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U2RIT’s Hybrid War Against Greece PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συνεννόηση για Δράση - Απόψεις
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Κυριακή, 24 Μάιος 2020 11:15
Έλληνες διπλωμάτες μπλεγμένοι σε εμπόριο οργάνων παιδιών (ΑΡΤ, 20/11/18)

U2RIT’s Hybrid War Against Greece

Recently, the Greek citizens almost freaked-out when they learned from the media that, with no obvious reason, Turkey “invaded” in Greece’s National Territory at the northern borders.
Before that, the Greeks almost freaked-out when a Greek orthodox Bishop, for whom I didn’t found any public protests about, the “psychiatric” genocide in Greece; the “cancer” genocide at the Thrace region; the criminal human-harvesting of unwitting Greek children and adults; the criminal settler-colonization of Greece; the criminal brain-implanting of unwitting Greeks; the criminal gang-stalking of innocent Greek political dissidents; the political assassinations of most of the Greece’s natural leadership’s members, he performed invalid “aphorisms” against the Greek citizens which occupy political positions in Greece.
And frequently, specific websites systematically disseminate, in the form of seemingly innocent “anecdotes” or otherwise, references about death; cancer; terminal illnesses; imprisonments, etc.
The informal settler-colonizing “federation” of States, U2RIT, is consisted by five, professional and serial genociders, Nations, namely the U.K., the U.S.A., the Russian Federation, the Israel and the Turkey.
The United Kingdom had assassinated Greece’s Germanophile governor Ioannis Metaxas and by this way, unwittingly dragged Greece to take the genociders’ side during the second world war.
When that war “ended”, the genociders supplied arms, money and probably a lot of hashish, to the so-called “leftists” (which they were mostly Nomads) in order to destroy Greece by conducting a colonial war which was misleadingly named as allegedly “Greek Civil War”.
Greece after having been destroyed, for once more, inevitably was settler-colonized by the U2RIT which, actually, appointed to the Greece’s gate-keeping positions Greek-speaking and “drugged and maddened from opiates behorehand” individuals which they were loyal to the British Crown.
The opiates’ consumption causes erectile-dysfunction and destroys parts of the human-brain. Consequently, tissues and organs, including testicles, from Greek children were, systematically, harvested and smuggled to the settler-colonizers.
Also, under the guise of a faked “world-peace”, weaponizing the pharmaceutical-industry as an outstanding instrumental means of criminal entryinsm, became a primary objective for the genociders. Consequently, unsuspected Greek children and adults were, systematically being sold to the settler-colonizers in order for them, to invent proprietary medicines and then, to abuse them to extort, deliberately made sick, targeted civilians.
Currently, around 100,000 Greek civilians dye each year from "illnesses" which, they supposedly manifested spontaneously; within a country for political elections of which, the resulting votes they are being counted and then, validated, for the many past decades, by a specific private company, and the most part of the natural leadership of which, they have been assassinated.
The rest of the Greek  civilians they suffer from an enforced crisis of Greece’s National economy due to the American’s criminal intervention to the Greece’s internal affairs, namely the “Huge Cooper & Co” treaty.
One, might expect from the Greek citizens and due to all this, attributable to the U2RIT, hardship:

- to protect the Greek children and adults, from the criminal, human organs/tissues harvesting.
- to protect the Greek children and adults, from the criminal, human experimentations.
- to protect the rest of the Greece’s natural leadership’s members.
- to safeguard their human-rights.
- to develop effective resistance against the settler-colonialism.
- to denounce, instead of wholeheartedly support, the U2RIT.

Instead, the Greek citizens:

- they deserted the Greek victims of criminal, human-harvesting.
- they deserted the Greek victims of criminal, human-experimentation.
- they don’t give even a cent for the fate of their own natural leadership. And they, much less, promote its members towards positions of authority.
- they, indirectly, transfer their human-rights to the settler-colonizers (mobile/land-line digital telephony, current form of the Internet, supermarkets/pharmaceutical-industry owned by the markets, etc.).
- they enlist to, domestic resources extraction, projects.
- they adopt consumption behaviours which promote the settler-colonizers’ economic interests.

Right now, I am at Berlin, having been denied, by more than ten E.U.’s member-States, my legal right to a political asylum, and I earn my food by recycling empty plastic and aluminium bottles. And what is happening at Greece, combined with the rest of the European Union’s lacking of active support towards Greece, gives me the impression that, the entire European Continent has become, nothing more and nothing less than, a large quasi “Gotham city”.

Christos Boumpoulis

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Trailer German Deutsch | 2012 FullHD


Έβρος : Οι Τούρκοι έχουν προωθηθεί σε ελληνικό έδαφος – Η αντίδραση της Αθήνας
Οι τουρκικές δυνάμεις, εμφανίζονται να έχουν προωθηθεί εδώ και μέρες, σε ελληνικό έδαφος στον νότιο Έβρο, στη θέση Μελισσοκομείο, η οποία βρίσκεται σε ένα σημείο το οποίο πλημμυρίζει κάθε χρόνο μετά το φθινόπωρο και με βάση τους χάρτες του 1923 ανήκει στην Ελλάδα. Πρόκειται για μια περιοχή που θέλουν να «γκριζάρουν» οι Τούρκοι εξαιτίας ενός… καιρικού φαινομένου.
Εκεί βρίσκονται τις τελευταίες εβδομάδες 35 άτομα της τουρκικής στρατοχωροφυλακής και των ειδικών δυνάμεων της αστυνομίας της γείτονος. Μάλιστα έχουν στρατοπεδεύσει και έχουν σηκώσει μια τουρκική σημαία.
Τα ξένα ΜΜΕ
Ενδιαφέρον έχουν ωστόσο, ορισμένα ξένα ΜΜΕ για το πώς εμφανίζουν αυτή τη διαμάχη και ουσιαστικά ρίχνουν λάδι στη φωτιά.
Daily Mail: Σταθερή παρουσία τουρκικών δυνάμεων στην ελληνική επικράτεια
Για τουρκικά στρατεύματα που έχουν καταλάβει κομμάτι της ελληνικής γης κάνει λόγο η dailymail.co.uk.
«Περίπου 35 στρατιώτες περπάτησαν στην ανατολική όχθη του ποταμού Έβρου στο Μελισσοκομείο» αναφέρει το δημοσίευμα και συνεχίζει: «Οι τουρκικές δυνάμεις έχουν πια σταθερή παρουσία στην ελληνική επικράτεια και τα στρατεύματα έχουν απορρίψει τα ελληνικά αιτήματα για απόσυρση από την περιοχή».
Όπως αναφέρει το άρθρο η ένταση σημειώθηκε λίγες μόνο εβδομάδες μετά το θερμό επεισόδιο που είχε συμβεί στα ελληνοτουρκικά σύνορα.
Source: https://www.tanea.gr/2020/05/23/politics/evros-oi-tourkoi-exoun-proothithei-se-elliniko-edafos-i-antidrasi-tis-athinas/

Ο Αμβρόσιος αφόρισε Μητσοτάκη, Κεραμέως και Χαρδαλιά
Πιο συγκεκριμένα, ο Αμβρόσιος αφόρισε τον πρωθυπουργό Κυριάκο Μητσοτάκη, την υπουργό Παιδείας Νίκη Κεραμέως και τον υφυπουργό Προστασίας του Πολίτη Νίκο Χαρδαλιά.
Ο πρώην Μητροπολίτης διάβασε σήμερα το πρωί τον αφορισμό, μετά το τέλος της Θείας Λειτουργίας στον Μητροπολιτικό Ναό Παναγιάς Φανερωμένης Αιγίου.
Ο Αμβρόσιος είχε… προειδοποιήσει ότι θα προχωρήσει στην κίνηση αυτή την εβδομάδα που πέρασε, βάζοντας στο «στόχαστρο» την υπουργό Παιδείας.
Σε ανάρτηση στο προσωπικό του ιστολόγιο, ο πρώην Μητροπολίτης είχε εξαπολύσει «παρά» κατά της Νίκης Κεραμέως επειδή είχε δηλώσει πως ο κορωνοϊός μεταδίδεται και με το σάλιο.
Μάλιστα, της είχε ζητήσει να ανακαλέσει δημόσια τη δήλωσή της αυτή.
Source: https://www.cnn.gr/news/ellada/story/219652/o-amvrosios-aforise-mitsotaki-kerameos-kai-xardalia

Κορυφαίο Ανέκδοτο: O Παππούς Κι Ο Χάρος!
Περπατάει ένας παππούς στο δρόμο και ξαφνικά αντιλαμβάνεται τον χάρο να τον ακολουθεί.
– Αμάν… λέει, πρέπει κάπου γρήγορα να κρυφτώ…
Τρέχει, τρέχει ο παππούς και ο χάρος από πίσω. Φτάνει ο παππούς απεγνωσμένος σε μια γωνιά και ψάχνει κάπου να κρυφτεί. Ξαφνικά βλέπει απέναντι έναν παιδικό σταθμό και σκέφτεται πως είναι μια πολύ καλή κρυψώνα.
Μπαίνει βιαστικά μέσα, πάνω στην ώρα που τα μικρά ετοιμαζόντουσαν για να φάνε και φορούσανε τις σαλιέρες τους.
Τι να κάνει ο πάππους, φοράει και αυτός μια σαλιάρα και κάθεται.
Αρχίζουν όλα μαζί τα πιτσιρίκια να φωνάζουν:
– Μαμ, μαμ, μαμ…
Και τότε ο παππούς κάνει το ίδιο:
– Μαμ, μαμ, μαμ…
Τότε αντιλαμβάνεται ένα χέρι στον ώμο του να τον χτυπάει και μια φωνή να του λέει:
– Κάνε γρήγορα Μαμ, γιατί μετά θα πάμε Άτα!
Source: https://www.ksipnistere.com/2018/01/o_31.html
Επτά Μαθήματα Ζωής Από Ετοιμοθάνατους

Source: https://www.ksipnistere.com/2017/09/blog-post_5716.html


An Introduction to Psychological Warfare
By Robert Longley
Psychological warfare is the planned tactical use of propaganda, threats, and other non-combat techniques during wars, threats of war, or periods of geopolitical unrest to mislead, intimidate, demoralize, or otherwise influence the thinking or behavior of an enemy.
While all nations employ it, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) lists the tactical goals of psychological warfare (PSYWAR) or psychological operations (PSYOP) as:
Assisting in overcoming an enemy’s will to fight
Sustaining the morale and winning the alliance of friendly groups in countries occupied by the enemy
Influencing the morale and attitudes of people in friendly and neutral countries toward the United States
To achieve their objectives, the planners of psychological warfare campaigns first attempt to gain total knowledge of the beliefs, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities of the target population. According to the CIA, knowing what motivates the target is the key to a successful PSYOP.
A War of the Mind
As a non-lethal effort to capture "hearts and minds," psychological warfare typically employs propaganda to influence the values, beliefs, emotions, reasoning, motives, or behavior of its targets. The targets of such propaganda campaigns can include governments, political organizations, advocacy groups, military personnel, and civilian individuals.
Simply a form of cleverly “weaponized” information, PSYOP propaganda may be disseminated in any or all of several ways:
Face-to-face verbal communication
Audiovisual media, like television and movies
Audio-only media including shortwave radio broadcasts like those of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty or Radio Havana
Purely visual media, like leaflets, newspapers, books, magazines, or posters
More important than how these weapons of propaganda are delivered is the message they carry and how well they influence or persuade the target audience.
Three Shades of Propaganda
In his 1949 book, Psychological Warfare Against Nazi Germany, former OSS (now the CIA) operative Daniel Lerner details the U.S. military's WWII Skyewar campaign. Lerner separates psychological warfare propaganda into three categories:
White propaganda: The information is truthful and only moderately biased. The source of the information is cited.
Grey propaganda: The information is mostly truthful and contains no information that can be disproven. However, no sources are cited.
Black propaganda: Literally “fake news,” the information is false or deceitful and is attributed to sources not responsible for its creation.
While grey and black propaganda campaigns often have the most immediate impact, they also carry the greatest risk. Sooner or later, the target population identifies the information as being false, thus discrediting the source. As Lerner wrote, "Credibility is a condition of persuasion. Before you can make a man do as you say, you must make him believe what you say.”
PSYOP in Battle
On the actual battlefield, psychological warfare is used to obtain confessions, information, surrender, or defection by breaking the morale of enemy fighters.
Some typical tactics of battlefield PSYOP include:
Distribution of pamphlets or flyers encouraging the enemy to surrender and giving instructions on how to surrender safely
The visual “shock and awe” of a massive attack employing vast numbers of troops or technologically advanced weapons
Sleep deprivation through the continual projection of loud, annoying music or sounds toward enemy troops
The threat, whether real or imaginary, of the use of chemical or biological weapons
Radio stations created to broadcast propaganda
Random use of snipers, booby traps, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
“False flag” events: attacks or operations designed to convince the enemy that they were carried out by other nations or groups
In all cases, the objective of battlefield psychological warfare is to destroy the morale of the enemy leading them to surrender or defect.
Source: https://www.thoughtco.com/psychological-warfare-definition-4151867

Project MKUltra
Scale of project
One 1955 MKUltra document gives an indication of the size and range of the effort. It refers to the study of an assortment of mind-altering substances described as follows:
Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.
Substances which increase the efficiency of mentation and perception.
Materials which will cause the victim to age faster/slower in maturity.
Materials which will promote the intoxicating effect of alcohol.
Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so they may be used for malingering, etc.
Materials which will cause temporary/permanent brain damage and loss of memory.
Substances which will enhance the ability of individuals to withstand privation, torture, and coercion during interrogation and so-called "brain-washing".
Materials and physical methods which will produce amnesia for events preceding and during their use.
Physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use.
Substances which produce physical disablement such as paralysis of the legs, acute anemia, etc.
Substances which will produce a chemical that can cause blisters.
Substances which alter personality structure in such a way the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.
A material which will cause mental confusion of such a type the individual under its influence will find it difficult to maintain a fabrication under questioning.
Substances which will lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men when administered in undetectable amounts.
Substances which promote weakness or distortion of the eyesight or hearing faculties, preferably without permanent effects.
A knockout pill which can be surreptitiously administered in drinks, food, cigarettes, as an aerosol, etc., which will be safe to use, provide a maximum of amnesia, and be suitable for use by agent types on an ad hoc basis.
A material which can be surreptitiously administered by the above routes and which in very small amounts will make it impossible for a person to perform physical activity.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra

Kiro Gligorov - We are Slavs


20 години од атентатот врз претседателот Глигоров - Нарачателите и извршителите се уште непознати


Γ. Σεφέρης κατά της Χούντας – YouTube


Το τελευταίο αντίο στον Σεφέρη,διαδήλωση κατά της χούντας | ΕΡΤ – YouTube


Νεοκλής Σαρρής «στην Ελλάδα διώκεται ο πατριωτισμός»




«Επιζητείται ο τεμαχισμός της Ελλάδας» - Τα δάκρυα του ιστορικού Σ. Καργάκου και οι αποκαλύψεις του


Πέθανε νικημένος από τον καρκίνο ο ιστορικός Σαράντος Καργάκος


A Clockwork Orange (1975) Official Trailer - Stanley Kubrick Movie


Chapter 6 Soviet Psychiatry


Putin’s Spy Games, Suspicious “Suicides,” and Creative Murders


The Untold History of Palestine & Israel


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