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My recent article “Noise” in Greek language is being ruthlessly mistranslated by Google's automatic translator.

The correct translation is: (during the last 50 years, there has been, and probably continues to be, occasions were innocent, legitimate and civilized Greek patriots: they may have, even, tortured for as long as 35 years; may have survived, even, 40 assassination attempts attempted against them; they may have seen their own parents being tortured, even, for 40 years; they may have seen their own families suffering from instrumental and external corruption against them).

And the ruthlessly false translation is: during the last 50 years, there have been and may continue to exist, cases of innocent, law-abiding and civilized Greek patriots who : it can be put into torture regime even for 35 years; I might have made against them even 40 assassination attempts, may have witnessed, even for 40 consecutive years, torture against their parents; they may have witnessed a most violent extrusion of family members in the corruption).

What if I didn't noticed this, promptly?

Why E.U. doesn't already has a Google's equivalent service?

What is the value of a Human Being's Honor?

What is the value of a Human Being's Freedom?

What is the value of a Human Being's Life?