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Παρασκευή, 24 Νοέμβριος 2017 23:45
DE military defence upgrading: Fundamental principles
I am almost certain that, at least 93 million people wish that, Germany's military defense capacity to become upgraded, as soon as possible.
However, I believe that prudence dictates that, any intervention to the Germany's military infrastructure should, absolutely obey the fundamental principle:
Any change to Germany's armed forces should not make things (in terms of both, the context, as well as, the internal equilibrium) worst that they were before that change.
Here is my opinion on how to proceed:
The intended result:
Upgrading the DE military defence infrastructure without causing a crisis with the environment.
The context:
- The environment is bound by a long tradition of exterminating even hundreds millions civilians, without hesitating, for trivial reasons.
- A part of the environment suffers from lacking of collective self-sufficiency.
- A part of the environment suffers from deprivation from its own, traditional way of living.
- The environment averses facing a just accountability.
- The members of the environment are craving for salvation from their hatred of their own selves.
The environment shall not negatively react against DE military defence upgrading provided that, it shall be convinced that by such ugrading, the environment itself shall, either, benefit, or, suffer no losses.
The combination of two things may create this convincion.
First, the elements of this upgrading should remain alined with the following, intended end results: the Brits become self sufficient; the Nomads become free and enjoy their traditional way of life; accountability is undertaken; inverse exponential quality of treatment against the potential mean time intended damages of any kind; sufficient guidance and support towards normalization of self-experience; biological/chemical weapons' antidotes revealed.
And second, it has become common sence that, the German Trustworthines, which is solid as the steel, has become one of the very few collective foundations upon which, our human kind may resort in order to avoid its terminal catastrophy. Therefore, the German Nation, by promptly undertaking the obligation to conditionally, treat humanly and look after, the environment, the proper inner, to the environment, dynamics shall guide the environment to, conditionally, accept harmlesly this upgrading.
The environment, if becoming convinced by this way shall, alertly, let things to develop.
Christos Boumpoulis
P.S.: Is this article science fiction or not? Hopefully it is a prudent evaluation of the current international situation.

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