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Παρασκευή, 11 Ιούλιος 2014 16:12

According to quantum physics, our world is consisted exclusively by relationships; there is nothing else within our world except relationships.

Whether we like it or not, everything depends from the existing relationships and not from the numbers or anything else.

Numbers may quantitatively describe some material aspects of reality but they may never offer to us access to the root causes of those aspects of reality, because, the root causes do not belong to this material world.

Sportsmanship manifests simultaneously two discrete relationships: the one between the action of the players and the scoreboard; and the other one between the players and those who watch the game.

Who is, really, the winner of the game?

Is it the one who makes the greater number on the scoreboard?

Or, is it the one who paves the way, for all those who watch the game, to become able to discriminate the true spiritual meaning of sportsmanship?

There is nowhere equality within our material world, because everything in nature correspond to a unique “real” number.

By daring to explore – against all established and powerful stereotypes - unmapped areas for pursuing higher effectiveness in action, as well as, by the way he treats his inferior opponents, one defines what is he made of.

And the quality of the ways, one, paves for the “others”, along the course of his life, is determined by the quality, of the spiritual matter, he is made of.

There are very few, those who can win a game, before this game has even got started.

Sportfreunde Stiller - Applaus Applaus (ESC Party Hamburg/Reeperbahn) (18.05.13)

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