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Δευτέρα, 30 Μάρτιος 2020 18:07




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Solving The Right Problem


Currently, on March 30th, 2020 and according to the international media and to many governments, there is an on-going epidemic of Covid-19 virus.

Simultaneously, in Europe and since the WW2’s “end”, continuously until today, there is an also on-going settler-colonization of some (e.g. Greece, etc.) E.U.’s member-States.

Settler-colonialism means the illegitimate confiscation, of the targeted Nation’s land; children; and future, on behalf of one, or more, settler-colonizing Nation/s, through the application, against the indigenous population, of genocidal-policies which, they are being perpetrated by the members of a non-uniformed, colonizing-army; which is consisted by “drugged and maddened by opiates beforehand” members of a racial-group.

The settler-colonization of Europe, as being a negative “cause”, it produces, corresponding negative “effects”.

These negative “effects” they do not include, exclusively, the corresponding genocidal-policies which, the settler-colonizing Nations, deliberately, apply against the indigenous populations. Instead, they also include negative meta-“effects” which they originate from the progressive dissolution of the targeted societies’ defence-functionality’s.

For example the current, “dictatorial regime’s ruling” of Greece is one of the genocidal-policies which they are being applied against the indigenous Greeks. For this genocidal-policy to destructively progress, sufficient financial support, not linked to the settler-colonizing Nations, is imperative. This financial support was offered by the IMF and the European Union.

Furthermore and with regard to the Greek resources’ colonial extraction, specific colonising-settlers they were appointed as Greece’s public infrastructure's managers in order for the corresponding public companies to be led to a deliberately induced-bankruptcy so that they may be sold-out to foreign interests for a fraction of their true monetary value; as it has been perpetrated regarding e.g. the TrainOSE and the Italian Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.

As History teaches us, the members of a settler-colonized Nation’s natural leadership, they are being systematically assassinated; and if any political-dissidents have promptly fled towards foreign States, they are being hunted to death (e.g. Operation Condor, etc.). Accordingly, the most part of Greece’s natural-leadership’s members they have already been assassinated (e.g. archib. Christodoulos, Giannos Kranidiotis, Neoklis Sarris, Sarantos Kargakos, Arleta, Panagiotis Kondylis, etc.) and when I asked from the Italian government, on February 2016, as being a Greek political refuge, for legitimate protection, meaning a political asylum, my request was denied and I was left in the streets at a state of an induced homelessness.

Even worst, History teaches us also about the international crime of bioterrorism. Accordingly, the genocide of poisoning the indigenous Greek population, through a part of Greece’s supermarkets, was publicly and named denounced. However, the rest of the E.U. member-States’ governments, instead of immediately supporting the related Greek political refuges’ active efforts towards developing and then, distribution to the European families of a set of electronic counter-measures for protecting these families from various genocidal-policies including, food-poisoning, bioterrorism, chemical-weapons and directed-energy-weapons, these governments totally despised these creative and legitimate efforts and some of them even, severely mistreated (robbery) and slandered as “C.I.A.’s agents”, the Greek political refuges.

For the above reasons, I believe that the European citizens should be concentrated, primarily, on how to resolve the political problem of the European Union’s ongoing settler-colonization and secondarily, with the applied against the Europeans, genocidal-policies, whichever they might be.


- Offering financial support towards dictatorial regimes is wrong; very wrong.

- Offering legitimacy towards dictatorial regimes is wrong; very wrong.

- Participating to a settler-colonized Nation’s looting is wrong; very wrong.

- Obstructing the efforts of developing effective anti-measures, against applied genocidal-policies, is wrong; very wrong.

- Complicit to assassinations of anti-colonialism’s political activists is wrong; very wrong.

- Denying a political asylum to political-refuges from European Union’s dictatorships is wrong; very wrong.

- Actively or passively, deliberately or by negligence, covering-up the settler-colonialism itself by faultily promoting its negative “effects”, meaning its genocidal-policies, to autonomous “causes”, meaning to natural/social phenomena, is wrong; very wrong.

Concluding, I wish to share with the reader my firm belief that, the human life is sacred and invaluable. Therefore, the European citizens, they should resist, their sense of identity becoming degraded, due to the present pandemic and due to the way the media presents its consequences, to mere statistical units; they should realize that their duty for their active participation to the political governance of their own country can not be paused for any reason, including the out-brake of an epidemic; they should never positively reinforce, neither actively nor passively, neither directly nor indirectly, any genocidal-policy; they should never stop participating in the legitimate and creative struggle for their Nation’s enjoying, peace, freedom, cooperation and frugal prosperity; and preferably, for them to offer a helping-hand towards the, very few left, European anti-colonialism activists, if and when, they might see anyone of them around, which keep struggling for the European common-good.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Telecommunication through Citizen Band transceiver and analog signal is very good. Telecommunication through Citizen Band transceiver and digital signal is outstanding (fldigi). File encryption is excellent (gpg).




Italy’s State railway buys struggling Greek operator


Renato Mazzoncini, left, CEO of FS, and Antonis Leousis, CEO of Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund, shake hands after signing an agreement for the sale of TrainOSE to the Italian group, in Athens on Wednesday


Greece has wrapped up the sale of its struggling rail operator TrainOSE to Italy’s state railway company as the leftwing government comes under pressure from bailout lenders to accelerate the country’s flagging privatisation programme.

The sale of 100 per cent of TrainOSE to Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane will bring in only €45m. But privatisation officials say it completes a series of infrastructure sales to international investors that will boost Greece’s role as a transport and tourism hub for the eastern Mediterranean.

TrainOSE runs a lossmaking international freight business and a subsidised passenger service linking mainland Greece with central Europe through Macedonia and Serbia. FS is expected to take over the operation of TrainOSE this year.

Source: https://www.ft.com/content/b1b48894-dda7-11e6-86ac-f253db7791c6


Αίτημα λήψης προστασίας σε Ιταλική Κυβέρνηση

Πέμπτη, 25 Φεβρουάριος 2016 16:57

Σήμερα 25/2/2016, περίπου στις 14:30 υπέβαλα τηλεφωνικά αίτημα λήψης προστασίας, ως Έλληνας πολιτικός πρόσφυγας, στο Ιταλικό υπουργείο Εξωτερικών, στο γραφείο δημοσίων σχέσεων (τηλ. 00390636911). Ως απάντηση έλαβα, δήλωση αναρμοδιότητας και υπόδειξη να απευθυνθώ στο Ιταλικό παράρτημα του U.N. high commission for refuges (τηλ. 06802121). Το παράρτημα του Ο.Η.Ε. με ενημέρωσε ότι προστασία χορηγείται, μόνο, στους κατόχους ασύλου το οποίο, λόγω της ισχύουσας νομοθεσίας, δεν δικαιούμαι να λάβω ως πολίτης της Ε.Ε.

Κατά την άποψή μου, η χορήγηση στο πρόσωπό μου, προσωπικής προστασίας και όχι ασύλου, αποτελεί ένα πολιτικό ζήτημα για το οποίο, η Ιταλική κυβέρνηση απάντησε αρνητικά. Είναι δικαίωμά της.

Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης






Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Τρίτη, 31 Μάρτιος 2020 04:41