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“Continental” portion of humanity, the one of instrumental rationality, is imbued by violence, as almost any argument of non-violence, is being disproved by an always existing instrumentally rational counter-argument. There, static thinking is unable to discriminate between victimizers, victims and violence witnesses while it remains unsuspected about the externally causal role of instrumental rationality within violent behavior. Low variety is a synonym of instrumental rationality.


“Insular” portion of humanity, the one of ανθρωπιά and θεοσέβεια, is being blessed with συμπόνια and χαρά. There, dynamic thinking fortifies human beings' behaviors from the malignancy of instrumental rationality, as well as it removes any obstacle for having instrumental rationality bounces back to its source, all those qualities that governess the fundamental human choice for using, instead of empathizing, all other human beings.


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During 2nd world war, the entire humanity knew what awful was happening inside Auschwitz-Birkenau. Only very few did or said what humanly should have been said and should have been done. All others had turned the other way. For all those silent apathetic ones, what is the spiritual harvest they possess today, both themselves as well their families, their nations and their countries? How much freedom they enjoy, both themselves as well as their countries? Are their families, as well as their countries, self-sufficient? Can they discriminate between their best friends and their worst enemies? Can they discriminate between truth and untruth and deliver truth regardless of their material interests? Are they able to participate in the sacrament of συγνώμη? Do they have access to the “keys” of resolving non-decidability of the most fundamental problems of, their lives, their families, their nations and their countries? Can they exist outside of any spiral of violence? Do they experience life as a blessing or as a struggle?

If ethical principles were the user manual of humanity, is there any single major historical incident which has proved this user manual as a wrong one?


Some human beings choose to walk the path of ανθρωπιά and θεοσέβεια; with or without the rest of humanity.


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