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Do it yourself x-ray radiography and brain implants PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Παρασκευή, 21 Ιούλιος 2017 18:36

Azk IV - "Mind Control" - Dr Rauni Kilde



Dr. Rauni Eleena Luukanen - Kilde on Mind Control



Do it yourself x-ray radiography and brain implants

At the 25' 50” of the first video (Azk IV - "Mind Control" - Dr Rauni Kilde) it is said that, "Astronauts and cosmonauts were always and are implanted with microchips so that all their body functions, feelings, dreams and subconscious can be seen on Earth". Therefore, we may accept, as an working hypothesis, that brain implants which materialize the concept of, thoughts telemetry, already exist.

Also, due to massively existing hard evidence, which, one, may find in excess within the Internet, it is a certain fact that, colonialists, remain remorseless with regard to their past, illegitimate and unethical, human experiments against unsuspected and involuntary, human beings.

Therefore, we may assume that, today, many unsuspected civilians may have been brain implanted with electronic devices.

According to my, subjective and arbitrary, opinion, human subjects, unsuspectingly implanted, do exist, probably, from less than one hundred, up to, few millions, and also, because the colonialists are, what they are..., they, probably, might chose to exterminate (“cancer”, “stroke”, etc.) those, supposed victims of involuntary brain implanting, in order, for the colonialists, to avoid becoming exposed for what they did and consequently, becoming accountable for their misdeeds.

How could, the victims (if such victims do exist) of involuntary implanting, survive the colonialists' determination to remain unaccountable for ever?

First of all, they have to confirm that they, actually, are brain implanted by doing an x-ray radiography. This radiography should be made at a trustworthy medical laboratory.

However, anyone, may find sufficient information about that, the private sector's medical laboratories, frequently, remain equally trustworthy with the pharmaceutical industry, as a whole; and also that, the medical laboratories of the public domain, frequently, remain equally trustworthy with the medical laboratories of the private sector's. Also, there is an element of confidentiality.

Probably, the best solution might be, for one, to build a home made, do it yourself, x-ray imaging system.

For building such a system, one needs the support from a qualified electrical engineer, or a qualified physicist, and of a trustworthy medical expert, as such a devise include electric circuits which operate at a lethal, very high voltage level.

However, due to the fact that, the human rights, remain respected, probably, exclusively within the propaganda which, the modern mass media, disseminates around the globe, maybe it is less risky, for one, building a home made x-ray imaging device, than, relying to the colonialists' “morality”, “honesty” and “compassion”, for surviving from a probable involuntary implanting, and even worst, if this one is, a political dissident, and/or, a moral hero, and/or, mentally/morally gifted, a human rights' activist, etc.

Concluding, the main idea, of this article is that, the prompt public disclosure of any crime, probably, rescues the, victim of that crime. Accordingly, the prompt knowledge that, one, has been involuntarily implanted may rescue his own life (provided that he shall employ all necessary safety measures for avoiding wasting, instead, his own life during the construction of the mentioned, here, x-ray imaging machine).


Christos Boumpoulis



DIY X-ray backscatter imaging system (airport body scanner)




P.S.: Building a home made x-ray imaging machine entails lethal risks. If anyone tries to make such a devise, he does it at his own risk. I retain reservations about the above video as, due to my very slow speed Internet connection, a haven't watched it completely. Also, the existence of illegal, electronic brain implanting is an working hypothesis. The reader of this article is responsible for making his own research and verify the validity or not, of this working hypothesis. In any case, I strongly urge the reader, to keep all safety regulations; to keep the law of his country; to exercise morality in each and every case; to exercise non violence in each and every case; to make creative and legal usage of any kind of information, such a devise, may offer to him; to promptly collect sufficient information about the colonialists' kind of “morality” and “ethics” and do whatever, legal, ethical and non-violent, is necessary for, securing a long, healthy and prosperous, life for his self. If, the reader might find the content of this article that exaggerates things, then, it might be useful for him to research, over the Internet, about the colonialists' unethical experimentations and reconsider his opinion about the contents of this article.