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Deutsche Militärverteidigung - Bundeswehr
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Message to, Bundeswehr, Luftwaffe and Marine


Earlier, in my imagination, I made the following story:

If I was drinking a German coffee together with three military officers, each from, the Bundeswehr, the Luftwaffe and the Marine, correspondingly, in a nice traditional coffee shop, somewhere in Germany, I would say to them the followings:




Many important, National as well as International, positive issues remain dependent upon the effectiveness and the patriotism of the German Armed Forces.

I am deeply interested for the German Armed Forces, in a positive way.

For some circumstantial reasons, I may be fully aware of, or, I may fully comprehend, most of the difficulties which, currently, the members of the German Armed Forces are facing.

And also, I may be quite familiar with the current international circumstances.

It seems to me that, a lot of work has to be accomplished in order for the German Armed Forces to reach a state that would be adequate for fully realizing their guardian role, for the benefit of their fatherland.

There are some prerequisites for this work to become concluded. Among those prerequisites are, the existence of strictly proprietary communications channel and the realization of a certain organizational form that would be able to effectively isolate and defend, the militarily sensitive information.

There may be also a part of the ordinary military training which is problematic and should be excluded.

Undoubtedly, time for waisting does not exist; there is a definite element of urgency.

Most of the complexity that, Armed Forces and the civic society, are facing originate from the imprudent contemporary colonialism.

The modern ways by which, colonialism, deploys its influence, upon the people and upon the Nations, is being unprecedented. Therefore, equally unprecedented methods of effectively coping with this influence, should be invented and also, should become exploited.

Normally, no one makes use of methods that s/he hasn't fully understand and appreciate. However, under the present, very demanding circumstances, the human intuition combined with the existing bonds of friendship and patriotism, they may substitute a part of the required early knowledge of the innovative methods.

For some reasons, I strongly believe that, the members of the German Armed Forces, would be benefit significantly if, they include in their daily routine, systematically and intermittently, the following tasks:

  1. Exactly half hour every day (7/365) studying and training in Euclidean geometry.

  2. Exactly half hour every day (7/365) studying and training in software development. This includes the development of fluency in conducting algorithms, along with the development of fluency in conducting computer programs, preferably in C++ or in Assembly, computer languages.

  3. Exactly half hour every day (7/365) studying classic German literature. In case of an initial difficulty rises, then, for the first two months, instead of studying, the handwritten copying of the chosen literature texts is equally beneficial.

  4. Systematic physical exercising according to each ones physical condition.

  5. Resorting, as much as possible, to a kind of diet which, maximizes the health and the nutrition of the human organization and simultaneously, due to its simplicity, minimizes the addiction to delicious tastes and extravagant recipes.

  6. Adoption of a strict, quasi, mental “diet” in information received. In other words, a systematic effort should be made in order for, all the unnecessary information which may originate from various centers of propaganda, to become excluded from ones' mentality.

  7. Improvise in studying the history of the German Nation's moral heroes.

  8. Improvise in training yourselves in avoiding, at all time, having internal dialogs.

  9. Improvise in training yourselves in scrutinizing your thoughts as to their compatibility of your own moral principles and standards of civilization; and totally exclude, as they were alien and foreign to you, those thoughts that you may find as being incompatible with your authentic mental points of reference.

No German citizen can ever survive without his own family being in a good condition.

No German family can be in a good condition without Germany as a whole, being in a good condition.

Active patriotism remains an absolute prerequisite for Germany's good condition.


Deutschland über alles,


Christos Boumpoulis




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