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Strong-Interdependency: U2RIT – Sweden - Denmark (+info) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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G. Kasimatis Dictatorship Occupation English Subs 
The Swedish Submarine that Sank a US Aircraft Carrier
Despite Peaceful Reputation, Sweden Is a Major Weapons Exporter to Human Rights Abusers
Sweden, Britain to partner on future combat aircraft development
July 19 (UPI) -- Sweden and Britain agreed on Friday to partner on development of future combat aircraft.
British Defense Secretary Penny Mordaunt and Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist signed a memorandum of understanding calling for "work on a joint combat air development and acquisition program, including the development of new concepts to meet both nations' future requirements," a statement from the U.K. government said. It referred to the pact as "a landmark agreement."
Lockheed Martin begins build of first F-35 for Denmark
Message to the German Armed Forces 28-09-2019
Being Robbed at Copenhagen
Open Letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel 07/02/2020
Strong-Interdependency: U2RIT – Sweden – Denmark
Departure - Notification
On 01/01/2020, at 01:10 I departed on a Flixbus, from Kiel, Germany going to Stockholm (Cityterminalen), Sweden, with a bus-change at Copenhagen central train station. On 01/01/2020, at 02:15 while travelling in the Flixbus, I sent to the Swedish authorities an email-notification about my imminent arrival at Stockholm stating: “ At 18:45 01/01/2019 I shall arrive by bus at CityTerminal, in Stockholm. I wish to discuss about the anti-measures and the cancer research with anyone in authority, from the armed-forces or the politicians”. 
Incident 01\01\2020, 10:10.
I am travelling by Flixbus from Kiel, Germany towards Stockholm, Sweden, through Copenhagen, Denmark. While the bus was crossing the Danish/Swedish borders, the Swedish border police stopped the bus for passport control. A police officer chosen exclusively me for further control and led me outside of the bus at a nearby office. There, I was instructed to empty all my bugs and pockets and my belongings were thoroughly checked. Then, I was allowed to return to the bus and to continue my journey.
Incident 08\01\2020, afternoon.
While I was near to the Copenhagen’s train central station I was robbed from certain of my personal belongings. For this robbery technical means were used which interacted with my brain-implant.
Main Subject
I am a Greek citizen and political refuge while my first country, Greece, has fallen under a dictatorship and suffers from the genocidal-policies of settler-colonialism for which, responsible is the U2RIT.
Besides many decades thousands innocent Greece civilians having lost their lives due to these genocidal policies, my mother Olga Bompolas remains a victim of hostage-situation due to hers being an eye-witness of brutal settler-colonialism’s crimes.
According, to the Greek Constitution; to the conventional Greek law; and to the moral law, I am obliged to use all legitimate means in order to help my fellow Greeks and my fatherland, Greece.
Based on my multi-domain technical knowledge I made the conceptual design of a set of portable electronic devises that, according to my opinion, they would help the Greek families which they might posses this set, to partially defend its members from the above mentioned genocidal-policies. And before September 2019 I made plans on how to massively produce this set of devices.
On September 28th, 2019 I partially publicized within my website www.agorapoliton.gr my plan with regard to the settler-colonialism counter-measures.
Based on the Scandinavian States’ reaction to the previous, 1967-1984 Greek dictatorship, by which, these States manifested respect towards, the freedom, the Democracy, and the human-rights, I decided to visit them in order, to ask for help in massively producing the settler-colonialism counter-measures, to propose a plan related to cancer-research and to ask for financial support in order to be able to internationalize the Greece’s suffering.
While I made these visits to the Scandinavian States, I was not informed about the existing, strong interdependency between them and certain members of the U2RIT.
From the Scandinavian States I received no support at all.
Besides having been robbed at Denmark, there were also two other incidents of mistreatment, the one was extremely serious, at other two Scandinavian States.
Concluding, I feel sorry for the European citizens’ lacking of resistance against the European Continent’s settler-colonization and also, based on my current knowledge, I would avoid visiting again the Scandinavian States.
Christos Boumpoulis




Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Δευτέρα, 25 Μάιος 2020 11:33