. 3. Each State Party shall, subject to its domestic law, enable views and concerns of victims to be presented and considered at appropriate stages of criminal proceedings against offenders in a manner not prejudicial to the rights of the defence.


Source: https://www.unodc.org/documents/middleeastandnorthafrica/organised-crime/UNITED_NATIONS_CONVENTION_AGAINST_TRANSNATIONAL_ORGANIZED_CRIME_AND_THE_PROTOCOLS_THERETO.pdf


Criminal negligence

In criminal law, criminal negligence is a surrogate mens rea (Latin for "guilty mind") required to constitute a conventional as opposed to strict liability offense. It is not, strictly speaking, a mens rea because it refers to an objective standard of behaviour expected of the defendant and does not refer to their mental state.


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criminal_negligence


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