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Σάββατο, 12 Αύγουστος 2017 19:52




Simply, Grounded until December 31th, 2099

The past few days, I was studying the facts about the colonialists', past and present, choices in order to trace, both, what is that, the colonialists' hearts, really seek for, as well as, what is the rest of the world's most creative reaction towards those essential, inner needs.

As the colonialists:

  • Refuse to obey the ban of colonialism

  • Refuse to obey the ban of slavery

  • Refuse to obey the international law of the Human Rights and the Fundamental Freedoms

  • Refuse to disclosure information about the medical protocols and the antidotes which provide complete cure against the consequences of using, biological and/or chemical, weapons

  • Refuse to disclosure information about their States services' illegitimate framing of innocent foreign citizens

  • Refuse to disclosure information about the medical files, of innocent foreign citizens, which are maintained, by their States' services, in order for the lives of those citizens to become rescued

  • Refuse to liberate innocent foreign hostages and/or quasi, “hostages”

  • Refuse to disclosure information about the illegitimate zersetzen torture which, their States' services may exercise against innocent foreign citizens

  • Refuse to disclosure information about the probable, illegitimate implanting of electronic devices to unsuspected and unwilling, innocent foreign citizens

  • Refuse to disclosure information about the illegitimate extraction of tissues/organs of live, unsuspected and unwilling, foreign citizens

  • Refuse to disclosure information about the illegitimate commitment of medical experiments on unsuspected and unwilling foreign citizens

  • Seemingly, they defy all gestures of good will, on behalf of various, advocating peace and civilization, interested parties

  • Refuse to disclosure information about specific incidents (e.g. Swanage, bobolasgate.info, etc.)

  • They, most probably, do not hesitate to, commit senseless, irrational, extreme and, even, life threatening, displays of strength, against innocent and defenseless civilians, in order to terrorize those civilians

I tend to conclude that:


hypothesis “A”: The colonialists remain under a state of persisting malaise.


As being one of the most fundamental element of human life and of our common experience, I take for granted that:


Hypothesis “B”: Human beings, fundamentally, tend to commune with each other; meaning, human beings become relieved, from their existential agony of solitude, by experiencing the presence of other human beings which share the same feelings with them.


Both, the innocence and the happiness of the children, as well as, the innocence and the happiness of the indigenous American Indians, are teaching us that, the feeling of a mild joy remains the natural state of being, of each and every human being, through his entire life. Therefore;


Hypothesis “C”: Joyful people tend to propagate their joy to their social surrounding in order to commune with the “others”; and malaise people tend to propagate their malaise to their social surrounding in order to commune with the “others”.


The logical analysis of the hypothesis “A”, “B” and “C”, probably, leads to the conclusions:


C1: If, the colonialists, continue to interact with the rest of the world, then, the rest of the world shall, after a finite time frame, become, also, malaise.


C2: If, the colonialists, continue to interact, exclusively, with themselves, then, initially, they shall earn the positive state of joyfulness and ultimately, by creatively exploiting the benefit of self-knowledge, which communing with those which are alike, offers, they shall, hopefully, realize and then, overcome, the route causes of their initial malaise.


Therefore, from now on and until December 31th, 2099, I believe that it is appropriate, just and quite productive that, the colonialist should remain “grounded”, meaning, for them to interact exclusively with those who share the same civilization with them and not with anyone else.


Your greatest display of strength and character in life comes at the time when you are able to help someone else while you are going through your own storm”.

- Unknown Author


Christos Boumpoulis



Note: The photo was found here, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4c/Dh_Comet.jpg.



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