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Legal Notice 128


Earlier after sundown, today 2/2/2019, I was walking at the edges of the asphalt, towards south, at a not well lighted part of Robert-Bosch-strasse, at Lindau, Germany, where a small (length around 1.5 m) closed (its cover was plastic) trailer was parked. At that time, there were no pedestrians at this street and the car traffic was very rare. From the opposite direction, two small conventional passenger car came furiously and stopped just in front of me and so close to the trailer that my course was, practically, blocked. From the open window of the first car its driver said loud something in German, probably addressed to me.

As being a Greek political dissident; as my first country Greece is being under a lethal dictatorship that is being supported by the inventors of the “Operation Condor”, namely, the Americans; as most of the contemporary Greek political dissidents are dead by ways which conform to the definition of “plausibly deniable assassination” (e.g. Giannos Kranidiotis, arch. Christodoulos, Kostas Tsalikidis, Arleta, Tassos Papadopoulos, etc.) and as, according to a reliable testimony and other vast, sufficient indications, I am, with a claustrum-manipulating, involuntarily, brain implanted, I got frightened and continued walking, without stopping at all, though I had to bypass the blockage by bypassing the trailer from its left side, over the pavement.

According to my opinion, this incident may be:


1. An arbitrary and harmless incident of everyday life, or,

2. A part of gang-stalking intending to, just, terrorise me, or,

3. A part of gang-stalking intending to cause to me extreme harm like, a degradation of my health, or, fabrication of incriminating forged-evidence of some sort, or something else.


The first case is, I believe, the most probable one but not certain.

While the U2RIT is perpetrating, against Greece and others equally innocent and peaceful countries such catastrophes, when incidents, like the above one, happen, I can’t help wondering: does, an upper limit, of the colonisers’ malice, exist?


Christos Boumpoulis